Top Tips For Travelling Like A VIP (Without The Added Expense)

20 November 2017

Everyone wants to see how the other half live now and then; We all want to pack our bags, get on a first class flight, and hit up a fabulous restaurant in an expensive gown. Unfortunately, unless you have an unlimited supply of money, that isn’t always possible. It used to be that, if you wanted to travel in luxury, you had to be rich. Luckily, times have changed, and there are now some great ways to save some cash, but still enjoy the spoils of luxury travel. If this is something that you’re interested in (let’s be honest, why wouldn’t you be?), then keep reading.

Budget & Prioritize

The only way that you are guaranteed to save money when travelling is by budgeting. Work out a realistic amount of money that you can spend on your holiday, and then break down this amount and budget further. You can do this by breaking the cost down into four categories: transportation and flights, food and drinks, accommodation, and entertainment. You need to work out where your priorities lie in regards to luxury and these categories. For example, if you are sure that you want to stay in a five-star hotel, then you may need to cut back on flights and transport, on the other hand, if you wanted to enjoy extravagant meals out every night, then you may have to see fewer expensive attractions. As long as you stick to a set amount for each of these categories, you should be fine.

Book In Advance

An obvious way to save money, especially when travelling in luxury, is to book everything well in advance. Despite how obvious this tip may seem, it’s one that few people pay much attention to. There are lots of last minute deals on the internet if your holiday was a last minute, spontaneous idea, but, usually, luxury properties and hotels are already fully booked by the time these deals are posted online, and the best flights are also usually full. To get the best deals, start planning your holiday several months in advance, and figure out absolutely everything that you can book. This includes things like car hire, as well as your flights and accommodation.

Avoid Peak Season

Luxury travel is expensive, that’s kind of what makes it luxury, but travelling during peak season is only going to skyrocket the price, so it’s always best to travel off-peak, or during shoulder season. You’ll be surprised just how much the prices will decrease, even though you’ll be staying at the same accommodation, booking the same flights, and visiting the same sights. When travelling off-peak, there will also be fewer tourists, which will mean that you get a much calmer, and much more authentic experience.

Pay With Air Miles

When you think of luxury travel, the first thing that comes to mind is travelling in luxury, and that means business class or first class flights. However, these flights don’t come cheap. If you don’t have the money, or simply to don’t want to spend thousands on plane tickets, then your best option is to save up your air miles, so that you can travel in luxury for a lot less. Visit to compare some of the best airline miles credit cards. If you can, it’s always a great idea to book first or business class flights to kick off your luxury holiday so that you can sit back and relax with a glass of champagne before your adventure even really begins.

Don’t Stay In The City

If you haven’t already noticed, the prices of hotels, especially four and five-star hotels, are much higher in large cities than they are on the outskirts. The simplest way to avoid this extra expense is to stay in a hotel outside of the closest major city, a little bit off the beaten track. As long as you ensure that your hotel is still a four or five-star hotel, then you will still receive the same quality service, the lovely room, and the larger bed. But you’ll get it all for a fraction of the price of what you would have paid right in the centre of the city.

Use Airbnb

If you wanted to save even more money, then I would recommend skipping the hotel altogether, and booking your accommodation on Airbnb instead. You may not get the “luxury” of a hotel this way but instead can book an entire apartment, villa, or house, like some of the houses shown here, which would be absolutely perfect if you’re travelling with friends or your family. Some of the properties available on Airbnb have several rooms and bathrooms, games rooms, and indoor and outdoor swimming pools. Using Airbnb will also mean that you can save money on food, as you could make some meals yourself, rather than eating out every night at expensive restaurants.

Eat Expensive, But Small

One of the best parts of going on holiday is experiencing the local cuisine of the places that you are visiting. This is the same for luxury travel, but with luxury, once again, comes expense. It’s completely understandable that you may want to spend your nights eating expensive dishes at five-star restaurants, but you may not have the cash to do this if you don’t think sensibly. You can still eat these foods and visit these restaurants, but you need to eat less. This could mean spending few nights eating out, having few courses, or even sharing a course with whoever you’re travelling with. Snack before visiting the restaurant, so that you can eat smaller portions, but will still be full after your meal.

Everyone wants a slice of the good life, and as long as you are sensible, you can get it. You just need to budget and plan everything properly; As long as you do this, you should be able to experience all of the luxuries with less of the cost. Now that you know what to do, all you need to do is choose a destination for your next luxury trip.

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