Vintage lace wedding dresses x Landybridal

25 November 2015

Are you getting married? Well then a lot of congratulations for you. It is a known fact that how happy you must be but sorry to burst the bubble now you also have a lot to worry about. You have a whole wedding to plan. The food, the guest, the venue, the dress. Yes, the dress is something which is of immense importance and anyone can understand how the hunt for a perfect wedding dress can turn out to be a total nightmare. Now, now calm down as it is certainly not desirable for the beautiful bride’s to be to get upset. That is why there is a perfect solution for you, the lace wedding gowns.

New Style Illusion Dropped Train Lace Ivory Sleeveless Wedding Dress with Appliques Romantic Illusion Natural Train Lace White Half Sleeve Wedding Dress with Appliques

Where the specialty lies? Well, what do you think is a perfect dress? It is something which is elegant and totally sophisticated. The dress, most importantly should look good on you and flatter your body structure. Now, that kind of the dress can be a stress to find. However, with the help of the lace wedding dresses that problem can be solved. These kind of cheap wedding dresses are simply amazing. The signature style in these dresses is that they have specially fitted lace in them. The laces are combined in the dress in such a manner that they look absolutely stunning. The dresses are also specially designed in such a manner that they flatter your body structure and make you look even more gracious. The color range that you get in this is also very flattering. Beside that another aspect is the design of the dresses. The lace wedding gowns can be availed in the vintage design as well as that of the modern ones.

Vintage Trumpet Mermaid One Shoulder Chapel Train Ivory Wedding Dress Romantic A Line Scoop Chapel Train Lace Ivory Short Sleeve Zipper With Buttons Wedding Dress

The other gowns. In a wedding, the dresses of the bride, in Swedish is "bröllopsklänningar", no wonder matters the most. However, there are also others who need to put up nice dresses to keep the whole picture in parity. One such is the mother of the bridal dress. You may be the lovely mother of the lady but that doesn’t mean that you will not have dress which is absolutely gorgeous, on the contrary as the mother of the bride you need to wear such a dress which is elegant yet makes you look magnificent.

In the earlier times the option for the dresses of the bridesmaid was quite limited. They all have to wear that dress which was available and the number was quite less. However, now with the help of the lace bridesmaid dresses that problem can be easily solved. Now, the collection of the dresses for the beautiful bridesmaids have enhanced to a great level. The designs in which they are available in also vary a lot. Not, only that but you can also opt for the dresses with vintage designs as well as that of the modern dresses. The materials which are used in the dresses are also varied. You can also find mix and matches options in the Lace bridesmaid dresses.

Now, you may ask that what are the options for the mother of the bride dress and the bridesmaid dress? Well then let’s assure you that the options are varied. You can get dresses which will enhance your personality type and make you look even lovelier. The dresses are available in various kinds of materials and also in a mixed match variety. The colors in which the dresses come are no doubt absolutely adorable and perfect for the occasion. Moreover, the design ranges from being traditional to cutting edge modern.

So, now that you know all about the vintage lace wedding dresses, the mother of the bride dresses and the cheap flower girl dresses, then are you wondering from where to avail them? Well the best option to avail these dresses is from Landybridal. There you get to choose a variety of wedding dresses 2016 and all other bridal needs and get them delivered right at your doorstep.


Landybridal, a leading wedding dress and occasion dress manufacturer and we have our own factory; we have been engaged in the wedding dress industry for more than 15 years (since 1999), and do both wholesale and retail business, also accept OEM orders. All of their items are of high quality and they also provide excellent customer service to help you make your dream wedding come true.

Black Friday Lookbook x Choies

22 November 2015

Black Friday is a great saving event which falls on the fourth Friday of November. After Thanksgiving, this is another event that makes everyone happy and elated with numerous shopping offers on various products online. There are many services which can be availed at huge discounts during this Black Friday Sale.

Black Friday is probably the most awaited and popular shopping festival of the year that is loved by almost everyone. It is a kick-start to the shopping season for Christmas and is followed so religiously that nobody can get over its influence so easily. After Thanksgiving, while most of the people try to calm themselves and relax for some time, there are many who only wait for this biggest shopping event eagerly. The great discounts, amazing offers and extraordinary deals catch the eyes of the shoppers and make them go crazy.

Since it is a prominent event, a lot of things can be done during the same. So while you are preparing your shopping list, let us help you with some tricks that will help you make the most of this shopping fiesta.

1. Plan Carefully. Success in every part of life depends on how you plan your game. Whether it is a critical problem or a matter of great concern, planning always helps in getting better results. Same is the case with this shopping event where planning attentively could make you get your favorite bag or dress at a much cheaper price. Chalk out a strategy a day prior to the event, such as what to buy, where to buy from and what limit should your budget have, etc. Doing this will make your shopping a better experience. If you have trouble on the things you need to buy? Head on to Choies lookbook.

White Cat Pattern Collar Pocket Detail Long Sleeve Shirt Black Sheer Panel Shift Dress

2. Check Timings of the Sale. The next step that should be followed is checking the timings of the stores where you wish to take advantage of the sale from. Whether you are planning to purchase offline or online, keep a check on the start timings so that you are able to get more options and better prices. Choies give special treatment to its customers during Black Friday sale. You can save up to 80% off and get an extra $15 off for a purchase worth $49+ by using the code: BLACK15. Plus, get an additional leg warmer for free for orders $59. Make sure you grab the best at the lowest by adopting this clever strategy.

Black Stripe Cross Strap Back Sleeveless Maxi Dress White Square Neck Cap Sleeve Cut Out Back Skater Dress

Now when you have the whole checklist, get in the mood of shopping and enjoy the event!

Beach wedding dresses x Cocomelody

18 November 2015

Beach wedding dresses have some of the most wide-ranging choices and are some of the most interesting dresses to choose from. Your choice of material, style, and color are almost unlimited. You have a lot more to pick from than just a traditional wedding dress.

Choosing the right beach wedding dresses from all the different styles of beach wedding dresses will of course depend on your choice of style for your beach wedding. Whether you decide on formal and elegant, casual and fun, or semi-formal or semi-casual you will be able to find a wedding dress or gown to fit the setting. Whatever style you choose will be very romantic and beautiful.

Formal weddings are usually considered to be the most romantic. With candles, flowers, and ribbons, you can set the stage even on a beach for what is considered a traditional wedding complete with the traditional dress. The long, flowing gown and veil blowing in the gentle breeze from the ocean, especially at night with the flickering candles, will be absolutely beautiful.

Pretty Sheath-Column V-Neck Natural Train Chiffon Ivory Sleeveless Zipper Wedding Dress Modern Sheath-Column Strapless Floor Length Tulle Wedding Dress

Should you decide on a more casual style of beach wedding you would probably have even more choices as to the type and color of your wedding dress. You could have a long, flowing caftan dress, or a short mini-skirt, or a waltz length dress of any color and style. There are so many different kinds of beach wedding dresses to choose from that it will be hard to make a decision.

A more casual wedding could involve you wearing a simple tunic style dress, or a mini-dress. Maybe even a skort. There are many more choices for beach wedding dresses in this category. You would probably be more comfortable in something casual on the beach in case you want to sit in the sand and watch the waves after the ceremony. And it would probably make it easier on your guests to wear something more casual on the beach. You might consider having a beach party afterward for your guests.

Beach Asymmetrical Strapless Empire High-Low Tulle Wedding Dress Lovely A-line Strapless Short-Mini Lace Wedding Dress

In between those two options you have your regular dresses. Something like a cocktail dress or Sunday dress. It could be a bright solid color or a pretty flowery patterned dress. It could be waltz length, tea length, or long. Either would be appropriate for a beach wedding. Either could be classified as semi-formal or semi-casual. So the guests would be dressed appropriately in almost whatever they chose to wear.

Impressive Sheath-Column Square Empire Waist Sweep-Brush Train Chiffon Wedding Dress Luxurious A-Line Strapless Court Train Chiffon Wedding Dress

When you start planning your beach wedding, get your family and friends to help you. You might get some ideas about the wedding and your dress from them that you didn't think of. And it will also be fun to have all the extra help with the planning. Just be sure that your choice of a wedding dress is what you want.

Whatever kind of beach wedding you plan to have, you will want the perfect dress to help make it the most special and romantic day of your life. You will always have the memories of the wedding and the way your groom looked at you walking down the aisle to him in your beautiful wedding dress. That will always be a special memory for him too.

So if you are planning a beach wedding, you'll need to decide what kind of wedding you want, formal, casual, or semi-formal or semi-casual and then you will know what kind of dress you need to choose. Check out Cocomelody for the best 2016 wedding dresses. Once you know what kind of dress you want then you can decide on the type of material you want to use. Then you'll be ready for the color choices. Your color choices, like your material choices, are almost unending.

Cocomelody - Wedding dresses

Cocomelody is a bridal online store that provides couture gowns of the bride's dreams, not only in high quality, but also at affordable prices. And oh, get a $20 off for every order worth $200+, $40 off for every order worth $300+, and $60 off for every order worth $400+. The more you shop, the bigger the discount! Awesome!

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I am a wanderer

17 November 2015

Forest Wanderer

I am a wanderer, i am a wanderer,
i belong to every place,
every place belongs to me,
all are one and the same,
just with a different name,
they all are home to me.

I am a wanderer, i am a wanderer,
i understand everybody's song,
i can sing anybody's song,
i need no annotations,
as i understand the emotions,
no song is now odd to me.

Forest Wanderer

I am a wanderer, i am a wanderer,
i have no friends, i have no foes,
still thousands my heart knows,
i don't give in to love,
from hate too i have risen above,
i like people as they choose to be.

I am a wanderer, i am a wanderer,
like the ever free flowing air,
a moment here and than elsewhere,
i have no one to keep and care,
no one waits for me anywhere,
wandering is all of the life to me.

I am a wanderer, i am a wanderer,
I am a wanderer, i am a wanderer...

- Sunny Mital

Forest Wanderer

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Social media: Growing your online community

15 November 2015

Establishing your own online community is a common goal many share either personal or business reasons. As social media use soars in popularity so does the traffic that can be found at these sites. As a result online marketers have targeted these communities and have taken to using social networking sites as promotional platforms for their businesses. Well like in most everything else there is a right and wrong way in which to approach any social networking community with the goal to market goods and services.

Here are 3 tips on growing your online community:

One Step at a Time. A common miscue many make when using social media for business is that they attempt to work too many sites at the same time. Although this may work well for time efficiency it will not be effective! These communities are based upon socializing and this is not something you can 'outsource' or do quickly. To be effective YOU must show up and invest the time to 'win friends and influence people' in order to achieve your business goals.

It is recommended you focus on a few communities that work best for you and develop your networks there. In this way you will be more effective and will not be jumping from one site to the next which will result in much wasted time and effort.

Establish Relations First. Once again you are in a community founded for socializing and that is why most everybody frequents these sites. One of the best ways to turn people off is by immediately and continuously promoting your business. These people will only consider purchasing from you if they are familiar with and like you. Building relationships and gaining trust is not something you can do quickly but instead will require time and patience. And along those lines…

Focus on Relationships. Put away the 'numbers' mentality you bring with you thinking you need a large following to successfully promote when using social networking sites... If your focus is primarily on building a large group of followers it will be reflected in your relationship building efforts or lack thereof. Build solid and meaningful relations with those people with whom you have established contact. If your efforts are successful these same people will refer their friends and you will build a large and solid foundation for your following.

By taking the time and patience to gain followers in this manner your future marketing efforts will be much more effective and your followers will remain loyal.

Building your own online community is a tact that many online marketers are using to help build their businesses. The more that social media use began to soar the more inevitable it became that this traffic would eventually be targeted by merchants. The key to any effectiveness and efficiency when promoting within any social networking community is the approach and patience. The 3 tips offered here addressed these points and suggest that greater results will be experienced with the use of subtlety and of course as already mentioned, patience. It becomes a matter of applying your 'green thumb' to growing a network that will yield you a bountiful harvest, just do not expect it to bloom overnight!

Get a free online education by joining Hootsuite's Podium and develop modern skills for leveraging social media for your business. Join today!

Tropical OOTD

11 November 2015

I live in a tropical country and if you're looking for a vacation away from the winter cold. Then may I suggest, how about a tropical beach vacation? A tropical beach vacation can provide you with a variety of adventures that make great stories to tell but even better experiences to live. With so much of this planet's surface being covered with oceans there is a vast number of beaches from which to choose. From Mexico to southern Europe to the islands of the Carribean Sea or the Pacific Ocean, there are so many beautiful spots to enjoy. Every year you could pick a new one to see and never visit the same one twice.

For a tropical vacation getaway, always choose light weight and breathable clothing. You want a cloth that is physically light. This could also save you a room for more space inside your luggage. A light breathable clothing material makes it easier for the air to circulate to help you stay cool.

Of course, temperature at the beach gets cold especially during the night. So don't forget your cardigan. Slipped that on, while having a walk at the beach with your boyfriend.

And oh, don't forget a little bag to keep your valuables with you. A small sling bag is perfect! And accessorize!

Choies BOGO and 11.11 sale is on!

10 November 2015

Choies has launched its BOGO (buy one get one) Thanksgiving sale. Buy one item and get another item in half price. From blouses, shirts, coats, jackets, and more. Now stock up on the fashion basics on Choies.

Blue Stripe Pocket Detail Long Sleeve Shirt Blue Pocket Detail Long Sleeve Denim Shirt

Plus, get more savings because Choies launched their Double 11 sale which will end on November 12, 2015. You can save up to 80% off. What's more, you can get an additional $5 off for every order worth $59+ (use code: SINGLES5), $11 off for every order worth $99+ (use code: SINGLES11), and $25 off for every order worth $199+ (use code: SINGLES25)!

Black Square Toe Lace Up Platform Chunky Heel Boots Black High Waist Ripped Cut Out Skinny Jeans

The blue bird

9 November 2015

"there’s a bluebird in my heart that
wants to get out
but I’m too tough for him,
I say, stay in there, I’m not going
to let anybody see

there’s a bluebird in my heart that
wants to get out
but I pour whiskey on him and inhale
cigarette smoke
and the whores and the bartenders
and the grocery clerks
never know that
in there.

there’s a bluebird in my heart that
wants to get out
but I’m too tough for him,
I say,
stay down, do you want to mess
me up?
you want to screw up the
you want to blow my book sales in

there’s a bluebird in my heart that
wants to get out
but I’m too clever, I only let him out
at night sometimes
when everybody’s asleep.
I say, I know that you’re there,
so don’t be sad.

then I put him back,
but he’s still singing a little
in there, I haven’t quite let him
and we sleep together like
with our
secret pact
and it’s nice enough to
make a man
weep, but I don’t
weep, do
you?" ― Charles Bukowski, The Blue Bird from The Last Night of the Earth Poems





Bodycon nautical dress c/o: Sammydress
Nude studded open-toe wedge: Celine
Accessories c/o: Eternal Girl and Sammydress

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Backpacks for women x Omgnb

8 November 2015

There are many bags which are used by people for travelling purpose. If you are travelling by bus, car, and train or by air you always need a backpack. If you are travelling, then it is the thing to put all your clothes in a big and comfortable bag. You should have at least big bags if you are travelling. So if you don’t have one, go for shopping for the bag right now.

Retro Square PVC Traveling Backpacks For Women

Durable Casual Canvas Traveling Backpacks For Women

Buying a bag is an interesting and an exciting experience. You will easily find small and big bags in the market and buy the one as per your own needs. The colors which are available in the bag are basically black, red, brown, gray, and more. Vintage style backpack bags are very famous and many people use this bag for travel purpose. It is very stylish and modern bag that has its own charm and grace. Both men and women can use it for travel purpose.

Japan and Korean Style Canvas Casual Backpacks for Ladies Going Out

Bucket Drawstring Closured Backpacks Street Style Canvas Casual For Ladies

The other option is the backpack where you can put small things and is basically used when you are travelling alone for a few days. You can put small things in it like your mobile charger, napkins, wipes, two pair of clothes, creams, eatables etc. In some backpack, there are side pockets, and this is where you can put your water bottle.

Retro Multi-pockets Backpacks with Thread Square Brown PVC for Women

Women Khaki Square Leather Flap Korean Style Canvas Backpacks

If you're looking for cheap and affordable backpacks just right in your budget, then may I suggest that you check out They offer backpacks for women and for men in all sizes depending on your needs. You can even gift it to your friend on his or her birthday.

TIP: If you are purchasing it through a website like it is always better to first look at all the possible pictures of that particular backpack.

Single's day sale x Choies

5 November 2015

You had better get off with your right track when it comes shopping for the things that are essential for the rest of the year. In reality, we cannot afford to take all the enjoyment in the world, there are times for that, but sadly, not every day for you are living in a tight budget. Preparing for the Single's Day Sale is just the thing of today to most women who have plans to buy their shoes or handbag.

Buying new stuff is good so long as you can afford the things you are acquiring every now and then. However, there is good way on buying things and that is the Single's Day Sale at Choies. There is nothing wrong with saving for this event at ; in fact, you can even buy more from the money in hand because most items sold for a very low price. Good things come to those who wait as they say but waiting without saving is futile especially when you are planning to go on shopping for the next sale to come.

Here are two tips that you can rely and use in shopping for the Single's Day Sale:

1. Make a wishlist. List the things that you wanted to buy such as shoes, handbags, dresses, shorts, etc. Categorize them in accordance to priority. Write also the price correspond the items in the list. This way, you are like creating a blueprint in which you have estimated the budget and are getting ready to come up with the funds when the big day comes.

2. Use a discount coupon. Don't forget your 15% off discount by using this discount code A14466039801260 at the check out.

Choies offers much more selections about the items that you wanted to buy. However, just make sure to take the exact measurements since you cannot do the actual fitting of the items before making a purchase.

Yes, you do not have to spend much in shopping when you know the right time to do the task in a much cheaper way. It is true that there are times you cannot simply avoid going to events, parties and other celebrations. Hence, you need to be preparing of the things that you need such as shoes, handbags, and dresses. Therefore, it is just wise to prepare and buy the things that you need in the Single's Day Sale at Choies.

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