Five Tips On Making The Perfect Romantic Road Trip Retreat

12 July 2016

Sometimes, you need to have that getaway just between the two of you. To put up a little bubble and experience the world as a couple without a need to think about our everyday anxieties and obstacles. Romantic getaways are some of the best kinds of vacations in the world. Making it a retreat, a road trip, makes it a shared experience of exploration, discovery and a lot of fun along the way. Hopefully this article can convince you of why a retreat might be the perfect thing. As well as how to make sure it goes beautifully.

Find somewhere beautiful

The first thing to do is plan where you actually want to go. The best part of making your retreat a road trip is that you get to choose plenty of different destinations. Whether it’s taking a drive out to some jaw dropping natural beauty or hitting up some spots that interest you, like museums or festivals. Make sure that both of you get to see the stuff that really excites you. As well as some prime date destinations.

Plan, plan, plan

The one thing that can really ruin any road trip retreat, romantic or otherwise, is poor planning. For example, not having everything you need to take with you. Breaking down on the side of the road without any way to get help for yourselves. As well as what you take with you, note down some of the more functional stops you need to make. Food stops, gas stations, put all these on your route.

Take the comforts of home with you

You want to also make sure that you have everything you need to make your trip as comfortable as possible. If you want to be able to sleep under the stars, then camping equipment and clothes are a must. Or if you really want all the comforts your own space can provide, then a spacious recreational vehicle can be what you need. Space is as important as the stuff you keep in it too.

Set the mood

It’s romantic, so make sure you spend a little time focusing on the romance. Some nights you might be too tired to do anything. But make sure you find great places to have your date and set the mood. Make your own mix CD or use your phone to play music from the car/RV. Bring out your fold-up table and light some candles. Have a glass of wine to go with your outdoors dining experience. Make it special for one another.

Make plenty of time for intimacy

We’re not talking about the under the sheets variety (though that is important). You’re spending all the time together, so make sure it’s not just about where you need to go next or what you need to stock up on. Take the time to make things intimate. Get to know one another even deeper with some fun, explorative questions. Don’t forget that the trip is for the relationship, not just the places you’ll go.

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