Choies New Year Sale

31 December 2015

New Year is always an exciting time to do some serious shopping. Choies offers a wide variety of fashion options that are on sale. Choies will always have something new to launch during this season that will get shoppers all excited about the latest fashion. This time of the year is perfect to strike the best deals and to add many trendy outfits in your wardrobe for 2016.

Take advantage of the New Year sale that is being offered by Choies. Who knows? You may be able to find yourself the beautiful outfit that you would like to wear for a special occassion. Dresses, blouses, skirts, and more are available in a large variety. From tunics to t-shirts, jeans to shorts, all kinds of attire is offered on the Choies New Year Sale!

My 2016 goals

28 December 2015

I was thinking of doing a post recap on what happened this year of 2015, but this year seemed so blah. Nothing much happened really. There are, I think, only two great things that happened this year that truly made a mark in my life though. One, my graduation day (May 14). So cheers for accomplishing my bachelor's degree (finally!). Two, finally pursuing graduate school and currently taking up my master's degree in psychology. Well, I really never thought to make it this far. Thank you 2015!

Today, I want to share my goals this coming 2016 and I can't wait to accomplish them one step at a time. So bring it on 2016!

Personal goals
☐ Go watch a movie at the cinema alone.
☐ Travel out of the country.
☐ Learn photography.

Career goals
☐ Learn new sales skills to sell with less effort.
☐ React less and work and respond more.
☐ Find a mentor or BE a mentor.
☐ Find a career that doesn't feel like work.
☐ Read "The E-Myth:, by Michael Gerber.
☐ Organize daily schedule more efficiently.

Financial goals
☐ Save 300 pesos every week.

Social and relationship goals
☐ Have a picnic under a tree.
☐ Have a getaway together with the boyfriend.

Health and fitness goals
☐ Exercise 3 times a week. I'm thinking of taking up Zumba lessons this year.
☐ Achieve and maintain a weight of 45 kilograms. I'm 52 kilos, by the way.

Blogging goals
☐ Achieve a certain Google PageRank.
☐ Post in the blog at least twice a week.
☐ Help someone else start a blog.
☐ Come up with more product reviews.

Other goals
☐ Learn and speak Japanese.
☐ Read "It's Kind of a Funny Story", by Ned Vezzine.

I'm currently working on more goals to add for 2016 so stay updated. :) How about you? Do you have any 2016 goals? Just share them down on the comment box below.

Wonderful world

27 December 2015

I see trees of green, red roses, too,
I see them bloom, for me and you
And I think to myself
What a wonderful world.

I see skies of blue, and clouds of white,
The bright blessed day, the dark sacred night
And I think to myself
What a wonderful world.

The colors of the rainbow, so pretty in the sky,
Are also on the faces of people going by.
I see friends shaking hands, sayin', "How do you do?"
They're really sayin', "I love you."

I hear babies cryin'. I watch them grow.
They'll learn much more than I'll ever know
And I think to myself
What a wonderful world

- Louis Armstrong, What A Wonderful World






Crop top c/o: Romwe
Floral high waist skirt: Thrift store
Vintage leather shoes: Rockport
Backpack c/o: Oasap
Mickey sunnies c/o: SheIn

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Christmas sale x Choies

23 December 2015

For many people, the best thing about Christmas is the gifts they receive. However, purchasing Christmas gifts can be an incredible hassle, especially if you leave it to the last minute and are forced to go shopping in a crowded shopping centre.

Black V Neck Wrap Front Asymmetric Bodycon Dress Black Sheer Panel Shift Dress

Christmas shopping has been known to faze even the most experienced shoppers - but it does not have to be this difficult. There is another way to shop. Thanks to the wonder that is the Internet, you can purchase all your gifts without ever leaving your home. There are plenty of reasons to favour online shopping over regular shopping.

Black Off Shoulder Ruffle Skater Midi White Swan Print Short Sleeve Skater Dress

Choies, an online fashion store, for example, is usually able to offer better prices since they do not have the same expenses as stores with physical locations. Choies have a huge variety of fashionable items available, and often allow you to get a very big discount. Items can be shipped to your home or directly to the recipient of the gift. They offer expedited shipping in the case of gift emergencies. Check out Choies Christmas Sale and get up to 90% off and extra 15% off plus free skinny scarf for orders worth $59+.

Long prom dresses x MsDress

20 December 2015

Long dresses are very formal and elegant and although it is long, it can still bring out the allure of the wearer. Long dresses exist in different styles and designs thus you can wear even either on formal and informal occasions.

There are a lot of styles of long dresses that you can buy but if you are having a hard time selecting the right one for you, then here is a guide to the many styles of long dresses that you can wear during your prom night.

Strapped long prom dresses. One of the most common long prom are the strapped ones. This type of cloths either has a full ball gown skirt, a princess cut or empire cut skirt. This traditional type of prom dress is characterized by having two straps to hold the upper bodice in place. The strap can either be thin or it can be as thick as a sleeve most ball gowns have. The thing about this particular type of long prom dress is that you can wear it on either formal or informal themed proms.

Famous V-neck Straps Chiffon with Sequins A-line Open Back Prom Dresses A-line Scoop Neck Organza Tulle Beading Split Front Ivory Prom Dress

Strapless Long Prom Dress. Most formal cloths are now following the strapless style. What is great about this particular style of prom dress is that it is very modest and it adds allure to the person who is wearing it. The strapless long prom dress usually has a ball gown skirt which adds more mystic to the wearer. You can add more drama to the dress by accessorizing with simple jewelries and a satin scarf to emphasize your neck area.

Wholesale Strapless Sheath/Column Chiffon Appliques Lace Red Prom Dress Chiffon with Appliques Lace Great A-line Sweetheart Red Prom Dresses

Single Strap Evening Prom Dress. This particular type of prom dress has a modern look to it the fact that it only has a single strap which makes it asymmetrical. A sing strap brings out the elegance, glamour and beauty to the wearer. Moreover, this type of dress also has a flirty look on it the fact that its lower half or the skirt usually features the empire cut or princess cut style which most long gowns and dresses are famous for. The asymmetrical strap also tends to make the wearer more mature and worldly.

While most prom dresses follow the trend of having short skirts and sexy bodice, there are still a number of young women who opt to go for the traditional look by wearing long prom dresses. Long dresses exist in different styles and designs and you can choose from the strapped long gowns to a single strap evening dress. What makes long prom dresses great is that they usually exude elegance to the wearer and MsDress offers long prom dresses that have a timeless look in them that never go out of style.

Short prom dresses x MsDress

16 December 2015

Prom is one of the most exciting days of teenagers' entire high school life. Girls and boys are excited to take part in the most important event of their high school. Everyone tries to impress others deeply with perfect look and clothes. Boys choose their fancy suits and tuxes, while girls pay more attention on what to wear carefully. The ladies always have the hard time choosing on what to wear to their special night because there are a range of dresses for them choose.

Dark Navy Scoop Neck Backless Tulle Beading Short/Mini Prom Dresses Short/Mini Scoop Neck Ivory Tulle Appliques Lace Exclusive Two Piece Prom Dress

One of the best prom dresses that will flatter your curves are the short ones. Short prom dresses are the best! Find the short prom dress of your dreams only at MsDress. All their dresses are affordable yet of high-quality and stylish.

Scoop Neck Tulle Popular Short/Mini Appliques Lace Black Prom Dress Sheath/Column Black Silk-like Satin Appliques Lace Cap Straps V-neck Prom Dress

Prom tip: When it comes to the best prom styles many feel that the natural style is the best and easiest to do yourself. So if you don't have it in your budget to go to the salon for your prom hair style than the natural style may be best for you. In order to create this style you simply wash your hair and allow it to air dry slightly. Next you can use styling cream throughout your hair, and use the flat-iron to get your hair perfectly straight. To give it an extra special touch you can add a slight curl to the ends and you are ready to go. Some even choose to leave one or two strands in the front to give it a nice added touch. This is just one of the many hair styling options than you can choose from.

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15 December 2015

Hello. I've been away for weeks because I was busy at school. We have a lot of requirements at the grad school and grad school's has been a hell! I have one more requirements and two more exams to finish 'til the semester break. Luckily, I'm still surviving.

I want to finish my master's degree then maybe I could take up PhD in the future. It was always my dream of becoming a doctor. I have walked the path in getting a medicine degree but I guess, it wasn't for me. I might not become a doctor of medicine but I guess, my path is to become a doctor of philosophy someday (hopefully).





Peplum top w/ necklace: Just For 5 Pounds
Black tailored shorts: Wolf & Whistle via Playful Promises
Leather brown boots: Thrift shop

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