Stand Out in Your Summer Dress

28 June 2017

Summer dresses are a staple of the season, and with good reason too – they’re cute, cooling and easy just to throw on before you head out the door. The only problem with summer dresses is that everyone else is wearing them too, and that can leave you feeling a bit like a clone, rather than the unique, creative woman that you are.

Luckily, there are lots of things you can do to liven up your outfit and ensure that you always stand out in your summer dress…

Go for Rose Gold Accessories

Summer is the perfect season to add an extra bit of bling to your outfit. The sun is shining, and the way it glints and gleams off your jewelry ensures that you always stand out from the crowd.

Right now, rose gold Jewelry, like the stuff at is really hot and not only does it go well with the pastel colors that so many summer dresses are made up of, but it looks great against lightly tanned skin, so if you wear rose gold this summer, you will turn heads.

Invest in a striking Pair of Shoes

Most women tend to team their summer dresses with plain sandals, which h although they work well, aren’t exactly inspiring. If you want to take your summer look to the next level, therefore, teaming your summer dress with a bold pair of heels, in a primary color like yellow, pink or red will ensure you stand out and look hotter than the sun! If you’re on a tight budget, use the coupons at to cut the cost of buying that perfect pair of shoes that will elevate your outfit, or consider changing the color of an old pair of heels using one of the many DIY methods available.

Add a Belt

If you’re go to summer dress is a long flowing maxi, and you want it to stand out from all the other billowing summer dresses out there, dig that old belt out of your closet and wear it around your waist. It’ll pull you in at all the right places, emphasize your curves and make your dress look different to the rest. For an extra style, kick choose a belt that is patterned, woven or gold!

Try a Hat

Summer dresses and hats go hand in hand, but so many women are scared of rocking summer hats, that if you choose to wear one, you’ll definitely stand out and you’ll give your dress a more interesting, creative vibe than it had before. I’d suggest either wearing a floppy straw hat if you’re going for a cute vibe or an off-center trilby if you want to rock the boho babe look.

Wear a Vest

When it’s summer, and it’s hot outside, you don’t really want to add too many layers, but a thin vest won’t make you too hot or uncomfortable, and it will absolutely transform your plain summer dress into a pretty bohemian outfit with very little effort at all, especially if yu choose a longline vest.

How do you style your summer dress to give it some extra oomph?

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