A Hip Stay at amba Taipei Ximending

22 May 2018 Taipei, Taiwan

amba Taipei Ximending (yes, it starts with a small letter "a"), is a hip and boutique hotel located in the Taipei's Harajuku district and it seems to be a hot topic in the Ximending district. It is a part of amba Hotels & Resorts group chain by Qun Xin Properties Limited. Prior to my most awaited Taiwan adventure, I honestly stalked amba until our trip. Truth beholds that no amount of digital wanderlusting could express my feelings how excited I was.

Here's my experience of amba Taipei Ximending...

First Impressions

After our adventure in Chiayi, Nantou, and Taichung our next stop is in Taipei. We booked a reserved seat train ticket via THSR and headed to Taipei. In just an hour we arrived at the iconic Taipei Main Station and hailed a taxi cab to the hotel.

Located in Wanhua District, within the corners of Wuchang Street and Kunming Street, this amba hotel is in the heart of Ximending's buzzing shopping and entertainment scene. Despite its amazing location, the unassuming main entrance on feels tucked away from the hustle and bustle. From the busy streets of Wanhua district to the hotel’s arrival courtyard on the right of Eslite Wuchang main entrance, we took an elevator to the 5th level, and we went from broad daylight into a warm and cozy lobby of amba Taipei Ximending.

A jolly man, Mr. Mark Li, greeted us with a warm welcome that reminded us that we are in good hands. As we are checking in, a beautiful lady, the hotel's general manager also rewarded us her warm welcome, which gave a personal touch that immediately made me feel at home. There is a cool hotel vibe that hits you as soon as you enter the building, and I was picking up what they were putting on.

The Room

Our Large Room was surprisingly huge at 29 square meters for a Taipei hotel and thoughtfully curated into a masterpiece. The room was filled with interesting design features, such as the dark metal wardrobe rack and the roundtable which actually looks like a vintage vinyl. The two plush single bed had plump cushions and luxurious bed linen, which I couldn't wait to dive in to. The complimentary slippers are not your ordinary hotel slipper but it is actually a nice, durable, and comfortable flip-flop you could take home.

The bathroom is separated from the toilet and both are compact but featured the most beautiful black tiles. What I like the most is the rainforest shower and this is the best rain shower I had during my whole stay in Taiwan.

Waiting in our room were the loveliest welcome gifts, including a handwritten note from the hotel management, a jar-full of noodle crunch, and two bottles of Taiwan's sparkling drink. These personal touches definitely didn't go unnoticed.

Leisurely breakfast

I absolutely love starting my day over a leisurely breakfast, so when it comes to hotels, a good breakfast buffet is always high on the priority list. amba Taipei Ximending's Chiba restaurant offers an expansive breakfast buffet and Chiba had it spot on. An interesting fact is that "chi" means "to eat", and "ba" is actually a reference to the hotel name.

Chiba restaurant rewards you with the most interesting interiors you have ever laid your eyes on. A combination of the hip and youthful Ximending, and modern touches made the whole dining experience oozing in style and jaw-dropping. Chiba's extensive buffet offerings were adventurous but I opted for a starter breakfast on our second day: mixed rice dish, bacon, and fried nuggets. On our last day, I chose to have corn dogs, vegetable greens, bread and butter, and kimchi. The fried nuggets and mini corn dogs were magically encased in crispy breadcrumbs, and both tasted tender and fresh. It's an explosion of taste in the mouth.


Not all hotels offers laundry service for free, and most of the time, the laundry price per apparel is sky-rocketing. That means you have to wash your clothes and underwear on a dirty hotel sink. As a world traveller, who actually enjoys longer trips than shorter trips, I prefer hotels and B&Bs that offers free self-service laundry service, and that makes amba taipei Ximending standout. It's a very convenient service especially if you don't want your smelly and dirty clothes mixed together with your fresh ones.

The Verdict

Ximending has so much diversity in terms of shops, restaurants, and entertainment, but amba Taipei Ximending has become a potential standout destination hotel that is a draw in its own right. I am so glad that we stayed for two nights in this hip and stylish hotel in Taipei. With a fantastic team of staff who provided genuine service and incredible attention-to-detail, this hotel has style and substance.

During my two-nights stay, I slept through each night without a disturbance and definitely think that the sleep I got was deep quality sleep. The whole experience at amba Taipei Ximending was an indulgent treat. It's safe to say I'll be back for the genuine hospitality and its convenient location. Taipei was actually our last stop before we head home to the Philippines, and having the chance to stay here over others, I can say we have saved the best for last.

Rates at amba Taipei Ximending start at TWD2,700 (USD90; PHP4,700) per night for smart room and TWD3,100 ($103; PhP5,400) per night for a deluxe family room. The closest airport is Taoyuan International Airport, which is just about 40 minutes train ride away.

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What did you think of my experience at amba Taipei Ximending? Have you visited this hotel or are you thinking of booking a stay? If you enjoyed this post please leave me a comment in the form below.

amba Taipei Ximending
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My stay at amba Taipei Ximending was provided complimentary in exchange for this blog post. All views remain my own.


  1. The Chiba Restaurant seems like the best thing about amba Taipei Ximending hotel and I love how cosy and open the restaurant is, even the food looks sumptuous. The room is so spacious as well! The paintings in the lobby are pretty cool too. I've never been to Taipei but will look this hotel up and hope I'll get a good price on it ;)

  2. That seems like a really great hotel to stay at! We are planning our Japan trip and I am thinking we should go to Taipei right after. You get way more space and better value for your money!

  3. Yet another great hotel! I wish I had these reviews when I went to Taipei years ago! I really want to head back one day soon so will definitely check this place out.

  4. I love the first bracket explanation. The small letter start bothered me, to be honest :))

    I love the fact that the manager leaves a hand written note, it's the kind of thing that one sees in BNBs, not in a large hotel. I think it offers a homey/cozy feeling.

  5. I love the hip and minimalist style of this hotel and it seems like they really pay attention to all the details. Most importantly, a good nights sleep is key while travelling! I'll have to remember this hotel when I make it over to Tawian.

  6. The food looks amazing! The beds are so big - perfect to enjoy and relax :D
    I would like to stay there definitely :)

  7. Amba Taipei Ximending is certainly a very unique hotel just like its name. The rooms very cozy and spacious for a city like Taipei. What I liked the most is the Chiba restaurant, the ambience and the food both look great.

  8. I've not been to Taipei, so don't know much about it as an area really - so was interesting to read about your stay at this Amba hotel. Definitely looks like a funky place to stay! x


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