Clearing The Way For An Extended Europe Stay

31 January 2018 Paris, France

We all have that one trip we can’t get out of our heads. It’s the ultimate goal and, no matter how unattainable it seems, we keep our eyes on it. We print off photos of the destinations we plan to include, and stick them where we can see them. One day, we swear we’ll make it.

In truth, there’s nothing for it but to jump into a trip like this. Whether you want to head to the depths of Asia or explore the African continent, there’s no point holding back. Or, perhaps your dream trip would be around Europe. It may seem attainable, and it is, but only if you’re willing to take the plunge. Your Eurotrip will forever remain on your horizons if you consider the reasons not to go. But, there are usually pretty simple ways around any obstacle here. For proof, let’s consider why you haven’t hit Europe yet.

You’ll never afford it

Money is the most common reason for putting off longer trips. A standalone vacation is expensive enough. You’ve likely done a little research into cost here and decided there’s no way you can stretch that far. You may have even made attempts to save until the fridge broke, or you needed to decorate the bedroom. Whatever the reason, your savings in this department have never come to much.

In truth, though, affording a dream vacation is as easy as dedicating yourself to the cause. Set up a savings account. Don’t dip into that money for anything else. To avoid the temptation, attempt to save in as short a time as possible. That way, there’s less chance of something cropping up. Or, you may want to delve into something like peer to peer lending to cover those costs. This is a fast way to get a loan and ensures you’d have no choice but to save up and pay it back.

You’d never get the time off work

Often, we also use work as an excuse. You’d love to go away for a month, but there’s no way your boss would give you the time off. In truth, they don’t have a choice. Your holiday allowance is yours. If you opt to take it all at once, that’s down to you. Make it impossible for them to say no by asking well in advance. The chances are they’ll accept without question, especially if you help them find cover while you’re away.

You wouldn’t know where to go anyway

Often, we have these dreams without ever considering the technicalities. You may have a rough idea of wanting to visit Europe, but no real plan of where you’d go. As such, you may find yourself stalling, even when you've cleared those other obstacles. But, there are many fantastic destinations, from the geyzers of Iceland, to the Eiffel Tower in Paris. Consider what you want from your trip, and then do your research. In a matter of hours, you’ll have a better idea of precisely where to head.

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