Getting Through The Winter: Fashion Items To Splash Out On

29 December 2016

Tis the season to be jolly—wait, no it isn’t any more. Christmas is over, but unfathomably, winter still appears to be here. Ahead of us, January and February are stretching out interminably as an unpleasant period of bad weather and dark skies. Even though we’re on the good side of midwinter now, it’ll be a while until the mornings and evenings seem lighter again. It’s hard to force yourself out of bed and into a good mood when it looks rotten outside, but something that does make it a little easier is having something good to wear. Here are some tips on items that you should make sure you buy this winter…

A Little Black Dress

Christmas may be over, but that doesn’t mean you won’t have any parties to go to until summer strikes again. If you’re looking for something new to wear, then a little black dress always works perfectly. Check out sites like if you’re looking for some ideas on what you could buy and what exactly would suit you. A lot of people look fantastic in skater dresses with nipped in waists, to give you a great hourglass figure effect. Little black dresses are great because you can dress them up with colourful heels – this time of year, try red or green! – for parties, or you could wear them with tights and biker boots for more casual occasions.

Winter Boots

It’s crucial that you invest in a good pair of winter boots with great tread on the bottom. They’ll keep your toes warm through the winter, and the tread will ensure that you don’t slip over on icy streets. If you have good boots and you’re confident about walking around outside, chances are it will be easier for you to stay fit and healthy during winter. Go out for a hike with some friends, or take your dog for a long walk in the bracing cold air. Just make sure that your ears are covered up so they don’t get sore, and that you keep moving so the cold doesn’t set in too much!

A Coat

If you live in a really cold area, it’s a great idea to invest in a new coat to keep you warm over the next few months. It’s a good idea to spend a little more money on a coat than you would on your other clothes. If you buy a classic style, you’ll be able to wear it for years to come. A navy blue overcoat is classic and timeless and will look good and smart with whatever you want to wear underneath it. If you’re more of a rock chick, go for a khaki parka with a fur lined hood. This will keep you warm while adding a little indie street cred to your winter fashion look. If you’re feeling a little wilder, go for a coat in a bright statement colour like red or emerald, or even go for a faux fur leopard print coat!

A Swimsuit

‘A swimsuit?’ I hear you ask. ‘That doesn’t seem very practical during the winter.’ Good point! But this time of year, swimsuits are often significantly reduced in the sales, meaning that you can get one of last year’s high quality suits for an excellent price. This is a particularly good tip if you’re large busted, which often means it’s hard to buy any old swimsuit on a whim two days before you go away on your summer vacation. And if you have a new swimsuit, then who knows? You might just be inspired to take a winter sun break.

A Bathrobe

There is no better item to wear around the house in winter than a bathrobe. If you’re wearing a bathrobe, you will always miraculously be at the perfect temperature – never too hot, never too cold. You will always be comfortable, and if you’re still eating Christmas leftovers, then you’ll find that your bathrobe absorbs crumbs of cheese and turkey like nothing else. Get a lightweight yet cozy bathrobe to fully luxuriate at home during the difficult winter months.

Thermal Underwear

If you get public transport to work, then you’ll be all too familiar with the uncomfortable feeling of shivering uncontrollably while you’re waiting for a train or a bus in the dark, wondering if it would be inappropriate to fall to your knees and curse the heavens for forcing you to leave your warm house before mid-March. One way to get around this very real problem is to invest in some good thermal underwear. It may not be the sexiest clothing in the world, but frostbite is equally unsexy. If you really don’t want to go for long johns, try fleece lined tights or leggings instead.


We’ve all had the disconcerting midwinter feeling of being unable to use our smartphones because our fingers are too cold and numb. If you’re a fan of texting and listening to music while you’re outside, invest in a pair of gloves with tips that you can use on touchscreen phones, so you can keep up your hobby while making sure that your fingertips don’t fall off from the cold. If you aren’t too bothered about using your phone, go for some huge woolly mittens with some thinner cotton gloves underneath to stay truly warm.


One of the best ways to keep wearing your summer clothes all year around is to layer, and tights are the best possible way to do that. Invest in some warm black opaque tights so you can keep wearing your summer dresses. Put them on over turtle neck sweaters or underneath baggy, cozy boyfriend cardigans to make sure that you stay warm, and slip on your favourite boots and coat as well. If you’re still cold in your tights, go for woolly ones instead of nylon, or look around for some fleece lined tights that will keep you warm all winter. If it’s a particularly cold day, you could even wear them beneath your jeans or your work pants to make sure that you stay cozy.

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