Why Being A Fashion Influencer In This Day And Age Is A Great Idea

10 July 2020

If you’re somewhat of a fashion connoisseur and want to get into this world in order to earn a living, then there are so many different outlets that you could choose. There are so many different avenues in this day and age due to the opportunities that are available to us. Over the past ten years or so, the common person on the street has been given so much access to how it’s done, and we have quite literally been shown the ropes from the comfort of our own home. It goes for many different fields and verticals, and fashion is just one associated with the list.

Of all the ways a person could make a living in the fashion industry using modern methods, influencing is a method that has become very popular – and for a good reason. Sure, the popularity means that the market may be a little saturated at times, but if you can find that uniqueness, then you’re good to go. It’s an excellent way to make a living and to mark down a wonderful career in this industry.

You probably know by now, or you wouldn’t have clicked on this article. But let’s just say that you aren’t fully aware of what an influencer is. It’s simply an individual (or group) with a large following. They’re able to use their profile to teach, guide, and influence people one way or another. It sounds a little too simple to be true, but it’s something that has proven to work for a while now. Big personalities and influential people are able to have a big say on things in this day and age.

If this sounds kind of interesting to you, then you’ll probably want to know a little more. You’ll probably also want a little more convincing as to how it’s such a great path to go down. Well, if you have a couple of minutes, here are a few reasons as to why influencing would be a lovely route to go down in the fashion world:

Everyone Is Scrolling Through Social Media

Social media is the main place that influencers operate. Influencing will be such a money-maker for people in this industry as there are so many people on social media. There are literally billions of impressions each month. Whether that’s a good thing or a bad thing for society, in general, is a debate that will probably be had at another point. The crux of the matter, though, is that, if you can get content out there that people will want, then you’ll be able to hit millions of eyes. Popularity, in this sense, equals opportunities.

Social Media And Similar Platforms Won’t Be Disappearing

So, we’ve established that these platforms are a pretty big deal. What we didn’t mention, however, is that they’ll be around for a while. They’re already taking over a lot of what we do, yet they’re still only in their infancy. There is so much to do on these things, yet there is so much potential going forward. By no means are influencers at the peak of their powers or on a downward slope.

It’s A Relatively Simple Set Of Tasks

The job itself isn’t simple – if it was a simple money-maker, then we’d all be doing it, of course! The idea of playing the part on Instagram and Twitter, etc. is pretty straightforward, though. You’ll have to make sure you time what you post, and be sure to deliver quality content, but once you’ve managed to submit your work, that’s it. These online platforms are a piece of cake to operate – it takes little-to-no time to get used to it all.

You Can Get Your Message Across So Quickly

Whatever you want to say, you can just say it. Within a matter of moments, your message will be seen by hundreds or even thousands. Sure, you’re probably going to want to take your time and meticulously plan out what you’re going to post, but if you’re pushed for time, then you can get an instant point across. Sometimes, influencers don’t even need to have the most amazing content – sometimes even a short, sweet tweet will do.

You Can Pick Up A Handsome Income!

Influencers are paid in a bunch of ways, but the main way they make their money using their title is through companies paying them to promote. In the fashion world, a company or a new startup will get in touch with an influencer in the hope that they will talk and post about a particular item or accessories that they’re bringing out. A simple Instagram post or tweet could be enough to increase sales massively for that company. Some companies pay lots and lots to get this kind of marketing.

You Work On Your Own Terms

You’ll be self-employed and living on your own terms. Nobody will be forcing you to do anything; your motivation will come from your own mind. This kind of career is great if you like the idea of freedom and hate the idea of having someone breathing down your neck every single day.

It’s A Lot Of Fun

At the end of the day, doing a job like this is pretty fun. If you’re quite the computer whiz and enjoy creating content for people to enjoy, then this would be the perfect role for you. If you’d rather be in a boring job that you hate, surrounded by people you don’t like, then that’s fine – most wouldn’t want that kind of thing, though.

You’ll Learn So Much From So Many People

While it’s a pretty straightforward way of living on the surface, there are still lots of tricks of the trade that can be learned. As you travel on this influencing journey, you’ll learn an awful lot of little tidbits, as well as general fashion knowledge that perhaps you hadn’t picked up before. You learn from others in the game who you interact with as well as followers of yours who comment and subscribe to your work.

You’ll Get To Travel The World

If things go well and you become quite a popular figure, then you’ll get the opportunity to work with all kinds of people from all over the world. Even if your work doesn’t lead you to the different corners of the planet, you’ll be able to travel due to the freedom you’ve acquired. Social media marketing and stuff like that are all worldwide tactics; it’s not just your country or continent that has this kind of ploy.

You Might Be Given Free Samples Due To Your Profile!

We talked about how influencing works with regards to partnering companies, but, due to your work, you might be given things as a goodwill gesture! By no means is this the main reason as to why anyone should get into this game, but it’s nice to have these kinds of benefits, isn’t it!

Many, Many Opportunities Arise In Other Areas

Being a figure on social media (or another online platform) will not be the only thing you’re able to do in this kind of world. So many other opportunities for work and money rear their pretty heads – especially once you raise your profile somewhat. You could become a blogger or a writer of some kind. You could even create your own range of items if you have enough confidence! You could create your own branded clothes, or simply start an online store like https://www.eyeglasses.com and sell collections. This is the kind of thing you should be thinking about anyway – if you’re ambitious, of course. Many streams of income is a very good thing!

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