Wedding Planning 101: How To Ensure Your Big Day Is Followed By A Big Evening

23 July 2017

Getting married is one of the most special life events that any of us could ever experience. But while the ceremony itself is about the unity of two hearts, the afterparty is very much a celebration for anyone.

It’s only natural to place your initial focus on items like the wedding dress and rings. Still, the ceremonial moments will fly by. This is why you must ensure your evening plans are designed to provide everyone with an unforgettable night. Here’s how:

  • Create a comfortable atmosphere during the meal by building a seating plan that blocks any potential animosity. Nothing disrupts the wedding evening like fighting family members. Meanwhile, you must also appreciate the dietary needs of your guests. These gluten-free options can provide great inspiration while vegetarian solutions may be needed.
  • Have the perfect wedding cake. Opting for the traditional three-tiered white cake is one option, but you could also go for something that shows your personality. Whether it has a theme or uses a unique design is up to you, and you could cut costs by asking a guest to take care of this rather than buying a gift. Given that the cutting of the cake is one of the most iconic moments of the day, it cannot go overlooked for a second.
  • Think beyond the first dance. This might be the memorable moment that will stay with you forever, but the entertainment should last for hours. Wedding bands are the perfect way to give your big night an extra special appeal. In addition to enhancing the wedding itself, those songs will serve as a continued reminder of your love. Whenever you come to reminiscing, this aspect can play a crucial role.
  • Allow guests to get involved. Investing in some disposable cameras enables them to take photos that provide a great reflection of the evening from everyone’s view. Of course, camera phones do offer an instant representation. Nonetheless, there’s nothing quite like having genuine hard copies of photographs to celebrate your amazing big day. If nothing else, it gives you something to look forward to between the wedding itself and the day you get them developed.
  • Provide fun entertainment. After finally tying the knot, you’ll want your first evening together to provide that sense of fun. Hiring photo booths has become particularly popular in recent times. Meanwhile, there are various other entertaining games and activities that can bring the evening to life. Just remember that you’ll have eaten fairly early too, so it may be worth having an evening buffet of party food and candies to keep everyone happy.

The ceremonial parts of the wedding are likely to retain a traditional theme. But the evening is something where your personality and passions in life can shine through. Make it fun, entertaining, and accommodating for all of your guests and you won’t go far wrong. If seeing them have a wonderful time doesn’t provide the finishing touches for the perfect wedding, what will?

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