The Many Secrets Of A Private Holiday Home

4 February 2017

If travelling is a wonderful thing, what makes it so is to be able to share perfect moments with the people you care the most about. It is about being able to take your family, or to go with your friends, and enjoy a peaceful break together, or maybe discover new horizons at the same time. However, when you choose to go on holiday, there are many options that you could choose from. Would you prefer to stay in a hotel? Would you rather pick a rental vacation? Both have their pros and cons, of course. But for today, what we want to look at, is why renting a private home is the best thing that could happen to you when your feet are feeling itchy with travel lust.

Cheaper For Holidaymakers

For a start, if you are planning a holiday with your friends or your family, or even both, you will soon find that the hotel costs can be very high. While travelling in numbers can be an advantageous experience when it comes to group tours and safety, it can also be quite an investment when you start considering hotel rooms and restaurants. Going private for your holiday plan and renting a home for your group can save up to 50% compared to hotel prices. Additionally, you will also see huge savings when it comes to food, as you can organize to cook a lot yourself. This means more money for all the other activities!

A Smart Investment To Attract Urban Holidaymakers

There’s another advantage that is worth considering for those who love to go back to the same region. Why don’t you consider buying a rental property so that you don’t need to look for a place to stay every year? If you think this sounds like a risky investment, think again! Holiday homes in peaceful retreats, such as the beautiful Catskill Mountains which attract VIPs looking for an incognito life, are becoming the next buy-to-let investment across the globe, with landlords making huge benefits on the renting of their properties. So maybe it’s worth looking for holiday properties to buy at a short distance of urban areas? You could get in touch with real estate agencies locations that are easy to reach and famously quiet, such as Windham NY real estate in the Catskills - an attractive world of celebrities only 2 hours of NYC - and discuss the different options that are available for your finances.

A Space To Call Your Own

Finally, a private home is a place where you make your own rule, whether you go as a holidaymaker and a landlord. There’s no room service to clean the room, but at the same time, there’s no room service to wake you up. If you wake up too late, you don’t have to skip breakfast because you’ve missed the buffet hours; you can simply open the fridge and pour yourself a glass of orange juice while you ponder whether to continue with cereals or a delicious croissant. You can enjoy the holiday at your own pace, and you can spend the evening chatting together without the hotel staff clearing up the bar area around you, or other guests frowning at you. And more importantly, if this is your property, you are free to decorate as you see fit. This means total freedom for a huge homely feeling.

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