Lovers Of Luxury: Head To Monte Carlo

14 October 2017 Monte Carlo, Monaco-Ville, Monaco

Say the words "Monte Carlo" and a few things always come to mind. One is probably the famous Formula 1 race that happens there once a year, which is technically known as the Monaco Grand Prix. Another is the postcard image of a harbor full of gleaming, glorious yachts that appear to cost more than some small nations’ GDPs. You may even think of seeing beautiful celebrities dressed as if they’re heading for the red carpet and strolling along some ornate promenade or other. These images don’t encapsulate all that Monte Carlo has to offer – but they do speak to the general glamour and luxury of the destination! If that’s something you like to look for in travel, read on for what you might specifically enjoy about this one-of-a-kind Mediterranean paradise.

Hotel de Paris

A destination like this is naturally packed with luxury hotels, and you can easily Google a list of them, close your eyes, and point. You probably won’t be disappointed. If you’re going for the most authentic Monte Carlo experience though, Hotel de Paris is probably the way to go. It’s very expensive, but then you probably expect as much looking into a place like this in the first place. This hotel was first established in the mid-1800s, and has been updated with the times without losing a sort of refined, retro atmosphere. Unlike some luxury lodgings in popular destinations, it features open, relaxed rooms rather than beautiful but cramped ones. The on-site restaurants are wonderful, and the location keeps you close to everything else the city has to offer.

Yacht Cruises

I mentioned the yachts in the harbor before because they really are part of the city. In fact, though they are of course at sea level, they almost feel like part of the Monaco skyline in their own way. And they’re not just to be looked at from a distance. You can actually book a private yacht cruise on any of a number of different boats. You basically get a tour of the French Riviera from the water, enjoying a state of the art yacht, unrivaled views, and the chance to feel like a local high roller with the world at your fingertips.

Casino de Monte-Carlo

If you’re familiar with Casino de Monte-Carlo, it’s probably thanks to a Hollywood film – most recently Casino Royale. That can make it seem a little bit like a set, or a gimmicky tourist attraction. But I assure you, it’s anything but that. In a ranking that placed it among the top five casinos on the planet, one article characterized it as a casino that oozes class from every pore, which is a funny but accurate way to put it. This is a venue that’s every bit as stunning and fascinating to explore as a royal palace, such that even if you aren’t in for gaming, you might want to stop by.

Sports Car Experiences

I don’t need to go too far in-depth on this one, but suffice it to say you can book a ride in a high-end sports car just as you can with a yacht. You won’t quite be racing along in an F1 car, but it’s still a way of tapping into the area’s deep connection to luxury vehicles. Ferrari and Lamborghini both offer experiences like this, and they’re not to be missed. Speeding down these roads, with these views, in those cars, is about as good as it gets if you like the high life.

Fine Dining

This last point probably goes without saying, but there’s about as much fine dining in the area as anyone could handle. In the best of spots you might enjoy a gorgeous seaside view while you eat, or, if you’re lucky, spot a celebrity out for the evening. Even if not, however, the food is to die for. Blue Bay is perhaps the most renowned restaurant if you want to shoot right to the top. With a Michelin star to its credit, a terrace overlooking the water, and a chef who fuses flavors of his background (Caribbean) with French cuisine, it’s an incredible place for a meal, provided you don’t mind that it’ll cost you more than your average dinner!

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  1. I doubt I'll ever be able to afford going to a place like that, but it seems there's lots of wonderful things to do and experience!


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