The Only Luxurious Tropical Vacation Packing List You Need

5 November 2017

Think of tropical island, with cool transparent water in bluish and greenish hues, soft golden sand, palms, and other tropical plants bowing over it. You feel the seaside sand scratching under your feet and the water touching you tender. The sea foam of froth on top of the overflowing waves. I'm sure you get the picture.

You woke up one morning, scratched your head, and have decided to go on a luxurious tropical vacation. Whether you are preparing for your first trip to one of the best islands in the world or have considered yourself a globetrotter veteran, packing for a vacation can feel like a daunting task. Every day leading up to your vacation should bring growing excitement, not stress.

Planning your wardrobe out in advance, you are far less likely to overpack or forget a key wardrobe item from behind. I prefer to try on my items I would like to pack one week in advance. To ease your packing woes, I have constructed the ultimate packing list for a luxury tropical vacations! Including from appropriate dinner attire to lip balm with SPF, this list of things to bring will ensure a stressfree vacation.

So pull out your suitcase (with wheels, for your convenience), and pack along!

A week before your trip, I got a packing list from Lyst, a global fashion search platform:

Dressing for a Tropical Getaway

  1. Lightweight clothing: In a tropical paradise expect that temperature can be so hot, so account for the heat and humidity while packing. Pack a variety of dresses, skirts, and tops. Use versatile pieces that serve double duty, like a tunic that is a coverup by day and a going out top with white jeans by night. Stick to mostly neutrals. You can add a pop of color with jewelry or a pashmina. It would be best to research on the country you are going to, as some countries does not allow very revealing clothing. For dinner, you can opt for a sundress or long skirt. Leave high maintenance pieces at home, like silk tops that need to be ironed.
  2. Comfortable Shoes: You will need a pair of sneakers, comfortable sandals, and a wedge shoes to equip your vacation. Pack a flip flops as well, as you might find using it all the times. And here’s a biggie: no more than 3 pairs of shoes. They are heavy and take up way too much space in your suitcase.
  3. MULTIPLE swimwears: It's a tropical vacation, so expect there would be a lot of beaches. Get MULTIPLE bathing suits. You don't want to pull a damp suit over and over again.
  4. Underwear garments and sock: There's nothing more arduous than a good vacation gone wrong. So pack enough underwear garments and socks for the duration of your trip.
  5. Cardigans & Light Jacket: Pack two lightweight cardigans and one light jacket. Even if it's a tropical country, it is best to bring something to warm you up, as temperatures can sometimes be unpredictable and temperatures take a slight dip especially in the evening.
Boho Sea Princess


  1. Travel Documents: Passport, driver's license, plane tickets, and hotel bookings should be tucked in a secure and easily accessible area such as carry-on bag. These are the absolute most important things you need. Duh!
  2. Well-Packed Carry On: Pack your carry on with any items that would be essential while on the go to your destination. This includes, travel size toiletries, stain remover wipes, feminine hygiene needs, cosmetics/skincare, and prescriptions if needed. Also consider packing in a sunscreen and a lipbalm with SPF. It would be best to pack a change of clothing, just in case a mishap will happen. A well-equipped carry on will leave you lounging poolside, and stress free, while waiting for your suitcase.
  3. TSA Approved Locks: The only thing more upsetting than lost luggage is a suitcase that has been ransacked. Equip your belongings with TSA approved locks to prevent any property loss. We recommend combination locks to eliminate that devastating epiphany of "I forgot the keys at home."
  4. A Neck Pillow and A Travel Blanket: Seriously, just pack one neck pillow and a travel blanket. Relax your way to your destination. You'll thank me later.

Final tips:

Just a few final packing notes to keep in mind while you’re checking off the list:
  1. Don't Overpack: It may be tempting, but you’ll pay for it, literally. If your resort offers laundry service, you could wear 2-3 outfits multiple times throughout the entire trip. And don’t forget to pack PJs!
  2. Pack a powerbank: a power bank is now an essential travel gear to bring, especially if you are using your phone a lot. Check with your airlines about the maximum powerbank capacity, as there are restrictions when it comes to bringing a powerbank on board

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