20 Best Off The Beaten Paths Around The World You Should Visit in 2020

5 January 2020

Overtourism plays a huge factor in today's travel world, and furthermore, it's about time to travel smarter and opt to travel where there is lesser to no crowds at all - deviate from the mainstream to the alternatives, wherein you can truly connect with yourself and with the place. So I reached out to 20 top travel bloggers on their top recommendations around the globe and combined that list into this epic binge-worthy post.

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The best off the beaten paths around the world according to top travel bloggers

There are 20 great info in this post and you might feel overwhelmed with all these numbers, so I organized these promising places according to the region of the world, so you can "wanderlust browse" through easily.

You'll also find a ton of useful resources in this post for planning your trip to do each place if you want to.

How we’ve organized this list of world’s best off the beaten places:

Best off the beaten places in Asia

1. Benguet, Philippines

The Philippines is a tropical paradise consisting of 7,641 islands. Picture Crayola green palm trees, fine white sand beaches, and Gatorade blue sea waters in mind. But, not known to many, there lie its grand mountain ranges nestled in the northern part of the country.

Benguet, a province in the Cordillera Administrative Region stands out from the rest. It is a budding tourist destination — minus the crowds — that boasts unspoiled stellar hiking treks, enthralling waterfalls, magical mountain lakes, picture-perfect landscapes, and all in its glorious high mountains perfect for the adventurous and cloud-chasing travelers. Its raw beauty is unparalleled like no other, the locals are friendly to boot, and the local food scene is just mouth-gasmic! The unsullied Benguet has a lot more to offer and will truly leave a mark on anyone's heart. Bring a down or a thick jacket as the temperature can be cold especially during the night.

What to see in Benguet:

  1. Four Lakes, Mt. Pulag, and Mt. Tabayoc of Kabayan
  2. Mt. Ugo, Mt. Pigingan, and Mt. Ulap of Itogon
  3. Mt. Tenglawan, and Tekip Falls of Bakun
  4. Aran Cave, and Bayokbok River of Tuba
  5. Crying Mountains, Mt. Kilkili, and Les-eng Houses of Kibungan

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2. Pakistan

Though many people visit India, far fewer make a trip to its neighbor Pakistan. Years of media bias, safety concerns, and a difficult to obtain visa made Pakistan out of question for most. But these days, such issues have been remedied — nowadays the country is easy and relatively safe to visit, while still remaining free from mass tourism and commercialization. Now IS the time to visit Pakistan before everyone else catches on how amazing it is!

Not only does the South Asian country boast some of the most incredible landscapes I’ve ever seen (think turquoise blue lakes, soaring mountain peaks and vast plains, to name a few), but more importantly it’s home to the most hospitable people in the world. No, this isn’t an exaggeration: Pakistanis truly treat strangers like family, something I experienced many times over the 100+ days I spent backpacking there!

Vibrant culture and relics of centuries past can be found in cities such as Lahore and Peshawar, remnants of ancient civilizations can be visited in the southern province of Sindh, and picturesque villages full of friendly faces and vast valleys fill the country’s famed Northern Areas. Basically, Pakistan has something for everyone! If you make it to Lahore, don’t miss Thursday night Dhamal (a wild, trance-like dance you’d never expect to see here!) at the Madhu lal Hussain shrine. Hunza Valley is the most popular region in the mountains, but don’t be afraid to get off the beaten path: Phander Lake in the Ghizer region is mesmerizingly beautiful and infrequently visited in comparison. I’d also highly recommend not skipping out on the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province: though all of Pakistan is friendly, the locals here take hospitality to a whole new level entirely.

Practical Stuff: These days, visas can be obtained online through the e-Visa portal, a major change from the bureaucracy of years past. If you’re eyeing the mountains, the best time to visit is April- early November. However, the rest of the country is crazy hot most of the year and is most pleasant from November-April. Many hotels aren’t listed online, but in Lahore I recommend staying at the Rose Palace Hotel for high-quality comfort at an amazing price of $18 USD a night. Comfortable, lux buses run by either Daewoo or Faisal Movers are your best bet to get around most parts of the country, in cities note that Uber or the local app Careem are readily available.

What to see in Pakistan:

  1. Madhu lal Hussan shrine
  2. Phander Lake
  3. Kaghan Valley
  4. Saif-ul-Maluk Lake
  5. Mukeshpuri

Contributed by Samantha Shea, Intentional Detours.

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3. Dhulikhel, Nepal

Dhulikhel is a small city just two hours outside of Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal. While many tourists start their journey in Kathmandu, most quickly leave and head to trekking routes or cities in the west. Very few explore the areas around the capital, which is a shame because Dhulikhel really has it all.

Upon entering, the city doesn’t look like much, but it’s the old town that is full of history and culture. It’s small winding streets form a mandala pattern which was used during urban planning in the 13th century. The buildings are covered in beautiful Newari wood carvings that survived the 2015 earthquake.

Just outside the city center are several temples. The Kali Temple sits on a hill overlooking the city. Those who want to see it have to walk up the “1,000 steps” to get there. On a clear day, you can see the Himalaya mountains from almost anywhere in the city. But the view from Kali Temple is extraordinary. Since the view is a popular reason to visit, it’s best to visit between October and May when the skies are clear. June to September is monsoon and it’s often cloudy.

For those who love the outdoors, this small city is surrounded by nature. You can take a 1-hour hike to Namo Buddha Monastery which acts as a school for novice monks. Those with an affinity for bird watching can find 72 different bird species in the area. Dhulikhel, Nepal truly has something to offer for everyone.

What to see in Dhulikhel:

  1. Kali Temple
  2. Namo Buddha Monastery
  3. Boudha Stupa
  4. Chandeshwari

Contributed by Michelle Della Giovanna, Full Time Explorer.

4. Sapporo, Japan

Photo by Denny Ryanto.

Japan is famous for having some of the most popular cities to visit including Tokyo, Kyoto, and Osaka. While these are cities worth visiting there is one particular Japanese city that often gets overlooked, Sapporo. The capital city of the northern island of Hokkaido, it is often referred to as the “Wild West of Japan.” A city of outcasts and wanderers, Sapporo is most famous for the jumping-off point for Japan’s ski areas. Throughout the year, Sapporo is a much more relaxed city compared to the likes of Tokyo. Wide, tree-lined streets run throughout the city making it very pedestrian-friendly. Odori Park sits in the middle of Sapporo providing a slice of nature amongst the city’s skyscrapers.

Characteristic of many Japanese cities, the food in Sapporo is unlike any other. Hokkaido is the dairy-producing area of Japan. As a result, many dishes, including the beloved ramen feature dairy products especially butter. The famous Sapporo ramen includes corn and a slab of butter. Thanks to the cold waters of Hokkaido, snow crab, and hairy crab abound and can be enjoyed at restaurants all across Sapporo. Sapporo is also the home of the famous Japanese beer which shares the same name. The Sapporo Beer Museum showcases the history of beer brewing in Japan and is certainly worth a visit.

Over the winter, Odori Park is lit up for winter illumination. And each February Sapporo hosts a winter festival where larger than life ice sculptures come alive. While visitors come to Japan for Tokyo and Kyoto, adding a few days in Sapporo is certainly worth it regardless of the time of year.

What to see in Sapporo:

  1. Odori Park
  2. Sapporo Beer Musem
  3. Mt. Moiwa
  4. Takino Suzuran Park

Contributed by Amber Siobhan Hoffman, Food & Drink Destinations - Learn more about food in Sapporo.

5. Coron, Philippines

There are so many cool and fantastic off beaten places around the world and the most up and coming but still under the radar is to visit the amazing unspoiled islands of Palawan and in the northern islands of Coron. The main reason to see Coron before it changes with mega-resorts and a real tourist-focused town ( which it is starting to turn into at the moment) is to explore the stunning and beautiful islands and go island hopping on local boats or bankas which are long sailing boats. All the tour operators cannot bring any plastic on the tours and are responsible for bringing and taking back all the waste that they bring over. They also tell visitors that they can explore and tour but no one is allowed to bring home any seashell, rocks or artifacts from any of the island - you can take all the pictures you want for your souvenir of this visit.

It's being eco centric right from the start with all the tour operators being responsible for caretaking these gorgeous corals, tropical fish and magnificent islands to visit along the way. There are four basic tours that you can take unless you want to charter your own tour. All of the tours are fantastic with visits to different islands, landmarks and historic treasures depending on what your interest is in touring and other adventure-oriented experiences including diving, kayaking, sup boarding or other sporting recreation.

What to see in Coron:
  1. Kayangan Lake
  2. Twin Lagoon
  3. Mt. Tapyas
  4. Barracuda Lake
  5. Calauit Safari Park

Contributed by Noel Morata, Travel Photo Discovery.

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Best off the beaten places in North America

6. Yoho National Park, Canada

Yoho National Park is one of the best and most underrated places you can visit in 2020. This Canadian National Park has beautiful sites, awesome hikes, and all the outdoor adventures you can ask for!

Have you heard of Banff National Park? Well, Yoho is Banff’s lesser-known next-door neighbor! Yoho has all the natural beauty of Banff, with incredible alpine hikes such as Lake O’Hara and Takakkaw Falls. On top of those hikes, Emerald Lake and Natural Bridge are wonderful sites to visit while in Yoho.

The best time to visit Yoho is the Summer when the sun is high in the sky and the temperatures are beautiful. Despite being in Canada, the weather gets quite warm at Yoho during the summer, and is gorgeous for hiking and exploring. While visiting Yoho, the best place to stay in is the great outdoors. However, if hotels are more your style, then head to nearby Field or Golden, CA for multiple hotel options in and out of the park.

You will have the time of your life in Yoho National Park. The sites, hikes, and adventure are what makes this place one of the most underrated places to visit in 2020. Enjoy your trip!

What to see in Yoho National Park:
  1. Lake O'hara
  2. Takkakaw Falls
  3. Emerald lake
  4. Yoho Valley Road
  5. Wapta Falls

Contributed by Julie Ruhl, Ruhls of the Road.

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7. Oaxaca, Mexico

If you want a taste of the real Mexico, book a trip to Oaxaca. Oaxaca City is a short 1.5-hour flight from Mexico City and offers a memorable vacation with incredible food, kind locals, colorful scenery, and best of all, great weather year-round. Oaxaca invites you to participate in Mexican culture — get your hands messy while eating ’tyaludas’ at a local market, watch a woven rug come to life right at the loom, and broaden your drinking knowledge while sampling Oaxaca’s lifeblood, the famous liquor known as mezcal.

Not only is it affordable, but seriously photogenic, with 5-star boutique hotels costing as low as $70 per night. If you're on a budget, there are hostels and street food stops galore. A full-day tour to Oaxaca’s famous sites, like Hierve al Agua, only one of two calcified waterfalls in the world, and the Zapotec archaeological site of Mitla, costs $15 USD with transportation and a certified guide. And many of Mexico’s most celebrated chefs have set up their own farm-to-table restaurants in Oaxaca City’s historic center, known as ‘Centro Historico.’ I fell in love with Oaxaca so much so that I got married there!

What to see in Oaxaca:

  1. Hierve al Agua
  2. Zapotex
  3. Centro Historico
  4. Monte Albán
  5. Jardín Etnobotánico de Oaxaca

Contributed by Millette Stambaugh, The Next Somewhere.

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8. Montana, United States of America

People usually respond to conversations about Montana in one of two ways: either they’ve never given a second thought to visiting, or it’s their favorite place to travel. It’s a state that’s tiny in population but huge in area, and it’s home to some of the country’s top skiing, best hiking, and most stunning mountain landscapes.

To see the best of Montana, take a road trip from Yellowstone National Park to Glacier National Park, passing through Bozeman, Missoula, and Whitefish along the way. Three of the state’s most beloved towns, each one boasts easy access to nature, a charming downtown area, and plenty of dining options and craft breweries.

Along this route, make time to go to the Museum of the Rockies in Bozeman, dine at one of the many food trucks in Missoula, and stop at the Huckleberry Patch between Whitefish and Glacier. There, you can snack on huckleberry-flavored everything and pick up locally-made gifts and souvenirs to take home. To add another little-known stop to this itinerary, pause in tiny Anaconda for a movie at the historic Washoe Theatre and an Italian dinner at the famed O’Bella.

If you’re a skier, Montana’s cold winter weather won’t hold you back. Otherwise, the best time to visit the state is between late-spring and early-fall, when road conditions are better and it’s more comfortable for camping and other outdoor activities.

What to See in Montana:

  1. Yellowstone National Park
  2. Glacier National Park
  3. Museum of the Rockies in Bozeman
  4. Huckleberry Parch
  5. O'Bella

Contributed by Jen Ambrose & Ryan Victor, Passions and Places — Read about Anaconda, an off the beaten stop in Montana.

Best off the beaten places in South America

9. Carretera Ustral, Patagonia, Chile

When you think of Patagonia, it might be the wind-blasted steppe of Argentina or the prominent peaks of Torres del Paine National Park that spring to mind. But for a true experience of Patagonia at its most remote and magical, there’s another place that you should go: The Carretera Austral.

This partially asphalted highway cuts through the Chilean side of northern Patagonia, winding its way past spectacular national parks such as Patagonia and Queulat, which are filled with hanging glaciers and ancient forests and where shy and rare creatures can be seen. A three-week road trip is just about enough to explore the 1,240 kilometers of road from north to south, while those with a shorter Patagonian itinerary will find that sections of the road can be visited in just a week - and that the network of buses that travel along the entire highway means you don’t even need a car.

November through April are the best months for exploring the region, with poor weather and the closure of hotels and restaurants marking the rest of the months. Northernmost city Puerto Montt or Blamaceda (around halfway down) are the main entry points to the route and a good place for hiring a car or just beginning your journey.

What to see in The Carretera Austral:

  1. Villa O'Higgins
  2. Pumalin Park, Chaitén
  3. Queulat Glacier & National Park, Puyuhuapi

Contributed by Steph Dyson, Worldly Adventurer.

10. Cusco, Peru

While Cusco is a well-known destination in Peru, the city itself often plays "second-fiddle" to the reason most come here - to visit the world-renowned Inca ruins of Machu Picchu.

Cusco is a thriving small city. It was a former capital of the Inca Empire, long before the Spanish arrived and destroyed it in the 16th century. While many important structures are now long gone, you'll still find a lot of Inca culture and architecture throughout the city - a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Some of the best things about the Cusco are the great day trips you can take that cover towns and sites in and around the Sacred Valley. Places like Pisac, Tipon, Maras, and Ollantaytambo are wonderful (and easy) to explore. Cusco is more than a "base camp" for Machu Picchu. Many of the towns surrounding it have their own important places in Inca history.

What to see in Cusco:

  1. Ollantaytambo
  2. Moray
  3. Sacred Valley
  4. Pisac
  5. Tipon

Contributed by Halef and Michael, The Round The World Guys — Read Cusco day trips you can take.

11. Jardin, Colombia

Photo by Jonathan Hood.

Jardin, Colombia is the quintessentially Colombian pueblo. Seriously quieter than Salento, and not quite discovered by tourism yet, this town is small but beautiful. You’ll find hotels and hostels here with good Wi-Fi and some fabulous local places to eat, or a pizza if you so desire. The town revolves around a central plaza with excellent evening street food and the surrounding area is glorious.

Head off for hikes, take a horseback ride, or ride the rickety cable car above the banana and coffee plantations. Come to Jardin for peace and tranquillity, although there is the occasional raucous local bar, watch the Paso Fino horses parading and drink a cold beer. Even if you’re not a bird watcher, you can’t fail to be amazed by the stunning Cock of the Rock that you can see within 10 minutes walk of town! Be sure to take advantage of the amazing coffee shops here, and take a guided coffee plantation tour and then cool off under the freezing waterfalls that surround the town. Jardin is just 100 miles from Medellin, 4-5 hours on a bus, and you can also easily get to Salento – but it will take most of a day!

What to see in Jardin:
  1. Basilica of the Immaculate
  2. Jardin Antioquia Park
  3. Cueva del Esplendor

Contributed by Sarah Carter, A Social Nomad.

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12. San Nicolas Aruba

Although the Dutch Caribbean island of Aruba is best known for its glossy casinos, luxury hotels and the colorful capital city of Orangestad, it's worth heading south on the island to the "Sunrise City" of San Nicolas. This former oil refinery town is experiencing a cultural revival that makes this working class district a fascinating place to spend some time. Begin your explorations at the Museum of Industry, located within an iconic Art Deco water tower. Inside you can browse the informative displays explaining the history of gold mining in Aruba in the 1800s, the development of Aruba's aloe vera industry and the economic and cultural impact of Lago Oil and Transport Company, which began operation in the 1920s. Take a break at Charlie’s Bar, originally a hangout for refinery workers and sailors in the 1940s but now a magnet for locals and visitors, who are drawn to its potent cocktails and its eclectic collection of memorabilia suspended from the ceiling.

Also nearby in downtown San Nicolas is the Aruba Art Walk, a gallery of street murals created by local and international artists. Taking a self-guided tour of this exceptional street art -- the largest collection in the Caribbean -- is one of the best free things to do in Aruba. If you're inspired to create or purchase some handmade art of your own, stop into the Cosecha Creative Center and Design store, a hub for local artists and workshops.

No trip to San Nicolas would be complete without a trip to Baby Beach. This crescent-shaped beach is protected by an offshore coral reef that shelters it from strong waves and undercurrents, making it ideal for families with children. You should bring your own beach umbrella and lounge chairs as there is no beach club other than a restaurant. When it's time to overnight your best bet is to opt for one of the local AirBnB properties or head to the nearby fishing village of Savaneta, home to Aruba Ocean Villas, a collection of luxurious South Pacific style overwater bungalows and villas set on a secluded bay.

What to see in San Nicolas:
  1. Museum of Industry
  2. Charlie's Bar
  3. Aruba Art Walk
  4. Baby Beach

Contributed by Michele Peterson, A Taste for Travel — Read about free things to do in Aruba.

Best off the beaten places in Africa

13. Rwanda

Rwanda is the new go-to destination in Africa. Not only does the country have a thousand hills, but it also offers thousands of things to do. Rwanda has quite a bad reputation because of the civil war that happened in the '90s but the country has since changed a lot and the communities at war are making an effort of forgiveness to build a future together. In the past years, Rwanda has grown to be the Singapore of Africa and developed a lot in terms of tourism.

The main attraction in Rwanda is the gorilla trekking. Gorillas habit this region of the world and it is only in Rwanda that you are assured to see them. Besides gorillas, you can see also a lot of other primates like Chimpanzees and other endemic species in the Ngungwe Forest National Park. Rwanda has the big 5 and safaris becomes more and more popular in this region too. Your go-to destination is Akagera National Park in the East of the country at the border of Tanzania. Finally, Rwanda also has Lake Kivu, one of the great lakes of Africa that borders Congo. A great place to relax!

What to see in Rwanda:

  1. Ngungwe Forest National Park
  2. Akagera National Park
  3. Lake Kivu
  4. Volcanoes National Park

Contributed by Amandine Hach, Les Berlinettes — Read more things to do in Rwanda.

Best off the beaten places in Europe

14. Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Bosnia-Herzegovina is a beautiful country to visit and totally underrated - and Sarajevo, its capital, is one of the most underrated cities in Europe. If you enjoy small cities with a lot of history and lovely people then add Sarajevo to your itinerary. Given its recent history, it might be understandable - Sarajevo, in particular, was hit by the war in the '90s and you can still see the scars. And though I highly recommend doing one walking tour that in particular is about the war in Sarajevo, you should know that the city is still fun.

Due to its location - it is a hilly city - you can do all kinds of hikes. Whether you do short 10-minute hikes or longer ones - great views of the city are guaranteed. A little gem, and not well known amongst visitors, is the vantage point of Vidikovac where you will also find a very affordable restaurant - come here for sunset and you will have a great spot to end your day. But of course, there is more to see - get lost in the old town with its narrow streets and charming cafes and restaurants and shops. Also, visit a museum or two. And last but not least, make sure to visit one of the religious buildings. Whether you want to visit a mosque, a church or a synagogue - in Sarajevo they all exist and are in close distance to each other. So, it does not surprise that Sarajevo is also known as Little Jerusalem. A small but very friendly city to add your bucket list!

What to see in Sarajevo:
  1. Vidikovac
  2. Baščaršija
  3. Vrelo Bosne
  4. Trebević
  5. Skakavac

Contributed by Arzo Nayel, Arzo Travels.

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15. Gothenburg, Sweden

Sweden's second city, Gothenburg has remained underrated compared to the capital, Stockholm. However, as the world’s most sustainable destination four times in a row, this is one city that shouldn’t be missed. The best time of year to visit has to be December during the Gothenburg Christmas Markets when the whole city turns into a festive winter wonderland.

There are four main Christmas markets dotted around the city but the main one and Sweden’s largest is at Liseberg Amusement Park. A national icon in the country, Liseberg couples thrilling rollercoaster rides, with a seasonal ice skating show and, over 80 Christmas stalls and shops. There are plenty of festive food choices as well as a Swedish Christmas buffet dinner all under one roof. Gothenburg itself is a walkable city filled with beautiful botanical gardens, local designer shops, and a love for the Swedish Fika culture. If you have extra time, make sure you visit some of the West Sweden islands but don’t miss out on visiting Haga, a quaint neighborhood famous for baking the largest cinnamon rolls in Sweden.

Things to see in Gothenburg:
  1. Liseberg Amusement Park
  2. Gothenburg Botanical Garden
  3. Haga
  4. Slottsskogen

Contributed by Roshni Patel, The Wanderlust Within. — Read about Gothenburg Christmas Markets.

16. Brasov, Romania

If you are looking for a hidden gem in Europe, I’ve got the right place for you: Brașov, Romania. This town of ~300,000 in central Romania seems out of a picture book from the past. It is beautifully kept with splendid Baroque architecture. Its main plaza and side streets have many cafés and a lot of life on offer.

Key sites to check out in the city itself are the Black Church, the Franciscan Church, Catherine’s Gate, and others. A short walk up leads you to Turnul Alb which offers greats views of the town. If you want some time in nature, climb Mount Tâmpa right on the edge of the old town, where the city's name is situated with big white letters.

Besides being a must-see destination on its own, Brașov is also a great base from which to explore Transylvania with its many offerings. Among those, several castles, including Bram’s Castle, aka “Dracula’s Castle” (which is quite interesting that story aside - or despite it!), hiking trails, mountain lodges, etc. Don't miss this Romanian gem of a town!

How to get to Brasov: Getting to Brașov is not difficult from Bucharest, Romania’s capital (166 kms/103 miles). Good roads and easy access by train and bus give any type of travelers good options. Travel time takes about 2 and a half to 3 hours.

Things to see in Brasov:
  1. Black Church
  2. Turnul Alb
  3. Mount Tâmpa

Contributed by Raúl Pino Andraca, I Live to Travel — Read about places to see in Belgrade, Serbia.

17. Pilsen, Czech Republic

CZ0306 皮爾森
Photo by Sek Keung Lo

Pilsen is located just an hour away from Prague in the Czech Republic and it is a born place of beer called Pilsner. It is ideal off the beaten path locality with a lot of things to do from visiting the local brewery, where you can see how the Pilsner was born. To something completely different - for instance, you can visit here the second biggest synagogue in Europe and the biggest church in the Czech Republic - there is a lot of activities around and it is a beautiful historical city.

Perhaps the best thing to visit in the city is the brewery, where you can get a 2-hour tour through it and get everything explained. Also, there is a science center that is great to visit with kids especially because they can try different things in Physics in a fun way. On the other hand, if you have kids who prefer animals, then Pilsen has amazing Zoo with dino parks.

The ideal time for visiting would be possible during the spring or summer when it is warm enough and local parks around have enough green leaves to make this visit even more spectacular.

For accommodation, I would highly recommend hotel Victoria, not far from the center with great outside architecture and very nice rooms and staff that can speak English.

What to see in Pilsen:

  1. Cathedral of St. Bartholomew
  2. Great Synagogue 
  3. Radyně Castle
  4. Historic Underground of Plzen

Contributed by Albína Mrázová, Ginger Around The Globe.

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18. Deventer, Netherlands

Deventer is one of my favourite cities in the Eastern part of The Netherlands, but surprisingly enough, you won’t find that many foreign visitors here.

The city of Deventer is mainly famous for its Dickens Christmas market in The Netherlands that takes place every December. But no matter what time you visit this Dutch city, you will be surprised by what it has to offer. It is located on the edge of the Ijssel river and has been a trading city for centuries. There are plenty of things to discover in Deventer.

From the oldest stone house in The Netherlands (which dates back to 1130!) to exciting museums. And from discovering the hundreds of idyllic streets to witnessing the most beautiful sunset over the Ijssel river and Deventer. There are many things to do in Deventer. A must do is climbing the tower of the Lebuinuskerk for a beautiful view of Deventer and its surroundings.

If you’re searching for places to visit in The Netherlands that aren’t popular, Deventer is your place to be. Deventer has a train station, like most bigger Dutch cities and towns. And because of that, you can easily reach this Deventer in no time.

What to see in Deventer:

  1. Tower of the Lebuinusker
  2. Ijssel River
  3. St. Nicholas Church

Contributed by Manon van Schagen, Visiting The Dutch Countryside.

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Best off the beaten places in Oceania

19. Catlins, New Zealand

The Catlins is a region located on the southeast corner of New Zealand's South Island. With so many stunning places to visit in the South Island, the Catlin's often gets overlooked as it's a bit further away than everything else but that's a reason why you should go there.

With fewer people, small local businesses in small towns, and no shortage of natural attractions you can have an amazing 2/3 days in the Catlins. Some of the most popular attractions to visit are Nugget Point, preferably for sunrise, Cathedral Cave, not to be confused with Cathedral Cove, Curio Bay, where you might find yourself surfing with dolphins, and The Lost Gypsy Gallery, epitomizing Kiwi ingenuity. And that's without mentioning any of the waterfalls scattered throughout the region. My favourite is Waipohatu Falls.

You should definitely visit the Catlins in the summer (November to February), as many of the tourist attractions are closed throughout the winter.

In terms of where to stay, your options are fairly limited and as it's best visited in the summer, most people are visiting in a campervan so campgrounds are the best place to be. Don't expect to have great WiFi/data connections throughout the region, but if you're wanting a decent place to stay overnight, you can't go wrong with the Whistling Frog Resort. It's located close to both the McLaren Falls, and Cathedral Cave which is only open at certain times depending on the tides (check the local website).

Contributed by Jub Bryant, Chur New Zealand.

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20. Solomon Islands

The Solomon Islands are a truly up-and-coming tourism destination. With fascinating history mixed with pristine islands and beaches, it's a great destination for many types of travelers. The Solomon Islands were the site of many WW2 battles between Japan and the USA, and there are still LOTS of historic sites and ruins (even underwater)!

The Solomon Islands are also home to some of the most pristine and prolific dive sites in the world. With crystal clear water and tons of sea life, it's very famous for dedicated divers.

You do, however, need to be okay going off-grid a little bit. This tiny island country still lacks some important tourism infrastructure, so you can expect little to no wifi and small amounts of travel agencies. But, most hotels will help you plan your trip and transportation, and it truly is the perfect place for a getaway with the sea lapping up at your door.

There are many rustic resorts and hotels on islands such as Munda and Gizo, which are both surrounded by hundreds of tiny sandy quays. The seafood there is to-die-for, and as they are nicknamed "The Happy Isles" the locals tend to be lovely and welcoming.

What to see in Solomon Islands:

  1. Marovo Island
  2. Tavanipupu
  3. Kasolo Island
  4. Uepi

Contributed by Kimmie Conner, Adventures & Sunsets Blog

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So that's it! I hope you enjoyed this list of the world's best off the beaten places according to top travel bloggers. What do you think of this list? If you have a favorite that you think should be here, let us know in the comments below!

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