Young Couples: Save Money On Your Wedding Without Scrimping On Style

26 September 2017

If you’re recently engaged or have been for a while now; you might be holding off on planning your wedding day due to the seemingly huge dent it will make in your savings. Many young couples find themselves engaged for years before they’re able to throw their dream wedding; however, there are alternatives. If you put enough effort into planning early, being savvy with your spending, and have a touch of patience; there’s no reason you can’t start thinking about getting married.

There are plenty of ways to save on cash when planning a wedding; you might just have to spend more on time and research. The following are some tips and ideas for those who are ready to plan their big day, without a vast budget.

Get Crafty

People love to plan the theme, colors, and decorations for their wedding day; they can set the scene and ambiance, and create their dream wedding photos as a result. However, the cost soon adds up regarding buying your balloons, ribbons, and the array of other decorative items that are available on the market. Therefore, you’ll need to pull your sleeves up and start hand making your decor and be savvy when it comes to sourcing the materials.

You can find plenty of second-hand decor on online auction sites, or affordable craft materials in every color imaginable. Start looking around at what you can source for free, what you have lying in the attic that could be upcycled, and begin researching into how to make some bespoke decorations so that your big day looks like no other. Get your loved ones involved in a few craft nights and apply your talents to your wedding favors, centerpieces, and even your bouquet; these are all areas that can cost a lot of money when bought from a business, so why not save and create your own.

Timing Is Everything

Consider looking into wedding venues that offer off-peak rates; midweek weddings and out-of-season nuptials will cost you far less than hosting your big day on a Saturday in the middle of summer. You may even be able to take advantage of a last-minute cancellation. If your guest list is small enough (another great way to save the pennies), and you have your homemade decor at the ready; you could pay a fraction of the cost for a venue, catering, and reception on a day that was originally booked for someone else. Therefore, keep your eyes peeled on your favorite wedding blogs and local wedding supplier’s social media to grab a great deal.

Sourcing Sentimental Treasures

Your wedding dress or suit, shoes, and jewelry can end up costing a fortune. However, if you look to your family; you can repurpose items and heirlooms for a truly special wedding. Vintage wedding dresses can be altered for a tiny amount of what a new dress would cost, and your grandma’s pearls can be your something borrowed and free of charge. Thinking outside of the traditional avenues regarding your wedding will give you a magical, bespoke day that you’ll never forget.

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