7 Top Museums To See in Toronto

5 July 2021 Toronto, ON, Canada

The top museums in Toronto are worldwide renowned collections of history, art, and oddities. These top museums in Toronto will tickle your cultural muscles, whether you want to brush up on your Canadian history, study avant-garde art displays, or go inside the home of Toronto's first mayor. (Warning: It is said that his ghost still haunts it up to this day).

1. Casa Loma

Casa Loma, built in 1914, is designed to resemble a lavish European ch√Ęteau, complete with an 800-foot tunnel, turrets, stables, and five acres of grounds.

Reason to go: Although Canada might relatively be a young country, that does not exclude Toronto from having its own castle. The former residence of Canadian financier Sir Henry Pellat, is ideal. Before traveling to the Queen's Own Rifles Museum on the third floor, take in the Downton Abbey-esque apartments.

2. Mackenzie House

The former residence of Toronto's first mayor is now a museum that is said to be haunted by his spirit.

Reason to go: Before you start believing that all Canadian history is peaceful and pleasant, stop by the Mackenzie House to dispel your assumptions quickly. After leading the 1837 Rebellion, the city official and radical journalist was forced into exile in the United States. Examine the exhibits and look out for his ghost, who has been seen at the printing press. Check out houses for sale in Toronto.

3. Royal Ontario Museum

This museum is a must-see because of its extensive collection of cultural and historical relics.

Reason to go: Visit the Royal Ontario Museum to learn anything from First Nations art to modern fashion and the dinosaur era. The museum has a constantly changing calendar of exhibitions and activities, such as Friday Night Live, which converts the galleries into a party with live DJs, food, and drinks throughout the summer.

4. Art Gallery of Ontario

The Art Gallery of Ontario is a solid bet on the creative front; in fact, it's a work of art in and of itself.

Reason to go: This gallery was built by Toronto-born architect Frank Gehry to be a sculpture in and of itself, with over 95,000 works of art in its collection, including an extensive collection of Canadian art.

5. Hockey Hall of Fame

This museum dedicated to Canada's national sport is brimming with hockey memorabilia.

Reason to go: It's nearly a rule in this ice-obsessed country for visitors to pay tribute to Canada's hockey greats. Visit the Stanley Cup's permanent home, compete in the Shoot Out simulation against famous players, and peruse the unequaled collection of jerseys and other memorabilia in the vast Tissot World of Hockey Zone.

6. Museum of Contemporary Art

The Museum of Contemporary Art (MoCa) was originally known as the Museum of Contemporary Canadian Art and reopened in 2018 in a new location at the Tower Automotive Building (Mocca). 

Reason to go:  The museum, smack dab in the city's Junction Triangle (it used to be in the West Queen West neighborhood), is home to a slew of must-see exhibits, including Mark Dion's "The Life of a Dead Tree" (which commemorates the 100th anniversary of the Tower Automotive building) and "Honest Shop" (part of the Art in Use series). The public is always welcome to touch and reassemble Andreas Angelidakis' "DEMOS - A Reconstruction Invitation Project" installation of 74 foam pieces.

7. Textile Museum of Canada

This textile arts museum is the only one of its kind in Canada.

Reason to go: The downtown museum focuses on the importance of cloth and fabric in civilization, with a permanent collection of almost 13,000 pieces spanning nearly 2,000 years and 200 regions throughout the world.

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