Because Romantic Getaways Deserve To Be Memorable

10 September 2017

Running away for a weekend with that guy you fancy, love or just crush on is one of the most heart-racing, spine-tingling, exciting and intimate adventures any girl can ever hope to go on. It doesn’t matter if it is your first escape as a couple or you twenty-first (which would mean either you have been together for a long time or you apart of a successful pop group), a romantic disappearance always wakes up the butterflies in your belly.

To put it bluntly, a short trip brings people closer together, it binds you on another level, makes your love and lust feel reinvigorated and will give your skin that, “this is what happiness looks like,” shine that no product can replicate.

However, just running away to some magical place is not enough. It is a fantastic start, but it is not enough. Not if you really want to make your trip unforgettable, taking your ‘just another weekend away’ trip, scrunching it up and transforming it into something super special; something that you will never forget, the glint in your eyes as you look at each other across the dining table in your small apartment making you both simper as you remember what a fantastic adventure you had.

That leaves just one big question: How? How do you make your next romantic runaway more special?

Well, without further ado, we bring to you our top tips on creating a scintillating escape.

Two Days Is Not Enough

Two days is amazing, no one can deny that, but four days is so much better. It makes things less rushed, allows you to enjoy yourselves, really relax and, what’s more, you get the added excitement of running away from work on a Thursday night and not returning until Tuesday morning. Trust us, there is something truly gorgeous about waking up on a Monday morning, still snuggled up in your hotel bed, the sunlight creeping through the light white curtains that flap in the window and suddenly realizing that, well, you’ve got nothing in the world to worry about, especially not work. Instead, you’ve got one more day in paradise to enjoy with your love-slash-crush, holding hands as you skip through another small local market on your way to the beach. Like we said, two days is amazing, but four days is so much better.

Explore Somewhere Totally New
Instead of chasing the past and heading to your favorite spot, create new memories by exploring somewhere totally unknown to you both. Why do this? Simple. Because it will make your heart flutter for every second of every hour as everything you see and do will be absolutely new. That is what a sense of not knowing does. Going somewhere you have been before is nice, but nothing great ever came from comfort zones, whereas excitement bursts from the seams of everything that is new. There is nothing more exciting than trying to explore the world, living in that little place of not knowing, where everything is an assault on the senses and just turning the corner gives you a little bit of a buzz. It has to give the every day a little bit more zest. New places to see, new places to eat, to explore and tick off; all of which pulls you closer as you decide whether to turn left or right together.

Make Eating Out Special

When you are in a new place with a new cuisine, eating delicious food always seems to be so wonderfully easy. Grabbing lunch at a reasonably priced beach restaurant, grabbing a table at a small street vendor, and grabbing some bits and bobs from the local market to make it to a meal back at your Airbnb villa. These are all amazing options. But to make your trip that much more memorable, try and squeeze in an evening meal at that breath-snatching restaurant you passed on your first day. But don’t just go there and eat; get all dressed up, wear a long flowing dress and your favorite diamond jewelry, do your hair and makeup so that you look like a screen siren and have him match you on that front. Life is what you make of it, and so going all out on a meal and helping it be the most special memory of the whole weekend is a surefire way to fall even more head over heels for each other. It could be a quayside restaurant you stumbled past, a city hotspot you found on TripAdvisor just a little food stall on a little quaint side street. Whatever it is, you will have a story to cling on to.

Room With A View

Nothing can kick start a morning better than waking up to a beautiful view and nothing can end an evening in more spectacular fashion than closing the curtains on the bright lights or a calm beach. You can just imagine it now, getting an upgrade, slinking out of bed, pull back the curtains, open the shutters and enjoy your first coffee of the day on your very own Juliet balcony, the morning sun warming your skin as you take in the new sights and sounds of your holiday destination. Mornings set the tone for the rest of your day, and so picking somewhere with the most picturesque view is well worth the time and effort. Like we touched on above, it will also offer up a magical end to a day too as you finally make it home after your romantic dinner for two, a bottle of red in hand and every intention of enjoying it as the sun sets over the world outside, little lights turning on across the horizon. Now that is romantic and that is what will make your break memorable.

Life is too short to wait for adventures to just fall into your lap, which is why you should do all the little things that create big memories. That’s right, the little things. Turning two days into four, going somewhere you have never been before, dressing up for your meals out and getting a room with a view. These are big things, but they are magical.

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