Mornings at Microtel by Wyndham - Puerto Princesa, Palawan

12 June 2016 Puerto Princesa, Palawan, Philippines

During our 5 days 4 nights getaway to Puerto Princesa, we stayed for the first two nights at a hotel resort - Microtel by Wyndham in Puerto Princesa, Palawan. The hotel is the only beachfront hotel in Puerto Princesa and offers an impressive white-sand shores and a picturesque views at any time of the day.


The design at Microtel by Wyndham Palawan are light, bright, minimal in style, and of course, the signature color of Microtel - blue. The Balinese-inspired design at the common lounge area is one of the unique features you'll encounter at Microtel by Wyndham Palawan. When I saw the interior and the overlooking magnificent white-sand shores beachfront view, I thought I was transported to Bali in a zap.

HOTEL TIP: Looking for a strong wifi connection? The lounge area is perfect. They also have a free water and free overflowing coffee vending machine in the area.


The hotel has 50 rooms in all consisting of single rooms, queen double room and queen suite rooms. The rooms are equipped with Cable TV, internet-ready data port, and of course, full-sized bathrooms with hot and cold water. It also comes with a radio clock and IDD/ NDD telephone, as well as safety features such as an automated fire safety system and electronic key card entry. Baby cribs are also available upon request.

Our room is a Queen Double Room overlooking the beach area and its published rate costs at PhP 8,000 ($174) a night. What I like about our room, aside from the overlooking beach area is you could actually open the sliding glass door (which also serves as a window) and voila!

Sorry for the bad photo here, the sun was too harsh.

The toilet and bath area has a readily-installed blower and has the perfect rain shower which I really love after a tiring day out the sun. A complimentary soaps, shampoos, toothbrush, toothpaste, paper towels, and a mosquito repellent lotion for sand-mites is also provided. Their towels smells good too. However, I was looking for white fluffy robes but there was none.

They also have complimentary drinking water which is also available upon request.

HOTEL TIP: Feeling the need to shave? You may request a razor by dialing the front desk hotline or ask one at the reception area.


What I absolutely love about my stay here is the swimming pool and the food. The swimming pool and the restaurant is perfect during evenings, eating your dinner, or having a perfect swim with friends, while being serenaded by live performers.

The hotel has a restaurant beside the pool area named, Senordamla Gourmet Restaurant. Senordamla? I haven't got a clue of what Senordamla is and why it is named such. Their buffet breakfasts is the bomb though.


If you want shot bars, nightclubs and lively crowds, this hotel isn’t for you. However, if you’re endlessly searching for a hotel that combines serenity, great service, marvelous surroundings and laid-back luxury, Micotel by Wyndham Palawan offers everything you could ever want from a sun-drenched vacation.

I’m all for discovering new places around the world and like to cram as much in to my trips as possible, but if there’s one place I could go every year to recharge my batteries and totally switch off, it would be here.


Microtel by Wyndham Palawan is located at The Emerald Playa Beach and Nature Park, San Manuel, Puerto Princesa, Palawan.

From Puerto Princesa Airport, turn right to Rizal Avenue. Turn right to National Highway. Turn right to San Manuel Road. Follow directional signs to the hotel (approximately 3.2 kilometers away).

For inquiries and/or reservations contact +63-48-7230977, +63-48-7231018, or email or visit To check the availability and prices and for easy-booking, click here.

What do you think of Microtel by Wyndham Palawan? Is this the kind of place you’ve been searching for? Or have you already visited Puerto Princesa? Let me know your thoughts below.

I would like to thank Mommy Lariza for some of the photos here.


  1. I'm planning to go to Palawan next year with my family and I think this is the perfect hotel for us since I'm going with my parents. The interior is so cute! And your pictures are beautiful :)

  2. Is the 8k stay good for the 4 days or 2 days only?

    1. Hello, the 8K is good for 1 night. Sorry I forgot to mention in on my post. :)

  3. I like your garland! ;) The hotel indeed looks like a good place to stay if you just want to get away from stressful situations or places. I might be one of the best hotel options for the heart broken.

  4. awww.. the place looks so much good.. i really wanna visit this place onetime.. it just looks os much relazing hehe maybe i should ask if we cout set our team building here :)

  5. This place looks fantastic! You have great photos. I love the blue colour. Makes the place look a little like Greek. :)

  6. Beautiful! Even if you just wanted to stay indoors the entire time, you would still have very good vacation feels!

  7. Wow!! Such a beautiful resort with such amazing views!!! I'm sure you had a really good time staying here!! :)

  8. Okay pala their accommodations. To be honest I thought that the rooms are smaller and that it is not like most hotels. Great though that you shared this review. :)

  9. I have been to Puerto Princesa and stayed at Astoria - Would love to try out their accommodation too. Nice place- I never thought they would have spacious rooms. They have instagram worthy areas in the hotel property too! So nice. lang scrap mag OOTD shoot :) hehe!

  10. Good accomodation but too expensive for a tight budget Palawan trip. :(

  11. Palawan will always be love! Microtel by Wyndham Palawan looks promising with your post. I might consider it if I happen to come back in this beautiful island. Nice post :)

  12. Palawan will always be love! Microtel by Wyndham Palawan looks promising with your post. I might consider it if I happen to come back in this beautiful island. Nice post :)

  13. Palawan will always be love! Microtel by Wyndham Palawan looks promising with your post. I might consider it if I happen to come back in this beautiful island. Nice post :)

  14. Palawan is really a nice and beautiful place I love ever since!! Hope you enjoyed your stay dear!!

  15. I'm looking forward to the time I could go to Palawan. I'm definitely down for some alone time at Microtel by Wyndham because of your post. Looking forward to more of your travels, Charlotte :D

  16. I wish there were more places like this, because it was simply too amazing for words. I came here with my boyfriend the other night, and it was absolutely fabulous. The use of wood throughout the Chicago event venues adds a very warm and inviting feel to venue.


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