Winter Sun, Snow Fun: How To Plan For A Ski Holiday In Family

17 January 2017

There are still plenty of months to go before the summer holiday, and you’re already feeling worn out? Maybe it’s time to book a winter break to recharge your batteries before the summer comes. The best type of family winter holidays is ski vacation in a dedicated ski resort. It’s a lot of fun and laugh guaranteed for the entire family. Want to find out if ski holidays are for you? Here’s a little guide to find out more about this family’s favorite.

Who Is It For?

There is no denying that ski holidays are not for everyone. If you don’t like the feeling of walking in the snow, you probably should consider a different type of winter holiday and visit warmer regions. But if you are excited when it snows in town, then ski holidays are made for you! While taking a holiday in a ski resort is in theory for all, people who enjoy those holidays best have some specific interests and characteristics in common. They are fit; they may not be addicted to their local gym club, but they are physically healthy enough to sustain hours of outdoors activities in the mountain. As a rule of the thumb, you will tend to find full families going on such holidays, from grandparents to toddlers. As an aside note, ski holidays are best booked between early February to early April, or from mid-November until Christmas.

Where Is The Best Place For Ski Holidays?

You will find a variety of ski resorts all around the planet. However, if you want to have a holiday with a homely feel, you should look at villages in the French and the Italian Alps which have a lot of cozy chalets for families, such as the Chalet Foinsbois Meribel village. Ski resorts in the Alps offer access to real villages where you will be able to do your grocery shopping as well as find the latest local fashion trends. Most holiday makers love to indulge with the local food, such as the raclette which is a speciality consisting of cheese, cured meat and potatoes. Additionally, you will find plenty of exciting winter activities, from skiing to hiking via ice skating. If you are an enthusiastic party-maker, you should try the Austrian side of the Alps, and specifically Ischgl, where the ski resort is designed for after ski parties!

Chalet from Pixabay

First Time Skiing? How To Get Prepared

You can learn to ski at any age as long as you are fit and flexible enough to maneuver your way down the slope. This said, there are still a few useful tips that you should know about before you book your ski holiday. For a start, don’t buy your skis or suit in advance, you can borrow everything you need in the ski resort. Buying a pair of skis or a snowboard is an important investment if you are only practising one week in the year. What you should buy, though, is the following: Proper, waterproof gloves, thermal underwear, and a pair of sports glasses for snow activities. Additionally, you will need to get some strong sun cream and well as lip protection. It’s not uncommon for skiers to come back from their holiday with a sunburn on the nose. So, protect yourself to come back with a glorious tan from your first ski holiday!

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