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28 June 2015

I've been staring my laptop for hours and still I don't know what to blog. I've been away for a week because I've been really busy at work. I tried to squeeze in some time to blog at work but I can't still managed to find a way how.

On a side note, I've been thinking of joining English enhancement classes or seminars. I am NOT a writer and I can't barely compose a very interesting essay. But I think it is time too bring out the writer in me.

Anyway, I went to have my eyes checked yesterday and I now I got a 25/25 vision (20/20 is the normal vision by the way). I still can see from the normal but it's blurry when it's far. I like wearing glasses than eye contacts. If I don't wear glasses I feel like naked.

10 random things about me

10 random things about me

10 random things about me

10 random things about me

10 random things about me

Tied top: Thrift shop
Floral high-waist skirt: Thrift shop
Black suede wedge shoes: Nasudi
Eyewear c/o: Les Moda

Photos by: Giancarlo Gazmen

Yellow Cab at SM City Baguio

21 June 2015

Finally, after a month of job searching, I finally got a job! I didn't apply for this one but it was unexpected and I love my new job!

Anyway, I got invited for Yellow Cab's Grand Opening at SM City Baguio yesterday. I tagged along my co-bloggers Jen and Peter, and, of course, my partner-in-crime slash number one fan slash "photographer" boyfriend, Gian.

It was nice meeting Yellow Cab's big bosses and other Baguio Bloggers as well during the event.

Yellow Cab SM City Baguio is now officially OPEN! See you!

Posted by Yellow Cab Pizza Co. on Thursday, June 18, 2015

First, we had our "Pizza Making Activity". We put on the hairnet and Yellow Cab's apron and we're ready to go! We washed our hands and then put on our gloves.

Ready for pizza making. #YellowCab #SocialMediaDuties

Posted by Charlotte Anne de Peralta on Thursday, June 18, 2015

The dough was already made and the pizza sauce was also spread. Everything was measured and all we have to do is to top our pizza which, at first, I thought was easy but it was really tricky. If you're looking for Yellow Cab's secret recipe. Well, there's really none.

Top it first with 2 kinds of cheese, 70 grams first, and then 10 grams on the other cheese. Next comes the ham and pepperonis, and then the onions, green pepper, red pepper, mushrooms, and black olives. Then the meat. I tell you this, there is no one kind of meat on the New York's Finest pizza, but there are 3 kinds: beef, bacon, and Italian sausage. The last topping, was the cheese (again).

And there it is I'm done. It is time to put my pizza in the oven. Oh well, instead of placing it carefully in the oven, I dropped it. I was afraid that I might get burnt. The oven was freaking hot. And so some of my toppings on the side fell off.

My pizza is coming out!

Tadaaahhh!!! And here's my very own Yellow Cab New York's Finest pizza!

Yellow Cab made me realize that there's more to pizza making and it was not easy. I thought I just had to top everything on the dough but it was not. It requires skills and a lot of patience.

Thanks to SM City Baguio Yellow Cab's Manager Sir Christian for patiently teaching us how to make our own New York's Finest pizza.

#YellowCab's manager Sir Christian, our teacher for the pizza making activity. #SocialMediaDuties

Posted by Charlotte Anne de Peralta on Thursday, June 18, 2015

On that same day, Me and Jen went to watch Yellow Cab's Man vs. Pizza challenge. We stayed for the first batch of challengers.

Our first batch of Man vs. Pizza challengers! Who's your bet?

Posted by Yellow Cab Pizza Co. on Thursday, June 18, 2015

Congratulations to the winner of Man vs. Pizza Batch 1 (SM City Baguio edition) - Alfred John Anioay!

Posted by Yellow Cab Pizza Co. on Thursday, June 18, 2015

Me and Jen, after the Yellow Cab event.

Bohemian dress giveaway

13 June 2015

Bohemian fashion style has all the funky elements and the exotic zing of fashion – creating a rich cocktail of casual, hippie 70s style and ethnic along with vintage. Boho-chic? Try rocking the high-low trend. It is the perfect way to show off your fashion-forward summer style! High-low (mullet) dress have some key virtues in summer — allowing air flow while providing a hygienic shield for the back of legs if one happens to sit on a sticky bench or steamy thatch of grass. And few garments draw more attention to a great pair of legs.

It's cool. Hip. And definitely feminine... in a rugged and effortless way! There's no surprise to why this look is so appealing to us.

Bohemian dress giveaway

Rain or shine

11 June 2015

Rain or shine

I went out with my daughter and my king today and we had lots of fun! For our day together, we had lunch at a Carinderia. Then we went to DOLE at Engineer's Hill. From there, we had a "long" walk together to Camp John Hay. The original plan was to take the CJH entrance via Eco Trail to Techno Hub and then to CJH's picnic grounds and children's park.

But then, we were not allowed to take the route via Eco Trail and we had no choice. Bummer! At least, we halved the route. So we took a jeepney to CJH's main entrance.

When we where at Techno Hub we went to 7-eleven to have snacks. It started to rain even if it's sunny. That didn't stop us to have photographs. And for the first time, my 4 year old daughter cooperated for an OOTD adventure with me.

Rain or shine
Rain or shine  Rain or shine
Rain or shine

Here's my king and my princess.

Rain or shine

The rain stopped and we started to have our photo walk on the way. Look, Lexy found a dandelion.

Rain or shine  Rain or shine
Rain or shine  Rain or shine

Wild flowers!

Rain or shine
Rain or shine  Rain or shine
Rain or shine

We were supposed to go to the children's park as planned but it started to rain hard so we decided to go back at Techno Hub and leave. It started to shine again and then a little drizzle. The weather is confusing us. Argh! We opted to take more photos instead before going home.

Rain or shine

On me:
Plaid dress: Heartbunny boutique
Leather boots: Thrift shop
Bag: Just For 5 Pounds

On Lexy:
Floral white shorts: Sonoma
T-shirt: Hong Kong
Leopard doll shoes: Sugar Kids

At the end of my post, I want to recommend you an amazing online wedding and prom dress store.


Flash Tattoo Giveaway x Stylemoi

10 June 2015

You may have recently spotted a metallic-adorned shoulder blade, wrist, or inner arm and wondered: What is that? You're looking at Flash Tattoos, graphic gold and silver temporary tattoos (not to be confused with glitter tattoos, which got me excited when I was 12—or the metallic tats that Dior once made and were sadly limited edition).

I recently partnered with Stylemoi and we are giving this beautiful set that includes 4 amazing flash tattoos worth USD$29.99 to you for FREE. Just sign up here and you only need to cover the international shipping fee of $3.99!

Plus, you could win $100 coupon a week! Just show us your flash tattoos with the hashtag #stylemoi on Instagram, Twitter or Tumblr.

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