Travel In Numbers: Any Excuse For A Group Trip!

28 January 2017

Travel is one of the most beautiful gifts the modern age has given us. Nowadays, you can travel the entire world in a matter of weeks. And, you can do it all at once, if you want to. This has built a massive industry. But, travel comes with it’s drawbacks. The biggest of all is the people you care about. Leaving friends and family behind is never easy. So, why not just take them with you? This post is going to go through some of the reasons you should consider this sort of trip for your own clan!

When travelling in a group, you have a host of benefits. People always have the chance to go off and do their own thing, without feeling bad that they’re leaving people behind. And, you have the bonus of safety in numbers. Of course, you have to be careful, still. But, being in a group seriously limits your chances of danger. You will be able to book things cheaper if you plan ahead. Most hotels will give big discounts for bulk bookings and early reservations. And, that’s not it. You’ll also have the chance to experience the world with people that you’ve never traveled with before. This will open up your mind and the way that you see different places. So, it’s a great way to get more from your holiday than you would with just the closest family.

Of course, being in a big group will pose some limitations. You won’t be able to do certain things as a group, simply because of space. But, there is still loads that can be done. Hiring things like boats or cars becomes a lot cheaper, with more people. And, if you want to take a tour, you might be able to book the whole thing. This will help to make sure that you avoid having to mingle with strangers. Of course, this isn’t a problem for some. But, being able to enjoy things with just your close ones is a great treat. You may also be able to book entire catering venues for your group. This will help to keep your experience as close as possible.

Moving around the world with this many people isn’t going to be easy, though. You need to plan ahead. For traveling overseas, planes are by far the best option. But, when traveling in numbers, you need to book the tickets well in advance. Otherwise, you may not be able to get enough for the group. If you’re traveling inland, though, you have more options. Charter buses are one of the best ways to see your own country. They’re as comfortable as planes and can be hired by one large group. So, you won’t have to travel with strangers. You should always look at reviews for these companies, though. Pages like will give you a good idea of the stranding of different companies.

Hopefully, this will inspire you to stop your lone wandering, and see some of the World with different people. Traveling with outers will always make the experience more rich. You will see things that you would’ve otherwise ignored. And, you’ll never be lonely. Ultimately, for some, this is the very best way to travel.

Trouble Free Travels! How To Stay Safe Out While On Your Travelling On Your Own

25 January 2017

Like the old song goes "there's no cure like travel." Few things are better for giving you a fresh perspective, opening your mind and just brushing away the cobwebs like traveling the world. This can be especially true when you're traveling alone. There's nothing quite like getting the chance to get away from it all and really reconnect with yourself without having to worry about all of the noise and distractions of your daily life. But that's not to say that traveling alone doesn't come with its share of risks. In fact, despite how incredible solo travel can be, it can also make you pretty vulnerable as well. To make sure that nothing happens to spoil your personal journey, here are a few ways to make sure that you stay safe on your travels.

Mind your belongings

Pickpockets and thieves can spot travelers a mile away, not only that but they're particularly on the lookout for people traveling on their own. You don't want to spend your entire trip looking over your shoulder or treating every person you meet with suspicion, but it's a good idea to keep an eye out and make sure that you know where your valuables are at any given time. Make sure to keep things like money and ID as close to your body as you can, that way if anyone tries to take them, you're that much more likely to notice. Of course, you're never going to be able to fit everything in your pockets, and if it's hot then bulky pocketed clothes aren't really going to be an option, so you should make sure that you invest in a good anti theft cross body bag as well.

Watch what you're eating

One of the best things about traveling to a new place is getting to sample all of the wonderful, exotic food. But be careful, your stomach might not be all that well adapted to the kinds of cuisine that are being served in certain places around the world. This goes double for markets and street food. If you're the kind of person with a slightly more delicate constitution, then it's probably a good idea to only eat at places you're sure you can trust. At the very least you should pack some indigestion and nausea tablets. The last thing you want is to spend the majority of the trip stuck in the bathroom.

Dress for the occasion

Before you set off anywhere, make sure that you know what the climate is going to be like. Far too many people have had their trips cut short because they didn't pack the right clothes for where they were going. Whether it's heatstroke or frostbite, a lot of problems can be avoided with the right choice of wardrobe. When you're traveling alone, this is doubly important since you won't have anyone to lend you clothes or look after you. You should also think about footwear; you don't want to end up trying to climb a mountain in your smartest shoes or wandering through a sweltering market in leather boots.

Having Fun Yet? Four Adventure Holidays That'll Change Your Life

Tell some people that you're going on an adventure holiday and they'll look at you like you've said you're moving to Mars.

"But why?", they'll say. "Isn't the point of going on holiday to relax? Why would you spoil a fortnight in the sun by risking life and limb?". Maybe they have a point. Most of the time, that's the exact point of going on holiday. But then sometimes, you do want that adrenaline burst. Possibly you can get it close to home. But if you can take in stunning scenery while you do it, isn't that better?

That's why we go on adventure holidays. And the whole "risking life and limb" bit? If you follow safety advice and don't act out, then it's not really like that. The extreme situations you end up in on an adventure trip are more about doing something you don't usually do. Getting the wind in your hair a little bit. That's what makes them fun.

Then there is the fact that going on this kind of holiday puts you in places where nature has done some of its most jaw-dropping work. You can't go on a climbing holiday without going somewhere with cliffs or mountains. You can't go whitewater rafting without a fast-running river. And you're not going to spend the whole holiday adventuring, so on your downtime, you get to be somewhere remarkable.

River Rafting In The Grand Canyon

The word "epic" is overused these days, it's true. It is now used to describe everything from a wild party to a slightly more powerful hairdryer. But there are times when it is the only word that really does justice to something, and the Grand Canyon is an example of that.

A deep gorge carved out of the Arizona wilderness, the Canyon is something to behold even just standing near it. But if you think it looks spectacular from above, just imagine yourself on a raft shooting down the river between those cliffs! That's the very definition of the word "epic" right there.

There are some who say it is the kind of thing you have to do once in your life. Others, once they have done it, are already planning Grand Canyon river trips. It is one of those life-affirming experiences that makes you feel that bit more awake. And of course, it doesn't hurt that the scenery is so otherworldly.

Swim With Stingray In The Cayman Islands

Swimming with some of nature's most remarkable aquatic creatures is a wonderful way to get in touch with nature. It can be any breed you want to be, as tours exist for all of the big ones. You could be swimming with dolphins or submerged in a shark cage to see a Great White up close. But if you want to do something different, head for the Cayman Islands.

While on dry land you can explore beautiful tropical botanic gardens. Taking in all that nature has to offer in this stunning part of the world is worth the trip alone. But seeing the majestic stingray in their natural environment elevates it yet further. The pursuit is monitored carefully by experts so that safety is ensured at all times. This does not make the experience any less awe-inspiring.

While you're there, these are not the only creatures you'll get to see up close. The majestic sea turtles plus shoals of neon fish (of various shades) are the kind of thing that look stunning in a wildlife photo. Seen with your own eyes, it's somehow even more beguiling.

The Rainforest Of Costa Rica

You can hardly read a travel supplement these days without hearing about what a worthwhile trip Costa Rica is. In the main, these articles will focus on what a peaceful, prosperous place the country has grown into, and it's true. Costa Ricans have some of the highest standards of living of anyone in the world.

All of that may lead you to think that there's nothing attention-grabbing about the place. This is a shame because the rainforest gives visitors the chance to have their minds blown almost constantly. You can take a hiking trip within the forest and see nature's bounty. This includes rare tropical flowers you can't see anywhere else.

All those tall trees, though, mean that what can be seen on the ground is really only one part of the story. And it's when you get higher that things get even better. Rainforest tours give you a chance to zip-line along the top of the canopy. There you'll see some of the bird life which populates the forest, including majestic toucan. No wonder the people here are so happy!

Hiking In The Scottish Highlands And Islands

For such a small island, Great Britain manages to pack in a very diverse set of terrains. A drive through England will give you the chance to take in the sights and sounds of London. As you get further north, the Yorkshire Dales are a stark wonderland that will make you wonder if you're in the same country.

By the time you get to Scotland, though, it gets even more enchanting. Yes, Scotland has cities. Glasgow and Edinburgh are well worth a day trip. But it's in the Highlands and islands that Scotland becomes like something from a fantasy novel.

Many people who make enough money to retire early do so and move to a cottage on one of these islands. When you see them, you'll understand. The remoteness of an island such as Bute means you can live in total peace, if you want to. But if you want to tackle untamed, rugged majesty on a hiking tour, you can do that too. The Northern Scottish islands have to be seen to be believed.

Indeed, touring between the various islands by boat is a chance to see things you would never associate with Britain. From harp seals to indigenous hawk, your eyes will constantly be scanning around for more beautiful wildlife. Before long, you'll be figuring out how you can make enough money to move here for good yourself.

The Gap Year: Make It Count

17 January 2017

After thirteen years in the education system who can blame you for feeling a little in need of a break before setting off and starting your degree? It seems like an eternity before you’ll get the chance to earn or travel and often we can get a little clouded in our minds, questioning our decisions and the future.

Gap years are a fantastic way of taking an academic rest whilst supporting your chosen subject. Giving you valuable cultural knowledge whilst increasing your expertise and sharpening your brain. They don’t have to be all work though! You have plenty of time to enjoy new experiences and take some time out, without wasting the opportunity. Plus, when you get home, you can plan a killer party to share your travels with your friends

Some students pack off to European cities, others look to a more peaceful and reflective destination but quite often youth is hungry for adventure.

On your CV a gap year with no purpose can look like a negative. Employers often respect taking a break in your academic career but like to see you’ve learnt some life skills. Twelve months working with children or animals can make you stand out over others with equal qualifications. Remember a first class degree in business is the same as a first class degree in business. You need the edge when you hit the career world.

Africa sits just below the Southern coast of Spain offering the comfort of knowing you are never too far from home but enough distance between you and the study books to feel independent and free. The country is vibrant, offering a busy city life as well as complete isolation if you venture towards the Sahara. Being just below the Equator means you will benefit from fantastic weather, giving you plenty of opportunity to get the most out of every day.

The people of Ghana have little opportunity with education and whilst the country thrives in culture it suffers financially. Meaning there are plenty of opportunities for students wanting to volunteer in Ghana whilst on a gap year. And there is a chance to maximise this by focussing on things that sit with your degree or further education.

Lack of education in Ghana means English teachers are sort after. There are schools looking for students to teach sport. The country has a deep connection to music and the arts with plenty of warm and welcoming people who will love to share their craft experience with you.

A gap year means you have twelve months to get the most out of life. This region of Africa can place you in the heart of the action or lead you down a less travelled path to study rare birds and animals most people won’t get the chance to see. The Rain Forest offers plenty of opportunity to apply your life skills, fire making, camp building and hunting. Showing future employees you have the ability to survive under pressure.

Don’t waste your Gap year. Make every moment of it count.

Winter Sun, Snow Fun: How To Plan For A Ski Holiday In Family

There are still plenty of months to go before the summer holiday, and you’re already feeling worn out? Maybe it’s time to book a winter break to recharge your batteries before the summer comes. The best type of family winter holidays is ski vacation in a dedicated ski resort. It’s a lot of fun and laugh guaranteed for the entire family. Want to find out if ski holidays are for you? Here’s a little guide to find out more about this family’s favorite.

Who Is It For?

There is no denying that ski holidays are not for everyone. If you don’t like the feeling of walking in the snow, you probably should consider a different type of winter holiday and visit warmer regions. But if you are excited when it snows in town, then ski holidays are made for you! While taking a holiday in a ski resort is in theory for all, people who enjoy those holidays best have some specific interests and characteristics in common. They are fit; they may not be addicted to their local gym club, but they are physically healthy enough to sustain hours of outdoors activities in the mountain. As a rule of the thumb, you will tend to find full families going on such holidays, from grandparents to toddlers. As an aside note, ski holidays are best booked between early February to early April, or from mid-November until Christmas.

Where Is The Best Place For Ski Holidays?

You will find a variety of ski resorts all around the planet. However, if you want to have a holiday with a homely feel, you should look at villages in the French and the Italian Alps which have a lot of cozy chalets for families, such as the Chalet Foinsbois Meribel village. Ski resorts in the Alps offer access to real villages where you will be able to do your grocery shopping as well as find the latest local fashion trends. Most holiday makers love to indulge with the local food, such as the raclette which is a speciality consisting of cheese, cured meat and potatoes. Additionally, you will find plenty of exciting winter activities, from skiing to hiking via ice skating. If you are an enthusiastic party-maker, you should try the Austrian side of the Alps, and specifically Ischgl, where the ski resort is designed for after ski parties!

Chalet from Pixabay

First Time Skiing? How To Get Prepared

You can learn to ski at any age as long as you are fit and flexible enough to maneuver your way down the slope. This said, there are still a few useful tips that you should know about before you book your ski holiday. For a start, don’t buy your skis or suit in advance, you can borrow everything you need in the ski resort. Buying a pair of skis or a snowboard is an important investment if you are only practising one week in the year. What you should buy, though, is the following: Proper, waterproof gloves, thermal underwear, and a pair of sports glasses for snow activities. Additionally, you will need to get some strong sun cream and well as lip protection. It’s not uncommon for skiers to come back from their holiday with a sunburn on the nose. So, protect yourself to come back with a glorious tan from your first ski holiday!

How to Make Your Wedding Dream Come True

Most women dream of the day that they will get married from the time they become aware that marriage is a thing. A big wedding with a beautiful dress and a family-filled celebration is something that they long for, but actually achieving that dream wedding is a lot more complicated than those little girls could ever have imagined.

Like planning a killer party, organizing any wedding, let alone the perfect dream wedding, is an enormous task that can easily overwhelm, but with a lot of grit and determination, it is possible to have the best big day ever. In order to help you plan your perfect nuptials, here are some tips for making your wedding dreams a reality.

Call in a Wedding Planner

Hiring a good wedding planner will help you to plan and perfect the wedding of your dreams without having to go through the stress that comes with carrying out all of the legwork to make it happen. Some women worry that handing over control to a wedding planner will mean that their vision is lost, but a good wedding planner will listen to what you want and go out of their way to ensure you and your fiancé are happy on the big day.

Form a Bride and Groom Tag Team

Don’t think that you have to do all of the planning alone and don’t exclude your fiancé from the wedding planning process. After all, you are joining yourselves in marriage so that you will be a partnership for the rest of your lives.

Picking the Perfect Rings

Women tend to have a much better idea of the style of ring they want, whereas men can find it more difficult. To make this aspect of wedding planning easier, it can be useful to narrow down the search to a few good ranges, such as Harlin Jones Men wedding rings, as this will stop the task from getting too overwhelming.

Finding the Dream Venue

When it comes to choosing a wedding venue, it is imperative that you and your fiancé take some time to seriously think about the kind of setting you want to get married in. If nature is important to you, look into local woodland venues, or if you want a traditional church wedding, start looking for the most magnificent holy buildings in your town.

Of course, you will also need to take into account the size of the venue and its ability to accommodate all of your guests, but this is one time where practical details should not necessarily trump your desires.

The Guest List

The guest list is often the most troublesome part of planning a wedding, with family feuds and personality clashes prone to rearing their heads. A good way to avoid conflict is to set a strict limit on guests and take the time to arrange your seating plans so that family and friend who do not get along are kept apart.

Of course, the most important thing you can do to ensure your dream wedding comes to pass is to stay as calm and relaxed as possible. Try to go with the flow come what may, and you will always have great memories of your big day.

Fancy Volunteering? Then These Countries Are The Best Places To Travel Too

11 January 2017

Volunteering is not only a wonderful use of your time, but it’s also a great excuse to travel. Keeping that in mind, if you have dreams of volunteering overseas this year, here are the best countries to go to:


Unbeknownst to some but Fiji is a brilliant destination for willing volunteers. There are many things you can do here but the biggest volunteer project revolves around marine life. There’s a problem developing in Fiji where a lot of aquatic animals are dying out and Coral reefs are also being destroyed. The issue stems from poor treatment of the water due to environmental waste, etc. You can go over there to volunteer and join up with a group that focuses on tackling this issues. You’ll be part of a team that surveys the quality of marine life and also helps educate local schools and businesses in the area. By telling people what they should and shouldn’t do, you can help protect the marine environment and save a lot of aquatic life in Fiji. Plus, it happens to be a beautiful island which makes traveling there all the more worthwhile.

South Africa

South Africa is a great volunteer destination for so many reasons. For one, it’s one of the best places to go if you want to work with animals. Many people have gone over there to become a South Africa volunteer that helps preserve wildlife in the area. It’s a country that’s home to lots of animals that are under threat. Consequently, volunteering organizations have set up reservations for these animals to live safely. You can go and join one of these reservations and start fighting for animals that have no chance of protecting themselves. You’ll be keeping them away from poachers and ensuring that some of the most endangered animals in the world are kept alive and out of harm's way. Definitely one of the top places to travel to if you’re an animal enthusiast looking for volunteer work.


We’ll round this article off with another African country that’s got plenty of volunteering opportunities. Morocco is a country that’s perhaps most famous for its soccer team. However, there are many children in this country that don’t get blessed with proper teaching. So, the opportunity is there for you to fly over and spend some time as a volunteer teacher. There are loads of schools that will be eager for your help. They’re particularly interested in teachers that can teach students English or French. Generally speaking, there are loads of countries in Africa that can do with some volunteer teachers. However, Morocco is often seen as one of the best places to go. It's safe that a lot of other areas and there are plenty of opportunities there. Plus, it’s a lovely country with so much to see and do in your spare time.

Of course, there are loads of other great countries you can volunteer in, particularly in Africa and parts of Asia like the Philippines. But, these three are the best places to go when you think about the volunteering opportunities available and the additional attractions in each country.

The First Steps To Take To Plan A Killer Party This Year

With the rise of social media and party invites on the likes of Facebook, it can be a bit of a kick to the old style of party planning. Remember writing out invitations and waiting for the calls or messages for the RSVPs to come flooding in? The thing is unless it is going to be quite a last minute party, there are still plenty of things that you can do to plan a killer party in an old-school way. If you want a party that even Gatsby would be proud of, then you need to read on to get your party planning inspiration.

Choose a Theme

Before the date, time, and venue, you need to know what kind of party you want to throw. The kind of theme that you choose might even decide what location or venue you might use. So it makes sense to go with this first. It definitely makes a statement on the invites too. Having something say ‘Hollywood Glamour’ sets the tone and guests will know just what type of attire they should come in. If you just say you want to have a birthday party, then it leaves things rather open ended. So choose and theme for your party first of all.

Decide Who To Invite

The number of people will also help to decide where and when the party will be held. If you choose a large number of people, then the chances are that you need to hire somewhere to hold the party. A smaller number could mean the party could be at home or in the backyard. Around ten people will be considered more of a gathering. Over thirty or forty and you are well on the way to a big party. So choose the atmosphere that you would like and who you’d like in attendance. Then you can get the date and location set in place so you can get the invites sent out.

Choose a Venue

As has been described, the number of people might have decided the venue for you, unless you had a specific venue in mind all along. So take a look at your guest list. Hiring a specific venue could mean that it is booked up well in advance. So call around and you might have to be flexible with your dates. If you don’t want to splash out on a large separate venue, then you could always make the venue at home, but use your back yard or garden if it is large enough. Then you could just hire things like an outdoor marquee from somewhere like Barlens Party Supplies.

Food and Drink

If the party is in the late evening, then most people won’t be expecting anything to eat. So a few nibbles would be fine. Just make sure that you provide plenty of drinks. If you choose a time for the party that is over lunchtime, then it means that people will more than likely be expecting something to eat. So make sure that you plan the food and drink according to the time of the party.

When Traveling Can Become Your Job - Dream Lifestyle For Modern Entrepreneurs

The world used to be a big place, but now it can be part of the life of those who know how to take risks. More and more people wake up one day with the sense that they need to explore the world. This is a sudden disease that is taking over the new generations: it’s the realization that everything could be available for those who are willing to try. As young workers are more used to vast distances with the Internet, they also start dreaming bigger. Rapidly the office routine becomes too dull. So how can you make travel part of your lifestyle?

Love Travels But Love Your Region Too

Since when was traveling synonymous for changing countries? You can work within the travel industry, and especially become your own boss in the travel industry, and still make it a local enterprise. Event organization is a branch that will allow you to stay local and yet travel within the region, especially if you are planning business coach travels for team building events or conference meetings for example. You can look at to see some of the great possibilities within the state of Florida. If buses are not for you, how about partnering with hotels and travel agencies to review local hotels and events? While you can still travel and discover the beautiful landscapes in your area, you are enjoying a dream lifestyle in gorgeous hotel rooms.

Write About The World Around You

If you prefer to discover new horizons, international travel is what you need to look at. For instance, good travel bloggers are highly demanded, especially by travel agencies and experienced blogging companies that need to rejuvenate their content. There are plenty of ways to become a but at the core of this career lies an interest for words. You need to be a fair writer who can excite with a well-written text, and you need to bring a new angle to the universe of travelling. Or maybe you love writing too much? While this can’t be a lifestyle of every day, authors can receive travel grants to look for inspiration in different cultures. If you love fictions, this could be a dream come true for you.

Work In The Digital Industry

Not everyone needs to be an experienced writer to spend a life traveling the world. The social media expert, Alex D’Amore, has created his life around the possibility to change location whenever he wants to. You can read about it on his blog Consequently, he has established himself as a digital guru, which allows him to keep in touch with his clients wherever he happens to be at the time. Other digital careers are open to the concept of remote work, such as program developers and SEO experts. If you are an avid computer user and are keen to understand the logic behind the technology, a programming course could help you to see the world while you are working. In short, be brave and remember that your dream life could be behind it! Maybe it’s the way to start a remote enterprise.

Awe-Inspiring Natural Phenomena You Just Need To See Before You Die

We all know that there are some cities that we need to add to our bucket lists. Places like New York City, Sydney, and London are all very high up on our bucket lists. But have you ever thought about traveling somewhere just to see some of its amazing natural phenomena? There are hundreds of awesome natural phenomena around the planet that are beautiful and mystifying. One thing is for sure: they will make some awesome pictures for Instagram! So which ones do you definitely need to see before you die? Here are some of the best!

Salt Flats

There are a number of different salt flats around the globe, but the most famous ones are probably the Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah, America. So what are these exactly? These gorgeous flat plains were once the site of lakes. However, the water all dried up centuries ago and left behind this impressive reminder of their existence. As the lakes dried up, they left behind magnesium, potassium, and many other minerals to create these salt flats. The flats are dazzling white and so huge, it can be difficult to see where the flats end and the sky begins!

The Northern Lights

If you ask a photographer what is the one image that they want to capture, I can guarantee that they will say the Northern Lights! Also known as the Aurora Borealis, these glowing lights appear in the skies above the Arctic Circle. They are the result of lots of collisions between the charged particles from the sun’s rays that enter our atmosphere. Wondering where can you see the Northern Lights? Most people head up to northern Scandinavia, but you will also be able to catch them in the north of Canada as well.

Giant Crystals

If you love things that glitter and sparkle, then you should consider a trip to Mexico to see the amazing giant crystals in Chihuahua’s Naica Mine. The large crystals were found by miners who were digging for zinc and silver. Instead, they found a chamber of these impressive crystals! Unfortunately, the cave itself is closed to the public, but you will be able to see some examples of the crystals in the town itself.

Rain Of Fish

The small town of Yoro in Honduras is famous for something very unusual indeed! The town is home to the rain of fish, which has been puzzling people for over a century. Scientists have come up with various reasons as to why fish rain down on the town every year, but none have been conclusive. The locals like to think that a priest who prayed for an end to hunger in the town in the mid-1800s helped to bring on this phenomenon! This annual rainfall is so popular now that the town holds a festival, which is visited by hundreds of curious tourists.

The world is full of some truly incredible sights. Make sure you add them all to your bucket list! You’ll certainly make all your Instagram followers super jealous!

Make 2017 Different: See More Of Everything

8 January 2017

As one year comes to an end, it is normal to look back over it and evaluate whether it matched up to your hopes at the start. Of course, for as much planning as you do, there will always be things that get in the way.

Your New Year's Resolutions, if you made them, may all have been stuck to, some may have been broken. Maybe they were all in tatters by February. But does that stop you looking at the coming year with ambitions? It shouldn't.

For 2017, if you're looking for goals to keep to (not necessarily resolutions so much as hopes), why not plan to see more? "More of what?" you may ask, and the answer is "more of everything."

More Of Where You Live...

People can live in a place for decades without seeing everything it has to offer. You can easily spend years somewhere and not have explored much beyond a radius of a mile or so. How well could you map out an area twenty miles beyond your front door?

For the new year, why not pencil in a few tours to take in your home county? If you're looking to get fit, make them walking tours. If you want to take in the scenery in serene style, then a powered scooter can be a perfect way, as this funny post attests.

More Of The Country...

Most of us, if asked, would say that we are fond of our country, if not proud. Many of us, if asked to name the cities they have been to within it, would run out of cities before we ran out of fingers. Isn't that a shame?

Depending on where you live and the free time you have, it may be hard to see a new city very often. But it's not beyond possibility to add a couple of names to your list this new year. Pick them any way you like - places you've seen on TV, sports teams you cheer for or historical interest. Then get a real feel for them over a weekend.

More Of The World...

There is a statistic, often bandied around, that fewer than 10% of Americans own a passport. When we drill down into the statistics, it turns out that’s inaccurate. Also, the facts are a tad more complicated than the quote suggests. It's not that we're so insular, there are other factors.

Nonetheless, even with so many states in the union, there is good reason to see other parts of the world too. If you don't currently have a passport, maybe this needs to be the year you get one. With that done, pick a country anywhere in the world and take a vacation there. There must be somewhere you've always wanted to see?

There are reasons beyond curiosity that it's a good idea to see more of the world around us. Travel is a fine way of gaining some perspective on things and leaving the little stresses behind. Once you've got the bug, who knows where it will lead?

Planning A Trip To Australia? Here Are The Top Three Cities You Need To Visit

4 January 2017

When you plan a holiday to somewhere you're not already familiar with, knowing where to lay your hat can be the first issue to overcome. When the country you have in mind is exceptionally large, this only makes the whole process even more difficult! The initial prospect of setting up for your vacation in a cute little hamlet or a remote fishing village sure sounds good at first. But when you actually get there you may find that it is, in fact, a little too desolate for your liking. As much as vacations are, in many ways, all about relaxing, a little bit of culture and activity usually doesn't go amiss either. If you are the type of person that needs to be entertained at all time, or if you are going away with children, you may want to pick somewhere with a bit more hustle and bustle. The success of a trip to Australia, for example, can be defined by where you choose to stay. Thankfully, there are plenty of exciting cities at every corner of this huge island, so you can pick the one which best suits your needs.


Ask the average person what they picture when they hear the word 'Australia' and the first thing they say will probably be 'Sydney Opera House'. Yes, this world famous structure sits in the harbour of possibly one of the most well-known cities in the whole country - if not the world. In fact, it is often perceived to actually be the capital of Australia, although the capital is actually the city of Canberra. So what exactly does Sydney hold, and why do so many tourists flood there? Firstly, it is a very metropolitan city. If you are looking for somewhere modern that oozes class and style, then Sydney is the place for you. It is home to the famous precinct of Darling Harbour, and also plays host to Bondi Beach, which you may have heard of. The city is a bustling, busy hub, with lots of high rise buildings and a great nightlife scene. So, if you want to be swept off your feet by city life, there's no better place to visit than Sydney.


Moving over to the Western side of the island we find Perth, the capital city of Western Australia. Although still a major city, it is quite different in comparison to Sydney. Firstly, it is much more isolated, so could be the perfect option for you if you are looking for a more relaxing vacation. It also features much greenery, as the Kings Park allows you to explore Australian bushland right from the center of the city. It is one of the biggest parks in the world and features a number of manicured gardens and cafes too. Perth is also quite a historic city, with the old area of Fremantle a popular destination for tourists. Explore the winding streets to find the best bars and coffee shops, something Fremantle is famous for. Another good thing about Perth is that you are spoilt for choice when it comes to beautiful places to stay. Make the most of the stunning coastline and stay a little further out of town in a place like Sorrento. You don't have to pass up luxury either - stay somewhere such as accommodation Hillarys Boat Harbour for a relaxing place to lay your head at the end of the day.


At the Northern point of Australia, just across from East Timor and Singapore, lies the city of Darwin. If you are up for taking a walk on the wild side, then this place is perfect for you! Darwin is noted for its balmy weather and tropical climate - plus the animals and plant life such weather brings. Visit the stunning Litchfield National Park or the equally beautiful Nature's Way, where you may even be able to spot a saltwater crocodile. Darwin is also a city steeped in Aboriginal culture, so be sure to visit some of the museums and the many historical attractions. If you really want to see some of the most sacred sights, a visit to Darwin wouldn't be complete without visiting the famous 'Red Centre' - home of Ayers Rock. You can also spend some time visiting orphaned baby kangaroos at the Alice Springs Kangaroo Sanctuary, something not to be missed, especially if you are an animal lover. Just be sure to prepare well for your trip to Darwin, as you will need light airy clothing as well as sturdy shoes, if you are planning on seeing the local sights.

The Curious Reasons Why Adventure Travel Is So Damn Good For You

Mark Twain once famously said, "Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn't do than by the ones you did do." People love quoting Mark Twain, don't they?

Perhaps he has a point, especially when it comes to adventuring. There's no time like the present to up sticks and get out into the world, exploring all that it has to offer, especially while you are young.

Here are some of the reasons why adventure travel is food for the soul.

It Proves That You Can

Adventure holidays are important for building self-worth. They prove that you "can" - they show you've got what it takes to travel the world and sample its culture. They're a great idea for people who dream big, but don't always deliver. If you find yourself sat at home thinking about what it might be like to go to a market stall in Morocco or scale an Andean mountain, then adventure travel is just the thing for you. Use it to prove to yourself and others what you can do.

You Learn A Bunch Of New Skills

Wealthy societies, like the US, Europe, and East Asia, have a habit of coddling their young. As a result, many of us have never been exposed to nature and how to survive once we get there. Sites like offer advice on the subject, but there's nothing that quite compares to actually going ahead and doing it. Adventure travel demands that you use all of your intelligence and all of your wherewithal to navigate new environments. It's a real test of character and helps you to develop survival skills you wouldn't ordinarily use.

You Get To Try New Food

Going to holiday hotspots can be okay for trying new food, but nothing really exposes you to the culture quite like adventure travel. Here, in the heart of a different civilization, is where you're most likely to find food that is utterly different from what you've had before - and truly authentic.

It Brings Your Dreams To Life

Dreaming is all well and good, but there comes a time when we need to take those dreams and make them a reality, for the sake of our very souls. Stop imagining that you're strolling along the Great Wall of China and actually go there and do it. Quit imagining you're sailing down the Amazon in a canoe and hop on the next flight to Brazil.

You Get A Sense Of Perspective

Going to a new place has profound effects on our psychology. When we visit a new place, our senses are heightened, and our brains go into overdrive according to This makes a lot of sense from an evolutionary perspective. It was important that we took in as much information when we were in new places, just in case we were in danger, or there was a new source of food.

We can tap into the primal response when going on adventure travel. Think about the last time you went somewhere new. Chances are you remember where you went, the layout of the streets and the people you met. Now compare that to what you did last Wednesday. Can you remember what happened in such exquisite detail? Probably not.

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