Why New Experiences Are So Important

5 May 2017

Time is a funny thing. A lot of people make the argument that time flies when you’re having fun, and that it really drags when you’re bored. And that’s certainly true in the short-term. But the problem with this line of thinking is that it really doesn’t apply all that well to the long-term.

If you’re living a life filled with fun, new experiences, then your brain will be more active, taking in more memories and detail. When you look back on your life, all that time will actually appear quite long - it will “stretch out”, in a way. If you don’t do anything new, then all the days just sort of blur together. You’ll have trouble remembering one day from another, or even one week or month from another. When that happens, life will appear to have flown by you at tremendous speed.

This is why it’s so important that people try out new experiences. This is one of the reasons why travel is so important to a lot of people. We’re going to take a look at the other benefits that a life full of new experiences gives you.

It broadens your horizons

Trying new experiences is great, but a lot of people keep it to things they think they’d be familiar or comfortable with. The problem with this is that you never really broaden your horizons if you don’t take a chance with things you originally felt were outside your comfort zone.

This sort of thinking can encompass many experiences, from the extreme to the more down-to-earth. Jumping out of a plane might be outside your comfort zone - but doing it might help you defeat fears. You might not think seeing a psychic would do you any good, but how do you know if you never check a psychics directory?

It can help you land a job

When you’ve experienced a lot of things, it makes you look very interesting - and employers want to hire interesting people. The more things you try, the more skills you acquire. In fact, this willingness to experience new things may even by what prompts you to find a better job in the first place.

If you’ve been working the same job for a long time and you’re feeling a little bored and underused, then going out there and finding something within your skillset but outside of your usual job searches could be the key to a more exciting professional life.

It helps you connect with others

Communication skills rely a lot on your ability to find common interests with people, as well as your ability to impart new and fascinating information. The more things you’ve experienced, the easier it is to bring both of those things to the table when you’re conversing with new people.

New experiences help you expand you "bank" of interesting conversation subjects. You must have met at least one person in your life who was fascinating because they seemed to have had so many experiences in their life. Not only that, but trying out new things is generally what introduces you to new people in the first place!

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