I got rainbowed

23 May 2016

Yesterday morning, me and my colleagues got "rainbowed" during the Rainbow Run Goes Neon 2016 event. This is the second rainbow run in the City of Pines.

I woke up at 4AM, took a shower, dressed up for the run, and hailed a cab by quarter to 5AM. I arrived at the venue at around 5:10AM and I waited for my colleagues for 5 minutes.

All runners took their positions at the starting line, and... "ready, get set", gun starts, "go"! We got rainbowed for the first time and here we go!

After just few minutes of running, my heart rate increases, blood flows faster, and the millions of tiny capillaries and arteries in my muscles begin to expand rapidly. Not lesser than 1 kilometer, trying to keep pace with other runners and trying to avoid not being left behind. I am panting for air, I am starting to feel tired. I feel so thirsty. What am I doing? This is such a bad idea. Okay now, no turning back. I can do this. 1, 2, 3. One foot forward, another foot forward. Run.

What's this? Now, I can feel an itchy sensation all over my legs. Ack! An allergic response of my body. I have the urge to stop running and just scratch the heck out of it.

Another kilometer. I went for the first stop to grab some water, quench my dried throat, and run back on track again. I can feel my legs. Shaky. Oh my, I wanna stop and just go home.

We run (and walked) for 3.5 kilometers from Baguio Burnham Park to Scout Barrio barangay and another 3.5 kilometers back - a total of 7 kilometers - while we are showered with a myriad of neon colored powder every 1-2 kilometers.

Now we've reached the turning point. Grabbed the 7k sticker and started to run back. I can no longer run, so me and my colleagues just walked and jogged in between while returning to the finish line.

And finally, we've reached the finish line. Other runners who were done, joined the bandwagon and danced with the music while waiting for everybody to reach the final line. We took this opportunity to have a photo-opp instead. Afterwards, the winners were awarded and we had the final rainbow shower. So here's a photo-spammed post.

This was my first ever run and I can't believe I survived 7 kilometers of walking, I mean, running. Haha.

As of this moment of writing, my legs and arms are still sore from the morning run yesterday. It's been months since I last went to the gym, so, not being physically active for months resulted to this.

I had a blast. I had so much fun during the event, and, despite all the body aches today, I'm looking forward for the next run.

Yes, I'll be doing more runs this year.

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