Tigers, Tyrannosaurus and Trout In Texas?

20 July 2017

If you’ve never considered Texas as a vacation destination, then you might be missing out! There is more to do in this State than you think. It doesn’t matter whether you’re traveling alone, as a couple, with friends, or with kids. You won’t run out of things to see, places to visit, and awesome ways to have fun. Of course, if you’re hoping to treat yourself a little while you’re away, Texas can deliver! But can you really find tigers, tyrannosaurus and trout in Texas?


Texas is, of course, home to NASA in Houston. This site is still one of the most popular places to visit in Texas, and there is certainly plenty to see. NASA is offering more and more ways to immerse yourself in the world of space travel. This means it is excellent for family groups. However, you don’t need kids to enjoy what’s on offer here. Science Fiction is explored side by side with real life space exploration. Sample the best of fact and fiction with a visit to this center.


This little city certainly packs a punch well above its weight. There are year-round water parks, Dinosaur, and Fossil trails, and even a big theme park to enjoy here. Somewhere like the Quality Inn & Suites Cleburne Texas hotel can put you in the center of things in the city, making it easier to get around. From there you can enjoy a night out at the Plaza Theater, or even experience the Gone With The Wind museum - a must for all movie fans.

Picture from Pexels

Zoos Galore

There are about 33 zoos and aquariums in Texas. That means you are in with a good chance of catching a glimpse of thousands of different species. Just like the Balboa Park in San Diego, there are zoos dedicated to the preservation of endangered species. This means your visit can help make a difference to the conservation of Earth’s most precious animals. Many operate longer hours on the weekend but tend to be quieter midweek.

National Parks

Big Bend National Park is a firm favorite for locals and visitors. The mountains and canyons offer incredible landscapes that you can photograph. In fact, this place is a photographer’s dream! Each hour offers a different view. Guided outdoor activities are plentiful and include jeep driving, mountain biking, and horse riding. Of course, the Rio Grande offers even more opportunities, so pack for every event! It’s important to plan your time here carefully as the area is incredibly remote.


This city is one of the most popular in Texas for activities on the water. Fishing, in particular, is very important for the locals. In fact, the whole city seems quite relaxed and easy going. It’s clean and a great place to explore on foot. It is also home to several lakes so enjoy a walk around the shore line, or take a boat out for a while. With marinas, parks, and camping, the outdoor lover in you will be happy. And you’ll have plenty of choice for interesting accommodation too! Where in Texas will you be staying next time you’re here?

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