My 2016 goals

28 December 2015

I was thinking of doing a post recap on what happened this year of 2015, but this year seemed so blah. Nothing much happened really. There are, I think, only two great things that happened this year that truly made a mark in my life though. One, my graduation day (May 14). So cheers for accomplishing my bachelor's degree (finally!). Two, finally pursuing graduate school and currently taking up my master's degree in psychology. Well, I really never thought to make it this far. Thank you 2015!

Today, I want to share my goals this coming 2016 and I can't wait to accomplish them one step at a time. So bring it on 2016!

Personal goals
☐ Go watch a movie at the cinema alone.
☐ Travel out of the country.
☐ Learn photography.

Career goals
☐ Learn new sales skills to sell with less effort.
☐ React less and work and respond more.
☐ Find a mentor or BE a mentor.
☐ Find a career that doesn't feel like work.
☐ Read "The E-Myth:, by Michael Gerber.
☐ Organize daily schedule more efficiently.

Financial goals
☐ Save 300 pesos every week.

Social and relationship goals
☐ Have a picnic under a tree.
☐ Have a getaway together with the boyfriend.

Health and fitness goals
☐ Exercise 3 times a week. I'm thinking of taking up Zumba lessons this year.
☐ Achieve and maintain a weight of 45 kilograms. I'm 52 kilos, by the way.

Blogging goals
☐ Achieve a certain Google PageRank.
☐ Post in the blog at least twice a week.
☐ Help someone else start a blog.
☐ Come up with more product reviews.

Other goals
☐ Learn and speak Japanese.
☐ Read "It's Kind of a Funny Story", by Ned Vezzine.

I'm currently working on more goals to add for 2016 so stay updated. :) How about you? Do you have any 2016 goals? Just share them down on the comment box below.


  1. Hi Charlotte, thank you for sharing your goals, it's inspired me to widen my goals for next year too because I always give myself just 3-5 things to accomplish before my mind wanders lol. Have a great year, full speed to 2016! =)

  2. I am thinking of creating my 2016 goals too! These are nice goals, by the way. I already tried watching a movie in cinema alone. I can clearly remember because it was Harry Potter!

    Hope you can accomplish all of these, 100%! :)

    Happy New Year sis!!!

  3. Congratulations on your big achievements last year! Goodluck with your masters! :)

    I was able to watch a movie alone before because I had no choice haha At work, we get free movie tickets during our birthdays and because that time, I have no other colleagues who share the same birth month with me, I have no one to watch the movie with. It was sad, but fufilling that at last I did it haha

    I also want to be fit this year. I want to take Zumba too, but still can't find a good studio class. Last year I already started with Lebran classes and yoga classes. Way to go! :)

    Now that I'm back to blogging, I also want to become a better blogger!

    Wish you a great 2016 Ahead, Char! Hope you'll able to achieve all your goals! :)


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