Have a taste of History at Tiya Ising's

27 July 2016 Puerto Princesa, Palawan, Philippines

On Day 4, as a part of our Puerto Princesa escape, we ate lunch at Tiya Ising's Restaurant. Tiya Ising Restaurant provides Filipino comfort foods and opened its doors to the public in November 2015 in Puerto Princesa.

Tiya Ising's Restaurant is located at Roxas Street, Puerto Princesa, Palawan. It was owned and managed by the lovely 22 year old Katrina Austria.

The interior of the restaurant is beautifully neat and there were interesting facts and old photographs about Palawan and the Philippines on the walls. Here, you learn about Puerto Princesa while you enjoy your favorite Filipino Dishes. A must try dining experience!

The majority of the photographs is from the owner's family collections, from Amar Studio (one of the oldest studios in Palawan), and collected from other Palawenyos who contributed their photos for the restaurant.

Who is Tiya Ising? According to Katrina Austria, owner of the restaurant, Tiya Ising is her grandmother and the sister of her grandmother Itang. Katrina referred Tiya Ising as tita na lola.

We were treated to kare-kare, crispy pata, boneless bangus (fried marinated fish milk), sisig, lechon kawali, and more.

When the dishes were served, I happily feast on the kare-kare. For those who don't know, my all-time favorite Pinoy dish is kare-kare and I am always in the search for the best kare-kare on the land and I think my search for the best kare-kare is finally over.

If you want to have a taste of history and if you're craving for a good Filipino food that is less than PhP 500 ($10), I suggest you to try Tiya Ising. A single viand can be shared with a large group and yes, your tummy will surely be happy.

For inquiry and/or reservations, contact (0917) 561 4952 or (0999) 473 9006 or thru landline at (048) 723 1075. You may also visit Tiya Ising's Facebook Page.

Amazing Underground River

13 July 2016 Puerto Princesa, Palawan, Philippines

I used to see it only on postcards and books and I can’t believe that I finally had a chance to witness its beauty for the first time in person, the Puerto Princesa Subterranean River National Park -- a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the New 7 Wonders of Nature.

Well, a Puerto Princesa getaway is not complete without going to the Underground River.


The Puerto Princesa Subterranean River is located in a national park in the Saint Paul Mountain Range on the western coast of the island.

Before going to the Underground River you must secure a permit first one day before your trip at the Underground River Booking Office (or the earlier the better). The Underground River can accommodate only 900 persons per day. A no permit no entry is strongly imposed so I advise that you secure a permit first.

If you are booked in a hotel, you may ask the reception staff if they offer any Underground River package tour or you may book online at the Puerto Princesa Underground River site.

From city center

Travel to Sabang in Barangay Cabayugan via a jeepney or a shuttle van. There's also several public transportation you can take from San Jose bus terminal going to Sabang. It's a 2 hour journey from the city center.

At Sabang Wharf, register at the Tourist Information Center at least an hour before your schedule and prepare for an environmental fee. While waiting for your boat you may opt to grab some refreshments from the vendors around the area but don't get too far away. You don't want to get left behind, do you?

Here’s an amazing view of Sabang, Puerto Princesa, Palawan.

From Isla Felomina

I strongly suggest that you try snorkeling and/or diving in Isla Felomina in the morning, before heading to the Underground River in the afternoon, like we did.

After our lunch (which was deliciously cooked by the locals) and snorkeling experience in Isla Felomina, we took another 40 minute boat ride to the Underground River.

It was raining hard when we left the island, that no one even dared to bring out their gadgets to take photos. Our things got all wet. Lucky for those who brought a dry bag. So yeah, note to myself, invest in a dry bag. Ha-ha. Luckily, Christian had a garbage bag in which we placed our personal belongings.


The boat dropped us at the famous Underground River signage. There were a lot of tourists also visiting the place. It was still raining. I think that the tourists were looking at us (probably amused) because we were the only ones who were dripping wet that time while they have their yellow rain coat on. But, we didn’t care. Ha-ha.

We took a little forest trek and finally we found ourselves awed at the mouth of the Underground River.

The locals in charge handed us one by one an audio device which will serve as our guide.

We took a banca and I sat with Jean in front. We had a boatman which also serves as our escort. Once we were all boarded, our synchronized audio device started to play as we entered the Underground River. Inside the Underground River, the odor of the cave is evident because of the creatures living inside the darkness. People, I’m talking about thousands (probably millions) of bats. But well, it is all worth it once you see the different rock formations.

As we entered, we were wrapped in total darkness. The only light we had was a flashlight held by our boatman. The pungent odor strongly increases once we got deeper inside. I can’t explain what I am feeling that time. I am so mesmerized by its beauty. Yes, there were creatures here that haven’t seen sunlight, even for once in their life.

After almost an hour inside, we headed back. The Underground River stretches so far that its deeper part still remains undiscovered up to date. Probably, there were creatures too waiting just to be discovered.

Look, I can finally see the light. And the sun is shining brightly. No more rain. Hurray! So we took this opportunity to snap as many photos as we can before going back to Sabang port.

After the amazing experience inside, a camera man is on standby on site to take photos of tourists while at the mouth of the Underground River.

You can get your photos (captured by their camera man) at the photo booth for souvenir. Anypoo, you might probably be wondering how they setup their technologies on the island, everything is solar powered here.

As we headed back to Sabang, I just can’t help myself but be awed by Palawan’s beauty. I just don’t want to leave Palawan anymore. And here are just a few evidences why Palawan is one of must see places in the world before you die.

You Don't Have To Pay The Earth To Look A Million Dollars

12 July 2016

It is generally accepted that to look like the stars, you have to either spend a whole lot of money or stand far away. It's worth remembering that even the big stars quite often haven't paid for the amazing clothes they are wearing. As often as not, designers and fashion houses will gift or lend them great pieces. What's better for your brand than putting your clothes on the latest big star? It's free advertising for you and free clothes for them.

However, they don't give those same uber-expensive gowns to you and me. No matter how much we promise to wear them to the next big premiere, the answer is always the same: "I'm sorry, who are you? How did you get in here?" It's one rule for the rich, and another for the people pretending to be rich to get free clothes.

The simple truth is that you have a few options if you want to be like the stars. First, you can become a star. This has proven to be hit-and-miss over the years, and takes forever. Second, you can buy those clothes on a credit card. Assuming your credit limit goes that high, you'll pay as much again in interest payments by the time it's cleared. Or, and stay with me here, you could always cheat. This might be the best path.

Sure, people will always say stuff about how the clothes you are wearing are copied from the top designers. The best way to deal with this is to not care. Yes, they are duplicates. Which means they look like those more expensive clothes. Which means they still look better than a lot of mid-range originals. The key here is to get a good copy. "It's the same color" doesn't quite land in this respect.

Then there's the question of perfume. A really good perfume will turn heads as you walk past, and there are so many to choose from. And a walk through the perfume section at your nearest department store will show that some of the most popular scents of the season are yours to buy. For the very reasonable price of a lot more than it cost to make.

So why not cheat? All of the top perfume lines have what are called "dupes" - scents that are based heavily on them, indistinguishable to all but a sniffer dog. And a lot more reasonably priced, too.

Finally, jewelry. Diamonds may be a girl's best friend, but they are a credit card's sworn enemy at the prices you'll see in most jeweler's stores. Thankfully, there is a middle ground with more affordable brands like ELF925 and similar, which can allow access to statement looks without the bills. Hey presto! You're looking and smelling like the stars without needing to appear in any films at all.

The bottom line here is that you will still want to buy and wear more expensive and stylish clothes and items from time to time. But "from time to time" is more affordable when you've kept a lid on your spending by making good choices.

At the end of my post, I want to recommend you an amazing online wedding and prom dress store.


Five Tips On Making The Perfect Romantic Road Trip Retreat

Sometimes, you need to have that getaway just between the two of you. To put up a little bubble and experience the world as a couple without a need to think about our everyday anxieties and obstacles. Romantic getaways are some of the best kinds of vacations in the world. Making it a retreat, a road trip, makes it a shared experience of exploration, discovery and a lot of fun along the way. Hopefully this article can convince you of why a retreat might be the perfect thing. As well as how to make sure it goes beautifully.

Find somewhere beautiful

The first thing to do is plan where you actually want to go. The best part of making your retreat a road trip is that you get to choose plenty of different destinations. Whether it’s taking a drive out to some jaw dropping natural beauty or hitting up some spots that interest you, like museums or festivals. Make sure that both of you get to see the stuff that really excites you. As well as some prime date destinations.

Plan, plan, plan

The one thing that can really ruin any road trip retreat, romantic or otherwise, is poor planning. For example, not having everything you need to take with you. Breaking down on the side of the road without any way to get help for yourselves. As well as what you take with you, note down some of the more functional stops you need to make. Food stops, gas stations, put all these on your route.

Take the comforts of home with you

You want to also make sure that you have everything you need to make your trip as comfortable as possible. If you want to be able to sleep under the stars, then camping equipment and clothes are a must. Or if you really want all the comforts your own space can provide, then a spacious recreational vehicle can be what you need. Space is as important as the stuff you keep in it too.

Set the mood

It’s romantic, so make sure you spend a little time focusing on the romance. Some nights you might be too tired to do anything. But make sure you find great places to have your date and set the mood. Make your own mix CD or use your phone to play music from the car/RV. Bring out your fold-up table and light some candles. Have a glass of wine to go with your outdoors dining experience. Make it special for one another.

Make plenty of time for intimacy

We’re not talking about the under the sheets variety (though that is important). You’re spending all the time together, so make sure it’s not just about where you need to go next or what you need to stock up on. Take the time to make things intimate. Get to know one another even deeper with some fun, explorative questions. Don’t forget that the trip is for the relationship, not just the places you’ll go.

Why You Should Choose San Diego For Your Next City Break

1 July 2016

If you’re ever traveling or touring the USA, there are certain cities that are essential stops for those with a passion for travel. There is no doubt that New York and Vegas are high up on the list for most people. But there are several others that shouldn’t be missed. San Francisco is one of the most interesting places to visit for a great community spirit and nightlife. And New Orleans cannot be missed if you’re a muso. However, San Diego is one of the most fun-filled places you can find in the United States. It’s quite possibly got everything you might be looking for on your next American adventure.

If you visit San Diego, you can’t miss Balboa Park. This is the home of the world-famous San Diego Zoo. It is here that you will find endangered species being looked after. There are essential breeding programs taking place to avoid extinctions. There are plenty of things to see here, and the zoo is very accessible and informative. It is also very close to some of the most interesting art galleries in the region, and a beautiful garden to enjoy.

The city is home to a big naval port too. The USS Midway is one of the better aircraft carrier museums you will find on this planet. There are plenty of things to do whether you have kids with you or not. As you’re on the Pacific coast, the walks along the beaches will be mild and warm most of the year round. And if you love a little bit of sunbathing, San Diego can happily oblige.

Lots of gap year students choose San Diego as one of their preferred cities to work or play. There certainly is a young vibe here, and the nightlife is easily as good as places like New York or Los Angeles. But what really drives the young people here is the huge variety of events and festivals. The infamous San Diego Comic Con is certainly one of the most popular reasons for coming to town. Of course, the weather is a great reason for staying!

Baseball is big in the city. If you’ve never been a fan, there’s a chance that attending a game here could convert you into one. There’s a great spirit here, and many families come here as part of their quality time together. In fact, San Diego could be considered one of the most family friendly places to visit. It doesn’t matter what age you are, there is plenty to do and enjoy here.

For those that love to be active, the San Diego mountains won’t disappoint. Take a hike alone, or sign up for a walking tour. You could even try out some climbing or camping expeditions. The fittest of the fit even take their mountain bikes along some of the popular trails. How you enjoy this region is up to you, but you won’t be disappointed. When the day is done, and you need a great meal, you can’t go wrong in the Gaslamp Quarter for beers, cocktails, and amazing restaurants.

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