The Honeymoon Adventure: What You Should Know About African Safaris

27 July 2017

A honeymoon filled with red sunsets, lion cubs playing under a low-hanging sun, and horizontal trees that seem to be sketched right onto the skyline; going on an African safari is the ideal way to celebrate your love together. Although the reality of it is just as magical as you’ve been dreaming of, it’s smart to think about a few practicalities first - so that your romantic getaway is not flawed with prolonged toilet trips and high expectations.

This is Africa, after all, so get ready for love and romance in between bushes, wildlife, and exotic new dishes. Here is a guide to some of the things you should know about to have the time of your life.

It’s a big continent

So, you’re going on a honeymoon to Africa - but the continent is humongous and where you’d like to go should depend on the kind of safari you’re looking for. It’s an expensive affair, and the more you plan and research the different parks, the more fun you’re going to have on the journey. If you want to search for the big five, you can find them in most African safari parks, but the concentration of the different animals varies.

Plus, the vast number of hotels and lodges you choose to stay in will often be a gathering spot for particular animals; if you’d love the idea of observing the steady routines of elephants before you go to bed, look for a lodge that has these nearby. A lot of these places will also offer specific times when you can watch them feed hyenas or other carnivores, so make sure there’s something for both of you to get excited about.

What to pack

Wherever you choose to go, a safari means that you get up at the brink of dawn to get the most out of the day; you’ll spend long hours driving in the bush, seeing many interesting sights and feeling in awe over the beauty of giraffes. Before you get carried away, however, you should consider what to pack.

Most of the safari lodges you’re going to stay at are far away from civilization - just like the animals like it, so try to bring as much of the essentials you can’t get ahold of in the bush.

It’s often advised against bringing valuable items as you’ll be on the move and if something goes missing you’re not likely to return to the same lodge - but as a newly married couple, some valuables are necessary to bring, such as your beloved wedding rings and cameras to eternalize the romantic journey. Have a look at some men’s wedding ring options for inspiration and this article on the best travel cameras you should bring.

Make sure you leave your valuables in the safe of the hotel room before you leave and, when you’re out and about in the daytime, keep your camera on your body at all times. Since it’s two of you, it’s a good idea to bring one large suitcase rather than two medium ones and split the storage space in half. That way, you avoid over packing for your big adventure.

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