3 Simple Ways To Make Your Wedding Guests Feel Appreciated

1 September 2017

While there are always a few outliers who like to get married by themselves, for the most part, guests are an integral part of any wedding day. After all, the very idea of a wedding is that you exchange vows of devotion in front of witnesses. It’s a public way of announcing your commitment to one another, so guests are a huge part of the celebration. Even couples who choose to get married alone often then at least tend to throw a big party to bring their families together in celebration.

Given how important guests are to the smooth running of a wedding day, it makes sense to take a little time to show your appreciation. Weddings are celebratory occasions for the most part; your guests will be very happy for you and will want to share your day.

However, attending a wedding is also an expense; the outfit, the gift, and so on and so forth. If you take the time to show that you appreciate the effort that your nearest and dearest have gone to so they can attend your big day, then it’s going to be worth a lot. You should always take the time to send custom thank you notes to your guests, but these tend to be when the wedding is over - so let’s focus on what you can do on the day itself.

So if you want to celebrate your guests as they celebrate your union, here are a few options for ensuring they feel appreciated.

1) Cater To Their Needs

This is especially true when it comes to the food you serve at your wedding. If any of your guests have specific dietary restrictions - due to allergies or even religious requirements - then you should go above and beyond to ensure they have options.

As well as this, look to ensure that any vegetarian or vegans in attendance have options beyond: “the meal everyone else is having, but without the meat”. Most caterers will be able to offer better options, so ensure you explore them.

2) Spend A Little Time With Each Guest

The bigger a wedding is, the more intimidating the idea of spending time with each and every guest might be - but it’s necessary. These people might have come a long way, canceled other plans, and had extra expenses - the least you can do is spend a little time talking with them about the day, letting them see your dream wedding dress up close, and showing off your wedding ring. It doesn’t need to be long, drawn out conversations, but spending a little time asking how they’re doing will be much appreciated.

3) Think Of Practicalities

If you dream of getting married somewhere rural or inaccessible, then that’s nice, but what about your guests? They’re still going to have to deal with getting to the inaccessible space or traipsing through mud. Also bear in mind the time the wedding will finish; are they going to be able to get home? At the very least, ensure that your venue is easily accessible to people of any mobility needs and that the transport connections are good for those not able to drive.

In three simple steps, you can show your guests you have thought of and appreciate them - guaranteeing that everyone involved, including you, will have the best possible day.

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