Red Planet Ermita: Hotel in the Red Light District

4 November 2016 Ermita, Manila, Metro Manila, Philippines

Have you ever been to the famous district in Manila? Well, you've never really been to Manila if you haven’t seen and discovered it. Ermita, famously referred to as the "red light district" of Manila, and it is famous for its wild nightlife and party scene. Whilst it is know for its nightlife and restaurants, there is only one place for only the savviest of Manila visitors. Let me tell you all about Red Planet Ermita.


After our TBEX Opening Night Party at Blue Leaf Filipinas, we booked a ride to the hotel. I vaguely knew Red Planet Ermita was ‘off Roxas Boulevard somewhere’, but it wasn’t until we arrived that I realized just how close it was. Red Planet Hotel is situated in the heart of Ermita, known for its nightlife and restaurants and close to leading tourist attractions; and despite its proximity to such a buzzing part of Ermita, the whole of Red Planet Ermita remains quiet.

The hotel is a 30-minute drive from Manila International Airport and is the perfect entrĂ©e to a pulsating destination that serves up nearby experiences like Roxas Boulevard–a row of al fresco restaurants overlooking Manila Bay, the Cultural Centre of the Philippines, Manila Ocean Park, and SM Mall of Asia–the Philippines' largest mall. I got to stay here for 2 nights last month with my friend, Rona, which made for a welcome respite in the middle of a particularly hectic time.


Red Planet can easily be distinguished, minimalistic design and white coving contrasts with vivid red color all along the street. The hotel building houses 2 establishments in the first floor, a convenience store, 7-Eleven and the So Zhou Tea House. In between these shops, is a walk-way entrance to the hotel lobby.

As you step inside the hotel, the minimalistic design is pretty much evident through out. The lobby was actually pretty huge in the inside and has a plenty of red comfy couches.

On the left of the reception area, there are desktop computers which guests can use to check on their email, browse websites, and more. If you need to print something, just approach the reception desk and a minimal fee of PhP 5.00 will be charged per page. I also noticed that they don't provide chairs for the desktop, maybe to limit others from usage abuse.

Two elevators are present to provide accessibility to any floor going up. Not all can use the elevator though, except only for checked-in guests. You need to punch in your key card first before you can go up the hotel rooms. Which I think it is really an exceptional idea to provide guests their utmost safety.


The hotel has a 167 room accommodations and our night was spent in an air-conditioned double room with white and creamy hues. With a comfy queen size bed, 2 bedside tables, a workstation, an in-room safe, a hair dryer, a ceiling fan, and a 32-inch cabled flat screen TV.

The toilet and bath room is quite huge and its hot and cold rain shower provides a relaxing and soothing massage as you take a bath. What really caught my attention is the liquid soap dispenser: shampoo, conditioner, and bath gel are mixed together in 1 container.

Price: Double Rooms start at around $50. You may check the latest price in: | Agoda | | Expedia | or read reviews on TripAdvisor. For inquiries and other information, you may visit their official website. For other hotel reviews, click here.


On our second night, we indulge in a Chinese dining experience at So Zhou Tea House, a Chinese restaurant in the hotel. Like the foodie geek that I am, I perused the menu long while we sat down. We chose the spicy chicken and a fried rice which was really a plenty. Indulging on our order was an absolute perfection. Well, I am a sucker for spicy food and the vegetable shaving on top of the fried rice were plentiful. The 3 of us split the bill afterwards and we paid PhP 120 each.

Whilst So Zhou Tea House is based in the hotel, you don’t have to be a guest to eat there. So Zhou Tea House is open to anyone who craves for a Chinese dining experience. The food is to die for.


If you're visiting Manila and want to experience the "red light district", Red Planet Ermita is perfect for you. Budget-friendly, a soothing power shower, high-speed Wi-Fi, and most importantly a value-hotel that can offers an all-inclusive rate for every room, every night; without feeling stuffy or pretentious and being tucked away from the hustle and bustle also means it’s a place where you can feel relaxed. Red Planet Ermita makes it to the top of my budget hotel hotlist.

For more information:

Ermita, Manila
1740 A. Mabini St., Malate
Manila 1004
TEL: +63 2 708 9888

Disclaimer: My reservation at Red Planet Ermita was complimentary as part of a press stay. All views are my own.


  1. 'Nice review Charlotte.

    'So wish I was back in the Philippines with you guys once again...!

  2. The room looks very nice,..

  3. I always pass by here, kasi I'm a suki sa Robinson's ermita hahaha! I find that it's pretty near to that mall, as well as a few blocks away from the Erras Ramen, or Makchang, which are my favorite restos. Thanks to your post, di na ako magtataka what's inside Red Plante Hotel and how it looks like hahahaha! :D

  4. That's a steal! Ive been looking for hotels around this area for a gig next month. I need a budget hotel that is nice, decent and clean. Timing that i saw this! Thank you for sharing your review.. very helpful indeed!

  5. I haven't gotten a chance to amble around Manila and I'm not familiar with places. This hotel is really clean and would love to stay here if I get the chance. The overall set is really organized and well maintained. I like the combination of the color which is appearing to be so charming and enticing. Well written review and stunning photographs.

  6. I remember why Ermita is one of the places I avoided when I was younger with the girly bars etc. It was cleaned up, which is a good thing, decades ago.

    So now there is yet another new hotel. Looks like a good place for transients visitors who needs to be in Malate area.

  7. I'm not sure if I will ever get a chance to stay in this hotel but I'll bookmark this just in case I might need to stay in a place near Manila. I'm a little bit iffy about the neighborhood and at times heavy traffic in Manila but who knows if there's a need in the near future. It looks decent and super clean for the price it offers too. Thank you for sharing your review.

  8. Just the mention of Manila is nostalgic.. I feel like I'm actually there right now. Well, I lived in QC for a few years, and in San Juan for a year, but I never really roamed around the metro. I guess I was too scared? I made 7pm my personal curfew, and rarely stayed outside unless very necessary. So nope, never been to Ermita.. Or perhaps I passed by there once or twice. Nevertheless, I'm quite impressed by the hotel, the simple interior and the clean rooms! Would definitely check that out if I'd stay in Manila. Thanks for sharing your experience! I'm sure many will find it helpful. :)

  9. I've never been to the red light district in Manila. I haven't even been to Manila at all. Interesting that it's known for the nightlife and restaurants. Easy that there's a 7 eleven shop as well. That's always handy. The room looks nice and spacious.

  10. This is a lovely hotel! The red really makes the decor stand out nicely. I like that they left the red out of the rooms. The white allows for lots of light and the rooms are nice and spacious. Hope to visit Manila one day.

  11. I like surprise finds like this one! The room, even the facilities look very new. I hope they'd be able to maintain it. I'm very much particular with the cleanliness of hotel rooms especially the restroom and Red Planet definitely delivers!

  12. I love the work station! That's my dream work station, the one that can be folded when not needed so you can save space. The only time that I've been to that area was when we checked in at Pan Pacific and Adriatico Inn (way back when I was a kid). The hotel seems nice though my eyes got annoyed by looking at the red stuff. Haha. Maybe my eyes didn't take the strength of the red color. Nevertheless, a great review!

  13. I love the contemporary appeal of the room. It looks really cozy and neat. I also love how they utilize the use of mirrors to make the room more spacious. I also love how creative and catchy the hotel's name is!
    Thanks for the review

  14. When I think of manila, i would think of a rowdy place. Seriously. But how clean is ermita on your photos. This hotel is a game changer. Never have i heard yet of a hotel like this in ermita. It looks tidy and accessible. Perfect for staycation!


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