To ache is to be alive

28 September 2015

"There are, I think, only two types of people. There are those who ache, and those who don’t. I have yet to meet those who don’t. I ache for the unrealisable dreams, I ache for the options I didn’t take. I ache for the world as I wish it was. I ache because I love the world, and I hate I’ll have to leave it so soon, too soon. I knew a man who ached because he’d always wanted slightly more. I knew a man. She would lie beside him, and she could never be enough, and he knew it, because he would always want more. Does the ache get passed by the hurt? There are two types of people, those who live and those who don't. I’d wrap you in silk if I thought it would keep you safe but I know the only way to live is to love so much it aches. Love everything, love the hurt that loving can leave. To ache is to be alive. I remember you saying that, just before you left." - Martin Edwards

Foggy Day

Foggy Day





Chiffon blouse c/o: Playful Promises
Skinny pants: Bazaar
Boots: Thrift shop


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