How I Keep an Eye on Home While Travelling: Qihoo 360 Smart Camera Review

26 August 2017

I travel a lot! Regardless if it is a long week of adventure or a short day trip; and every time I’m away, I am always concerned about my loft when I’m not at home. While I trust my neighbours and my landlady, the reality is that other people have keys to my home and I’ve always wondered if they came in and visited while I am away. Eventually my escapades will end and have to come back to reality.

So for the past 3 weeks, I’ve been testing Qihoo 360 Smart Camera D606 model out…

Qihoo 360 Smart Camera Kit

The Qihoo 360 Smart Camera is not your ordinary CCTV camera but it is an IP (internet protocol) camera - it is a digitized and networked version of the CCTV. Unlike analog CCTV cameras, it can send and receive data via a computer network and the internet.

It is packed in such a diminutive package. Inside the box is everything that you’ll need to get started and I was able to set everything up in less than 10 minutes. The magnetic base is strong enough which enables you to stick it to metallic surfaces and position it however you like; but if you’re not planning to stick it on something metal, the pack comes with a sticker film. Voila! You’re ready to go.

The Setup

Setting up the the whole camera was a breeze. Just follow the instruction booklet that comes with the package. The next step was downloading the “360 Smart Camera” app on my android phone. Plug it in, pair the camera with wi-fi and your phone, and then sync the sound waves. You’ll be up and running soon enough.

The 360 Smart Camera Mobile App

Once connected, you can easily access the video streams through the mobile app available for both Android and iOS devices. The 360 Camera app is essential for camera setup and operation, which makes the whole process very convenient.

Through the app, of the best handy-dandy feature of the camera is that it alerts you when there’s movement. This setting is called “Homewatch”, which sends you notifications through your mobile phone every time it detects a movement. Homewatch lets you set the time-period, notification type and sensitivity settings. It’s ultra-sensitive that even just one small movement can send an alert to you. It even sent me a notification when a gentle breeze just blew my curtains. Ha, you don’t want your phone to be buzzing all day. Thankfully, I can adjust the sensitivity level or just disable it when I am home.

The Performance

The camera is manually rotatable and the camera itself has a 150-degrees wide-angle field of vision. It connects to any WiFi and has a micro SD card slot for local storage, or when used with the smartphone app can record to the handset, or to the cloud (with a subscription). During the day, the objects inside the room are evident enough to be seen on record. In a pitch black room, it’s night vision capability works well enough and captures objects near its sight.

The Recording

The camera itself have a microSD slot that can accommodate up to 32 GB and since it is an IP camera, you can transmit and save data via the cloud. The Cloud Recording service is available for subscription but I suggest ditching the Cloud Recording and just purchase a 32 GB sd card instead.

The Two-Way Audio: Built-in microphone and sound

I tested out the camera’s speakers and mic, and both features were pretty decent. To test it out, I turned my radio on, went outside, and used the app. I can hear the radio playing loudly and clearly even if I am at the mall. I can also use my phone as the microphone through the 360 Smart Camera’s speaker. Think of it like you’re the Big Brother of your own home.

So What Did I Discover?

Having the Qihoo 360 Smart Camera installed in my home was the best thing I ever did as I was able to answer one of the burning questions I have had while I am thousand miles away. Being able to keep tabs on my space while I’m travelling is a great concept. Now I don’t have to worry about my fear of “Did my loft burn down while away?” or “Did an enterprising burglar just ransacked through my home?”

So far, I haven't had that problem and if I do, I'll have concrete video proof that it did so that makes me able to relax a bit too.

Final Words...

Overall, the Qihoo 360 Smart Camera is a great nifty little home security camera, and a great option for someone looking for extremely capable and easy to use camera system to monitor the home, pets, kids, office, and/or elderly while on the go. With its tasteful droplet design paired with a rotatable base, night-vision capability, and its uber sensitive anti-theft feature, this product is clearly a true electronics consumer package that is poised and compelling to be a leader in the smart home space.

Plus, by being able to monitor things back home it will also help you enjoy your vacation more with the confidence that everything is okay.

Where to buy?

There are two model varieties of the Qihoo 360 Smart Camera available at any leading tech and gadget stores nationwide. You can also buy them online via Lazada or Shopee (D606 model / D503 model).

*Disclosure: In exchange for this post review, I got to take home my very own Qihoo 360 Smart Camera D606 model. All opinions are completely my own.

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