Be a travel queen: Don't forget to get these essentials before your next voyage abroad

22 November 2016

As the year draws to a close, we are already thinking of our voyage next year. After all, it can help us through the dark rainy days. Whether you are booking a safari in Kenya or a trip to European cities, there are some things that you will always need to take. That way, you will be prepared for your holiday. Therefore, don’t forget to get these essentials before your next voyage abroad!

A great backpack

For travelling, a backpack is a must-have that needs to be on your essentials list. After all, it’s so handy whether you are travelling by bus, car, or train. And it has so much space compared to a standard bag! Therefore, you need to purchase a great backpack before you go on your trip. Before you buy one, you need to check out how much room is inside the bag. Also, look to see if there are any side pockets. As I said before, a side pocket is so useful to hold your water bottle. And make sure you read reviews online so that you can make a well-researched decision on the backpack!

A wealth of health products

When you head on a trip, you don’t know when the next time you will see a chemist. After all, they might not be in proximity of the hotel if you are on a safari in Africa! Therefore, you should make sure you have a wealth of health products with you. That way, if you do get a sickness bug or pick up the flu, you can easily aid your suffering. Also, with your health products, you need to make sure you have an insect repellent. After all, you need to protect yourself from catching diseases such as malaria. Some people even buy malaria tablets online which will keep you safe in tropical and subtropical countries. And remember to get travel insurance so that if you become unwell while you are travelling, you can get the help you need!

Travel adapters

Unless you fancy not being able to charge your phone while travelling, you need to make sure you have a travel adapter with you. It will ensure you can use your charger and electrical items without any issues. You can read up online about which adapters the particular country you are visiting uses. And check in with your hostel as they might have plugs you can borrow for the duration of your trip!

Sun protection

It’s so important that you check what the weather will be like in your chosen destination. That way, you can make sure you are fully prepared. You can look at the weather for any country on sites like World Weather Online. If it’s going to be hot, you will need to make sure you have great sunscreen for your trip. That way, you can avoid sunburn during your travels. And you need a pair of cute sunglasses to help you avoid the rays. Make sure they have 100% UV protection to keep you safe in the sun!

A selfie stick

If you look at any travel blog, you will find hundreds of selfies of the traveller. After all, it’s become hugely popular to take selfies at beautiful places around the world. Therefore, you need to take a selfie stick with you. It can connect to your phone and ensure you get some fantastic photos on your travels. You can get some great selfie sticks which fold up so that they don’t take up much room in your bag for your next voyage!

A mini first aid kit

A lot of people don’t think about the worst circumstances on their holiday. But you need to be prepared. If you are trekking the grand canyon, you could easily fall and end up with an injury. Or you might cut yourself on a rock in the sea. In these circumstances, you want to deal with the injury as soon as possible. Therefore, you need to make sure you pack a mini first aid kit with you. Fill it with essentials such as bandages and antiseptic healing cream to ensure you are on the mend quickly!


You don’t want to travel without the right money on you. After all, companies might charge you a fortune if you try to exchange money in the destination. And you might struggle to find a travel exchange place if you are going somewhere remote! Therefore, make sure you have plenty of the right currency before you make your voyage abroad.

And remember to keep a travel journal during your trip. That way, it’s something you can look back on in years to come!

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  1. the most neglected or ignored item, IMO, for newbie international travelers are adopters. it'll be frustrating when your gadget is running out of juice and you can't use your charger bec either the outlet or voltage are not compatible


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