6 Helpful Tips On Becoming A Digital Nomad

10 May 2021

I am a freelancer and a blogger for so many years, along with my studies and being a corporate worker. Then I fell in love with travel and have been fascinated by new places ever since, so I filed for vacation leaves whenever I can. 2 years in my last corporate job, I was unhappy. I tried just to suck it all up and continue to work, but it drained the life out of me. I couldn't just quit my office job. Depressed and had anxieties, I started seeing a psychiatrist and filed for a medical leave for two weeks. I was then clinically diagnosed and took anti-psychotic meds. My 2-week medical leave resulted in indefinite leave. Then I finally decided to resign.

I know then that I don't want to become a corporate worker contained in a cubicle. I have finally decided to resign and quit my office job, and switched to full-time freelancing. I was afraid before to make the switch to full-time freelancing because I didn't believe in myself. But now I'm actually happy that I did. I am now able to manage my anxieties and depression and be a better version of myself. Just contented and happy.

I decided not to just be a freelancer stuck at home but also switched into a work-from-anywhere lifestyle and be my own boss. Being your own boss is fun, but it can also be exhausting if you have no idea what you're doing and no one to teach you!

If you want to live a nomadic lifestyle filled with travel, discovery, and hard work, then here's my 6 helpful tips on the digital nomad lifestyle.

Be prepared for an exciting but challenging life

As a digital nomad, keep in mind that you are always on the move. So, prepare your body and mind for this form of lifestyle by staying in shape. Well, it won't necessarily be more complicated than anything else, but it will undoubtedly be unique and different from others. Since you are your own boss here, self-motivation is essential. Not only would you have to work hard here, but you'd also have to be imaginative and inventive. You must strike a balance between your work and your independence, and build your life around it.

Maintain a positive attitude and to work regularly

It's critical to accept your new lifestyle and adjust accordingly now that you work for yourself and work whenever you want. When living nomadically, the aim is to remain productive and committed and to not let something get in the way of your work or your mood. Decide how you'll treat your working life, keeping in mind that it's crucial to maintain a positive attitude and work regularly. You must devote time to marketing and maintain contact with your clients.

Network as much as you can

You can't live as a blogger if you don't have safe and consistent internet access. If you want to work as a travel blogger, networking should be at the top of your priority list. After all, there could be looming deadlines or several emails to send and clients to please or important updates to provide. You should try to maintain contact with your fellow freelancers, potential clients, and social media outlets. It's all about being alive, on the move, and keeping things fresh when it comes to travel blogging.

Make new connections as you go

Working from anywhere alone as a digital nomad does not have to mean being socially isolated. Traveling provides you with a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to meet new people and expand your network. Take advantage of the hundreds of businesses in every new location you visit, and update your blog with their details. You can work almost anywhere, at any time, and in a fantastic social setting.

Be transparent with time-zone differences

Your client should be mindful of where you are and the time zone change if you are a digital nomad. This is to avoid causing any inconveniences and avoiding numerous headaches. If you call at the wrong time, you could get many missed calls and no answers. Do not expect others to adapt to your lifestyle simply because you are living it. You should, however, always keep in mind that.

Expand your source of income

Making money is difficult enough, but making a living as a digital nomad is even more difficult. As a digital nomad, keep the job diverse. You should still have a few tasks on the go.

If you have a blog, supplement your daily income. In my case, I maximize my income with affiliate links and a few advertisements. You can also make money via Intellifluence or sponsored posts. If you don't have a blog but have an eye for photography, you can become an influencer through your social media channels, like Instagram.

Remember the simple tips above to start living your life as a digital nomad. One thing is sure: life will undoubtedly be enjoyable and exciting. On the other hand, the struggles just add to the incentive and inspiration to keep going full throttle.

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