Make 2017 Different: See More Of Everything

8 January 2017

As one year comes to an end, it is normal to look back over it and evaluate whether it matched up to your hopes at the start. Of course, for as much planning as you do, there will always be things that get in the way.

Your New Year's Resolutions, if you made them, may all have been stuck to, some may have been broken. Maybe they were all in tatters by February. But does that stop you looking at the coming year with ambitions? It shouldn't.

For 2017, if you're looking for goals to keep to (not necessarily resolutions so much as hopes), why not plan to see more? "More of what?" you may ask, and the answer is "more of everything."

More Of Where You Live...

People can live in a place for decades without seeing everything it has to offer. You can easily spend years somewhere and not have explored much beyond a radius of a mile or so. How well could you map out an area twenty miles beyond your front door?

For the new year, why not pencil in a few tours to take in your home county? If you're looking to get fit, make them walking tours. If you want to take in the scenery in serene style, then a powered scooter can be a perfect way, as this funny post attests.

More Of The Country...

Most of us, if asked, would say that we are fond of our country, if not proud. Many of us, if asked to name the cities they have been to within it, would run out of cities before we ran out of fingers. Isn't that a shame?

Depending on where you live and the free time you have, it may be hard to see a new city very often. But it's not beyond possibility to add a couple of names to your list this new year. Pick them any way you like - places you've seen on TV, sports teams you cheer for or historical interest. Then get a real feel for them over a weekend.

More Of The World...

There is a statistic, often bandied around, that fewer than 10% of Americans own a passport. When we drill down into the statistics, it turns out that’s inaccurate. Also, the facts are a tad more complicated than the quote suggests. It's not that we're so insular, there are other factors.

Nonetheless, even with so many states in the union, there is good reason to see other parts of the world too. If you don't currently have a passport, maybe this needs to be the year you get one. With that done, pick a country anywhere in the world and take a vacation there. There must be somewhere you've always wanted to see?

There are reasons beyond curiosity that it's a good idea to see more of the world around us. Travel is a fine way of gaining some perspective on things and leaving the little stresses behind. Once you've got the bug, who knows where it will lead?

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