Head to Maryland for the coastal escape you've been dreaming of

23 November 2016

A beach holiday is something many of us desire. Especially if you live inland, the idea of some time by the sea can seem refreshing. There’s something about being near the sea that settles the mind. So, where should you head for a seaside holiday to remember? Maryland is renowned for its waterways and coastlines. It would make an ideal holiday destination for any sea seeker. But, what is there to do in Maryland? Here’s a list of the places you won’t want to miss on your visit.


Baltimore is a famously important sea port and a place to visit on any trip to Maryland. Baltimore is the largest city in Maryland, and you’ll find plenty to keep you amused. There are many lists of top 25 on Baltimore. Among the options is The American Visionary Art Museum. A visit here is sure to bring a little culture to your trip. The museum consists of art from self-taught creatives. It's an art experience unlike any other. As you’re on a sea themed holiday, the National Aquarium is also well worth a visit. With a shark tank and a walk through rainforest, this is sure to go down well if you’ve got kids. Talking of kids, if it’s a family trip you’re on, a visit to Port Discovery Children’s Museum is a must. This fun Kid’s museum features exhibits designed by Walt Disney engineers!

Ocean City

If it’s the beach that’s drawing you to the sea, Ocean City is the place for you. Ocean City consists of miles of beach for your pleasure. It’s also lined with hotels and shops, making this the perfect beach holiday destination! The kids will be happy here too, as Ocean City has some famous theme parks to keep them amused. There’s the Jolly Roger Amusement Park. It offers fast paced rides for older kids and slower train rides for younger ones. There’s also Trimper’s rides to visit. This historic amusement park is one well worth the visit. It includes a fantastic merry-go-round that the whole family can take a go on!


Annapolis is the capital of Maryland, and as such is worth a visit during your stay. No trip to Annapolis is complete without a visit to top attraction, the United States Naval Academy. The Academy pays homage to the generations that have gone before. If you’re lucky, you’ll get the chance to see the Midshipmen march in formation! If you’re after something more laid back, why not head to Quiet Waters Park? Spanning 360 acres, the gardens are the perfect escape from the real world. Whether you want to ride a bike, stroll arm in arm with your lover, or see some beautiful gardens, the parks have everything you could want! Keeping in theme with the water of Maryland, why not round off your Annapolis visit with a trip to Ego Alley? This narrow waterway gets its name because of the boats that pass through, and is an amazing sight to see!

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