The Gap Year: Make It Count

17 January 2017

After thirteen years in the education system who can blame you for feeling a little in need of a break before setting off and starting your degree? It seems like an eternity before you’ll get the chance to earn or travel and often we can get a little clouded in our minds, questioning our decisions and the future.

Gap years are a fantastic way of taking an academic rest whilst supporting your chosen subject. Giving you valuable cultural knowledge whilst increasing your expertise and sharpening your brain. They don’t have to be all work though! You have plenty of time to enjoy new experiences and take some time out, without wasting the opportunity. Plus, when you get home, you can plan a killer party to share your travels with your friends

Some students pack off to European cities, others look to a more peaceful and reflective destination but quite often youth is hungry for adventure.

On your CV a gap year with no purpose can look like a negative. Employers often respect taking a break in your academic career but like to see you’ve learnt some life skills. Twelve months working with children or animals can make you stand out over others with equal qualifications. Remember a first class degree in business is the same as a first class degree in business. You need the edge when you hit the career world.

Africa sits just below the Southern coast of Spain offering the comfort of knowing you are never too far from home but enough distance between you and the study books to feel independent and free. The country is vibrant, offering a busy city life as well as complete isolation if you venture towards the Sahara. Being just below the Equator means you will benefit from fantastic weather, giving you plenty of opportunity to get the most out of every day.

The people of Ghana have little opportunity with education and whilst the country thrives in culture it suffers financially. Meaning there are plenty of opportunities for students wanting to volunteer in Ghana whilst on a gap year. And there is a chance to maximise this by focussing on things that sit with your degree or further education.

Lack of education in Ghana means English teachers are sort after. There are schools looking for students to teach sport. The country has a deep connection to music and the arts with plenty of warm and welcoming people who will love to share their craft experience with you.

A gap year means you have twelve months to get the most out of life. This region of Africa can place you in the heart of the action or lead you down a less travelled path to study rare birds and animals most people won’t get the chance to see. The Rain Forest offers plenty of opportunity to apply your life skills, fire making, camp building and hunting. Showing future employees you have the ability to survive under pressure.

Don’t waste your Gap year. Make every moment of it count.

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