Pick A Perfect Paradise For The Dream Destination Wedding

14 July 2017

Destination weddings have grown in popularity over the years, for a number of reasons. There’s no doubt that a very special day can, if handled right, be made all the more special by a fairytale location. If nothing else, it certainly takes the wedding photos up a notch or two.

There is plenty to consider when picking a location: do you go for somewhere you’ve both been before, which is special to you? Somewhere that you’ve always wanted to go and now, with your big day on the horizon, you have a perfect excuse? Whatever the case, your wedding wanderlust can take you to a variety of places. Picking a destination is as easy or as hard as you want to make it; but the upside is that even deciding on something like this can be fun - and an excuse to check out beautiful destinations worldwide.

If there’s a special location you already have in mind, then that’s something pure and personal for you. If you’re just looking for something spectacular, then there are some options worth considering…

If You’ve Got Cash To Spare: Dubai

If ever there was a time to visit the billionaire’s playground that is Dubai, then the most special day of your life surely qualifies. There are countless venues around to put on the perfect occasion for you and your intended. A thriving industry has built up to deal with the increasing numbers of people having their big day here - so you can find AV experts on sourcemiddleeast or similar to help with the video, as well as caterers to suit a range of diets. One thing to remember: you may need to go with a small party to stay on budget!

For The Most Jaw-Dropping Views: Dubrovnik

The spot where Western Europe meets East is a rich seam of destinations for wedding planners - nearby Slovenia and its gorgeous Lake Bled are also in demand. However, Dubrovnik is a little bit extra-special. This jewel of the Adriatic Coast has perfect views everywhere you look. Magnificent architecture, sheer drops down to a brilliant blue ocean; if you can’t feel the romance here, it’s hard to imagine where you could.

No Trouble In Paradise: Fiji

Beach weddings divide people - some see them as being tacky, while others rightly point out that ocean waves and sea air provide a relaxed, idyllic atmosphere that makes a wedding feel special. Nowhere is this more accurate than on the gorgeous Pacific island of Fiji, where luxury weddings are a major part of the local economy. There’s really nothing more stunning than looking at the sun setting over the sea as you contemplate the rest of your lives together.

Or Something Completely Different: Iceland

One thing that all the former options have in common is sun-kissed perfection; but what if that bores you? Well, there is absolutely no possibility of being bored by the final destination on the list, Iceland. This is a particularly good idea if you’re getting married in the last three months of the year, or the first three of the new one, as this is when your wedding photos could feature the Aurora Borealis. Along with the jagged, volcanic scenery and the chance to begin your honeymoon in the famous hot springs of Reykjavik, it may not be sun-kissed, but Iceland is perfect.

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