Trouble Free Travels! How To Stay Safe Out While On Your Travelling On Your Own

25 January 2017

Like the old song goes "there's no cure like travel." Few things are better for giving you a fresh perspective, opening your mind and just brushing away the cobwebs like traveling the world. This can be especially true when you're traveling alone. There's nothing quite like getting the chance to get away from it all and really reconnect with yourself without having to worry about all of the noise and distractions of your daily life. But that's not to say that traveling alone doesn't come with its share of risks. In fact, despite how incredible solo travel can be, it can also make you pretty vulnerable as well. To make sure that nothing happens to spoil your personal journey, here are a few ways to make sure that you stay safe on your travels.

Mind your belongings

Pickpockets and thieves can spot travelers a mile away, not only that but they're particularly on the lookout for people traveling on their own. You don't want to spend your entire trip looking over your shoulder or treating every person you meet with suspicion, but it's a good idea to keep an eye out and make sure that you know where your valuables are at any given time. Make sure to keep things like money and ID as close to your body as you can, that way if anyone tries to take them, you're that much more likely to notice. Of course, you're never going to be able to fit everything in your pockets, and if it's hot then bulky pocketed clothes aren't really going to be an option, so you should make sure that you invest in a good anti theft cross body bag as well.

Watch what you're eating

One of the best things about traveling to a new place is getting to sample all of the wonderful, exotic food. But be careful, your stomach might not be all that well adapted to the kinds of cuisine that are being served in certain places around the world. This goes double for markets and street food. If you're the kind of person with a slightly more delicate constitution, then it's probably a good idea to only eat at places you're sure you can trust. At the very least you should pack some indigestion and nausea tablets. The last thing you want is to spend the majority of the trip stuck in the bathroom.

Dress for the occasion

Before you set off anywhere, make sure that you know what the climate is going to be like. Far too many people have had their trips cut short because they didn't pack the right clothes for where they were going. Whether it's heatstroke or frostbite, a lot of problems can be avoided with the right choice of wardrobe. When you're traveling alone, this is doubly important since you won't have anyone to lend you clothes or look after you. You should also think about footwear; you don't want to end up trying to climb a mountain in your smartest shoes or wandering through a sweltering market in leather boots.

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