What Your Wedding Venue Says About You

6 December 2017

When you’re planning a wedding it is only natural that you will want to inject some of your personality into the process. Choosing things that you like and in a style that you love is going to happen without really thinking about it. One of the choices you will make is where to hold your wedding, and the location is often the biggest clue to other people as to the kind of wedding you want and person that you are. So here are some examples of wedding venues; what do they think they would say about you?

Hotel Ballroom

Choosing a hotel is a pretty popular choice these days as you get the added benefit of having places for people to stay. Having said that, it is one of the most upscale places to hold a wedding, alongside a manor house, country club or a specific events venue like Liberty Grand. If this is your choice, then you’re likely to enjoy the finer things in life and like to get pampered regularly. You want to make a luxury impact with your venue choice, and a hotel ballroom is a pretty safe option to do so.

Rustic Barn

If you choose a barn for your wedding then it could be that you are someone that grew up in the country and loves to explore outdoors. You could be a city girl that just enjoys the countryside and wants quite a relaxed and rustic looking wedding. Whatever kind of girl you are, you know as a bride that a wedding in a barn can look super chic and romantic; just imagine all of those twinkling fairy lights and chopped logs! The perfect choice for a chilled
out but sophisticated couple.

Outdoor Wedding

If you’d prefer to say ‘I do’ at the top of a mountain, in the woods, a backyard or a field, then it is all about getting back to nature and keeping things simple. You have the natural background of the outdoors as your decor, so it can be a good option for a zen bride that doesn’t want to get stressed. You are likely to have a bit of a retro sense of style and love all things vintage. A flower crown is going to be a must, right?

The Beach

Nothing says luxury and laid back like getting married on a beach, especially if you are getting married abroad on the white sands of the Caribbean, for example. You are likely to not be the girl that has been planning this all of her life and you’d like to keep the guest list fairly small, just keeping it to close friends and family. You will be cool and casual, and the kind of person that enjoys being barefoot; a yogi for sure.

Are you planning a wedding at the moment? Have you ever thought about the kind of wedding that you are planning for and what it says about you? It would be interesting to hear what you think!

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