4 of the Best Locations To Volunteer Abroad

24 January 2018

If you are planning on a trip with a difference, then some time out to work abroad or do charity work abroad can be a rewarding and enjoyable trip in a number of ways. Not only do you get to see a completely new country, but you get to really get to know the people and the culture of that country as you serve and help them. What are some of the best things to do and the best places to go if you’re looking to do this kind of thing, though? Here are some suggestions to help.


Thailand is a fun place to visit regardless of what you are doing, but if you want something more out of your trip than parties and sunbathing on the beach, then teaching English as a second language can be a great thing to do in Thailand. There are many schemes and programs in place that you can sign up to. So do your research to see what the deal is. In many cases, you’ll be getting a small wage, as well as somewhere to stay. So you can work and then explore at the weekends.


The natural beauty of Namibia’s is one of the most underrated in Africa. There are some really gorgeous seascapes to rugged mountains, as well as calm deserts to wildlife, Namibia has got something for everyone wanting to explore. However, despite the views and sights, Namibia is one of the poorest nations in Africa. So there is are many ways to volunteer and work on a variety of projects. There are programs set up with certain charities that you could look into, many of which would include a stay in one of the hotels in Namibia, as well as help with transport. It is more of a ‘pay your own way’ kind of deal. So if you’ve got the time and money to able to do this, then it would be a place in need of your help.


Going down under is one of the top travel destinations for many people. So if you’re able to combine it with doing some good for others, then you can experience the best of both worlds. If you’ve got a love of animals, then volunteering could involve cuddling koalas, handling tiny sea turtles, and feeding dolphins. But not only that, there are plenty of community developments that you can help with if you prefer to work with people.


A trip to see the Inca trail and the incredible Machu Picchu could be made even more incredible if you’re able to turn your hand at helping out a little when you are there. The people of Peru welcome volunteers with open arms, to help with their projects to help in their communities, as well as in their education system and health care. If you have a love of the outdoors, then volunteering to help conservation projects in the Amazon could be just what you need to create some amazing memories as well as making a lasting impression on the area.

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