People Change, Society Evolves, But These Wedding Essentials Haven't

8 September 2017

Things have changed a lot in the past about marriages. There was a time when marriages were organized by the parents of the bride and the groom, as a way to guarantee peace between tribes, increase trading power, or simply gain a higher social position. Nowadays, it’s up to the happy couples to decide whether they want to get married and not. Popping the question is no longer a matter of commerce or diplomatic peacemaking. It’s about two persons who love each other dearly, and that’s the beauty of it. With the different religious beliefs, the wedding ceremony has also changed a lot. It’s not confined to a religious institution anymore. Even the dream worthy bridal dress has changed with the apparition of theme wedding. Some couples are getting married dressed up as characters from Harry Potter; others prefer to cosplay as a 1950s rockabilly couple. In short, the general way people think about their wedding seems to have changed a lot. Has it still got anything to do with the traditional image of a white marriage?

It’s a big commitment

Wherever it happens and regardless of how old you are – and maybe how many times you’ve been invited to a wedding in the past – getting married remains a big commitment. That’s probably why a lot of people feel extremely nervous at the big day approaches and might even experience what it referred to as cold feet. It’s a natural thing, as you know that getting married is a life change. It’s normal to be worried about it.

No ring, no wedding

Regardless how trendy and modern you want your wedding ceremony to be, and even if you choose to get married without the traditional dress, there’s one thing that will always be part of your big day: The ring. As a result, most couples plan where to buy wedding rings very early during the preparations. Finding the perfect ring demands a lot of time, as you need to choose a model – or two models – that you both like. Additionally you will also be planning to get the rings engraved with your names and the date, as it is often the case.

No cake, no party

Whether you’re on a diet or not, you know that you can’t have a wedding reception without a wedding cake. In fact, the wedding cake is often the most expensive element in the catering budget. Why so? Because it’s your wedding day and you want a beautiful cake. Most wedding cakes are so stylish that it’s a pity to cut them! But don’t let this thought stops you from getting an impression slice of yumminess.

The honeymoon perks

You’ve heard about the honeymoon suite in hotels. It’s said to be the most beautiful room. In fact, when you get married you experience a series of advantages from most hospitality sectors. Whether it’s at the hotel, in the restaurant or even in your favorite holiday resort, everyone has a little gift for the newlyweds.

Don’t worry! The changing times will not take away the magic of your wedding. Nothing can change how people feel about getting married. From embracing the new commitment to enjoying the honeymoon freebies, you’ll feel like every newly wed has ever felt since the beginning of times: Excited and in love!

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