Kamusta? My name is Charlotte Anne and welcome to my blog. This tiny space on the internet is a place where I keep all the stories that changed my life.... and this is where I want to share all the things I love to you. I was born and raised in a small city in the Philippines named Baguio, a cool mountainous place where the sweet scent of pine trees tickles the nose.

I am a professional by day (who really wants to quit her job and be a full-time traveller), a travel influencer and blogger, a freelance web and graphic designer in between, and is a candidate for MA in Psychology at the University of Cordilleras. Currently, I am torn between working inside a one squared box, doing freelance jobs, setting up a business of my own, and chasing my dreams of travel.

I am now a full-time digital nomad since I quit my office-job in January 2019.

I wanted to soar not by climbing an imaginary career ladder but by embracing real freedom: chasing dreams one place at a time.

Well, I decided to see the world. It all happened when I took the courage to go beyond my comfort zone. Because when every single cell of your body, every piece of hair rising up on your skin, is telling you to do something. You should always follow it. And know that the universe put this in place for a reason. Well, you either stay in one square box, get to know all the corners, the area, it's square root, length of the sides, whether the box is a rectangle or square or a three-dimensional figure. No harm done. Or you move out of that box into various other figures - a circle, a rhombus/kite, a trapezium and explore these vast areas, the mass in them and be amazed at how much there's to know, explore and learn.

Travelling is something that opens up minds, changes opinions, and makes us look at the bigger picture. It makes us humble, and increases our knowledge many folds.

All inquiries can be sent to dp.charchar@gmail.com.

The blog

Written with love from the perspective of a Filipino female traveller, Charlotte Anne is a useful travel resource packed with destination advice, adventure, discovering new cultures, and occasional luxury. The blog encompasses cultural experiences, adventure, interactions with locals, festivities, food and drink, and more.

With this blog, I aim to inspire others to chase their dreams one place at a time and empower people that it is possible to travel despite odds and circumstances through my personal adventures and experiences.

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Frequently asked questions

  • Since when did you start blogging? I have been blogging since 2005 and have had owned several blogs before. In 2011, I bought www.charlotteanne.net and I officially welcomed it as my official blog where I write mostly about my style and my life lately. In May 2016, I started my relationship with plane tickets and I have been travelling ever since. I then decided to share my adventures, travel experiences, and give travel blogging a proper shot. Slowly, my blog is transitioning into a travel lifestyle.
  • How do you fund your travels? Currently, I keep a vacation home rental business and I only earn just enough to go through day by day. With a small income, I still manage to travel, keep a nice apartment, and feed myself. I also do freelance jobs in between and monetize my blog to sustain everything.

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