And all is lost

15 May 2015

I feel so devastated right now. My host suspended my hosting due to a high CPU usage. I never saw it coming... And yesterday, boom my files, database, and everything all disappeared! All my effort, every drop of sweat, those nights that "I don't want to sleep because I need to blog this", all my posts, everything was gone! I am BACK TO ZERO, again.

Lesson learned: always back up your files, especially if you are using a self-hosted website.

Luckily for me, my domain name is separated from my host. And today, I just decided to transfer back to Blogspot (forever?). Same domain name just different host. I will try to recover all my previous posts though. If not, well I guess this would be yet another first post.


  1. I'm just starting out with a self-hosted blog and I know how hard it is to try and recover (and fix) everything. Hugs*

    What happened with your CPU usage? I might need to look that up now.

    Chel x

    1. Hi Chel,

      You better try to do a backup always. There are WP plugins that will help you to do an automatic backup. Unfortunately for me, I haven't installed those plugins before and here I am now, regretting it forever. A self-hosted blog is hard to maintain but I'm sure you will have lots of fun. Goodluck!


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