How to Earn with TravelBook Affiliate Program?

20 August 2016

I travel a lot. Yes, I do.

And the most common statement I always hear when I say I travel a lot is: "Wow, Charlotte! You must be so rich. You can afford travelling."

...or this common question: "How do you fund your travels?"

I completely understand your curiosity. From the outside it must look like I’m just traveling the world having a blast (and I am), but there’s a lot more to it than that.

No people, I am not rich. And like most of you, I need to make a living.

I realize now that I haven’t explained that part to you very well yet. How exactly do I make money? How do I fund my travels? Am I paid to travel the world?

My answer:'s Affiliate Program.

So how would you like to earn even more money for your blog? With's Affiliate Program, you can get paid for every sale you generate just by referring on your site.'s Affiliate Program is a great way for you to earn extra money.

What is is an online hotel booking service and the largest catalog for Philippine hotels and resorts. Whether you are planning a getaway to Baguio, Metro Manila, Palawan, Laguna, Masbate, Davao, Boracay, Cebu, or to any part of the Philippines, offers varied selection of hotels and resorts from affordable to the most luxurious accommodations around the Philippines.

Why join's Affiliate Program?

Joining the's Affiliate Program enables you to partner with the Philippines's largest and most trusted travel community. You can earn additional revenue, and provide your users with access to more than 3,500 hotels and resorts in the Philippines.

  1. IT's FREE. Sign up to earn. No fees required. Yes, it is absolutely FREE.
  2. GET HIGH COMMISSSIONS. Earn us much as 65% per transaction. For example, a PhP 3,000 transaction can earn you up to PhP 1,950. It is possible you will get more than that per day. You do the math. Kaching! Kaching!
  3. OPTIMIZE PERFORMANCE. Keep track of your campaigns in real-time.'s Affiliate Program provide an in depth analysis of your performance, so you can optimize and earn as much as possible.
  4. ACCESS PREMIUM TOOLS. Aside from getting various promotional materials and earning revenues, you also get exclusive and premium deals. Plus, get training from an expert. Say cool?

Cool! So how do I register?

Signing up is easy as pie.

1. All you have to do is to go to and click the "Sign Up" button.

2. Just fill up the form with your details then click "Next".

3. Review your details.

4. Check your email! You will receive an email that your registration has been received and will be reviewed, so make sure to use a valid working email.

5. Wait for your application to be confirmed within 5 working days. You will receive an email exactly like this, once approved.

Let's start making money

Once your registration has been approved, you may now start earning. Congratulations! You're now a affiliate. You now have an exclusive access to your account in the Affiliate Program. Now you can update your profile, access promo tools, withdraw your commissions, and more from you affiliate account -- all can be done with just a single click. Navigating the dashboard is also very easy.

You can choose from a huge variety of promotional tools to implement various efficient ways in promoting, monetizing traffic, and maximizing the use of free space on your blog:

  • Banners come in various sizes and present real-time special offers on accommodations in
  • Hotel Ad Links use URLs to lead visitors to It is the simplest tool you can apply on your website.
  • Search Widget is the most ideal tool to use as it gives your visitors a way to search for available accommodations in directly on your website.

Awesome right? So join's Affiliate Program now! It's just that quick and easy!

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