Do Your Guests A Favour And Make Your Wedding Unforgettable

19 July 2017

We all know that you’re going to want to preserve the memory of your wedding and you’ll end up with some keepsakes, most likely beyond the photos of the day and the guest book. But have you thought about your guests? Your closest friends and family are going to want to remember it, too. Many of them will keep their invites for years to come, but you might be able to give them something in the moment, a favour they’ll treasure for years to come. Here are a few tips on how to make your wedding favours truly special.

Make it useful

Traditionally, there are a few different choices of wedding favours and mementos to give your guests. Many of the more conventional kinds are ones that have a specific, something they will actually want to keep and use. For instance, Pink Frosting and other vendors offer little scented candles everyone can take home. If the candle has a scent that’s thematic to the wedding, such as flowers that you’ve used or desserts you’ve offered, then it can take them right back to the big day. Another popular choice is a photo frame, which can work perfectly when paired with the next idea.

Make it personal

The wedding is all about celebrating you and your new spouse, everyone knows that. But guests like to feel that their presence there and their connection to the both of you is appreciated, too. So, why not celebrate them? Photo booths from companies like Booth Boy are becoming much more popular nowadays. Many of them offer props and backdrops so that your guests don’t have to take it too seriously and really capture the spirit of fun at the wedding. Then at the end, you can look over the photos taken and send individual copies to your guests of how they looked and how much fun they had on the night. It will be a reminder of their personal experience every time they look at it.

Make it sweet

A great option for those who are stretching the budget tight is to go with something tasty, instead. It can be a bag of old-fashioned sweets you don’t find as often any more or some fresh cookies, whether homemade or commissioned. You don’t want the memento of the wedding to disappear in a couple bites, of course. The gift here is in the presentation. Whether you offer your treats in a decorative box or a simple bag, you can use bespoke wrappings from services like Personalised Ribbons so there’s a little keepsake to go with the treat. It keeps things unobtrusive and makes a simple little reminder. If you’re handing out any other kinds of wedding favours and you have children attending, it’s a good idea to at least get a nice little treat for them.

Make it a story

Weddings, as we mentioned, are a celebration of the couple. As well as looking to the future, many people also like to look into the past. If you want your wedding gift to have that same nostalgic, sentimental impact to it, you can make it part of your own story. For instance, little mini-recipe books have become a recent trend in giving favours. You can include recipes for some of the food that your guests have been enjoying. Or you can make recipes for meals that have some significance to you and your new spouse. It might be what you ate on your first date, something you make for one another regularly, or just thematically appropriate foods for different moments in your relationship.

Make it good

Sometimes, people forego giving physical favours to their guests altogether or they want to supplement something small with something big. If you want an ethical wedding, then giving back can be important to you and your partner. To that end, many people are nowadays donating to charity and dedicating it to their guests. Don’t mention it leading up to the wedding, but leave everyone a note and make a small speech about why you wanted to use the wedding to give to a bigger cause. Many charities even offer small tokens of appreciation that you can then give to your guests.

Whether it’s a photo capturing the moment of delight and a bit of chaos during the wedding or even just the box that a cookie came in, a favour is your way of saying “thanks for coming” and to immortalize your wedding. Your guests are sure to love it.

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