5 Must See Destinations For A Luxury Traveller

15 November 2017

Luxury travel means that you’re going to see more, experience more, and spend more. You will want to be more comfortable, see bigger sights, eat better foods, drink better drinks, and be able to do as much or as little as you desire on any particular day. No matter why you are travelling, whether it be a family holiday, your honeymoon, or a getaway with your friends, there are some places that are on any luxury traveller's bucket list. If you need some inspiration for your next trip, then keep on reading.

1. The Caribbean

The Caribbean has the power to make any other holiday destination seem a tad plain in comparison. This is because of a number of factors, but is largely because of the glorious beaches; The crystal blue water and pale, sparkling sand stretch out for miles and miles, which is perfect, because the weather is great almost all year round too, with only the occasional storm breaking the heavenly image. The Caribbean is also filled to the brim with marine life, including turtles, dolphins, and tropical fish, which is perfect if you’ve always dreamed of snorkelling or deep-sea diving.

2. New York

If you’re more of a city gal, then New York may be more your style. The skyscrapers are particularly awe-inspiring, especially the ones as magnificent as the Empire State Building. New York is known as a melting pot, which is no wonder, consider the number of cultures and foods that you can experience visiting there. While you may not necessarily see the luxury in Chinese food back home, there is something exquisite about it being prepared authentically. If you’re still not convinced, then perhaps a hotel as beautiful as the Four Seasons could convince you.

3. Paris

Paris is one of the most astonishing and romantic cities on the entire planet and is perfect for anyone that wants to experience art, history, and culture. No matter where you look, you are sure to find a marvellous building, monument, museum, attraction, restaurant, or hotel for you to explore. It’s also perfect even if you don’t speak the language, as most Parisians are more than happy to talk to you in English (although you shouldn’t assume). As well as being the city of love, Paris is also the city of fashion and has a huge amount of shopping centres, department stores, and boutiques for you to sink your teeth into, as well as some great fashion shows.

4. Africa

Are you even a true luxury traveller if a deluxe safari in Africa isn’t near the top of your travelling bucket list? While you’re there, you can see some of the most majestic creatures on the planet, including lions, giraffes, zebras, hippos, gorillas, rhinos, and crocodiles, all from the comfort of a Range Rover. You could even see the glorious landscape and creatures from a helicopter or could hike or bike yourself. The weather is wonderful, which means you have the perfect excuse to buy a new dress from Anthony's Ladies Apparel, and go and see the sights. You also can’t forget that Africa is home to The Great Sphinx, The Great Pyramids, and The River Nile, so if you’re looking for looking for luxury and wonder, then Africa is the place for you.

5. Thailand

If you’re a lover of food, then Thailand is the place for you. In fact, the food is so delicious and diverse that you shouldn’t ever have to eat the same dish twice. If you’re intending on visiting more than one city, then the food will change as the city does. However, it’s not just the great food that you have to experience in Thailand. There they mix tradition with tourists comforts, so you can have an authentic Thai experience, while still enjoying comfort and luxury. Night owls will also love Thailand, as it’s got every type of nightlife that a tourist could possibly want, including jazz bars. Travel is also fairly cheap in Thailand, which means that you’ll have extra money to spend on a wonderful accommodation, great food, and even greater experiences.

Seeing the world with your own two eyes is one of the best ways of spending your time, especially if you have the money to visit the most luxurious cities, countries, and continents on the planet. Travelling is all about relaxing and experiencing new sights, foods, and cultures, and any one of these locations would be absolutely perfect to do that, so consider one of them when planning your next trip.

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