Ditch The Car: Here's Why Road Trips By Bus Are Best

22 December 2016

A road trip across America is a once in a lifetime vacation that everyone has to experience at some point. A quintessentially coming-of-age trip in film and literature, it’s not surprising that so many people embark on this journey. The sense of freedom and adventure is what calls more people, but also the sheer size and history of the country mean that the trip is never boring. But what are people supposed to do if they don’t have their license? Simple - it’s all about public transport. There are so many benefits to seeing the States by bus or train instead of by car; here are just a few.

It’s flexible

Some people may be concerned that when choosing to travel by bus or train, they are tied into tight travel restrictions. Most interstate bus services operate around the clock, so you can book a time for travel which suits your itinerary. Pre-booking with a company like Shofur, who do both private charter hire and inter-city bus links, can mean lower prices and a choice of seat on the bus, but many operators have a same-day booking system. This gives you the utmost flexibility when you want to get out on the open road. Visit https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shofur for more information, and to see what they can offer your trip.

See all the sights

If you choose to take daytime buses, you’re not restricting your view of the country like you are from the driving seat. Regular rest stops and breaks allow you to get out and stretch your legs, but also to experience the local towns through which you pass. You’re a lot less likely to get these opportunities when you’re stuck on the interstate for miles on end. And when you’re going through the less interesting areas, you can actually read, catch up on Netflix, or get a few hours of napping done, which you obviously can’t do from behind the wheel.

You won’t get lost

When road tripping independently, getting lost is often a frustratingly familiar part of the experience. Satellite navigation can only get you so far before you’re trusting your instincts, or driving through some less than pleasant area of a town you didn’t even catch the name of. Your drivers will at least make sure you get from city to city without getting caught out.


Although less expensive than booking in advance, even last-minute coach or train booking can save you a lot of money compared to the cost of hiring a car and paying for gas. If you’re doing this on a tight budget, try to book overnight trains and coaches for a few of your journeys. This way you eradicate the cost of a motel for the night and roll the cost in with the transport.

You get to meet the most interesting people when you travel by public inter-city transport. Nobody will be able to tell you the best places to eat or drink like the people riding the bus. It adds to the adventure. Happy road trip!

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