Preserve Your Wedding Memories With These Useful Tips

30 June 2017

Your wedding day is a special event in your life and one you want to remember for a long time to come. To help you create those great memories, have a look at the advice below.

Plan in advance

You want to make your dreams come true, so don’t think about rushing into the big day. Last minute planning will result in some unforeseen consequences, such as a double booked venue and missing valuable people from the guest list. To avoid creating a wedding you would sooner forget, make sure you plan well in advance with a checklist to help you remember every detail.

Don’t get drunk

From the night before to the day itself, there will be a temptation to down many glasses of wine. Pace yourself; otherwise, you will be in a drunken haze, and no matter how wonderful your wedding day has been, you are liable to forget everything that has happened. Don’t be afraid to say ‘no’ anytime somebody offers you a drink, and when it comes to making toasts, take a sip rather than another glass.

Hire a photographer

Photographs are a perfect way of capturing the essence of the big day, but the quickly taken snapshots from your friend’s camera phones are only good for your Facebook page. You want to create a special album that you can look back on in years to come, so hire a professional photographer who has the skill to create quality pictures to help you remember every wonderful detail.

Choose a videographer

Again, your friends will be busy with their smartphones taking videos of the day, but they may not be the memories you want to keep. Let’s be honest; some people are only waiting for those embarrassing moments to happen when they have their cameras rolling. Therefore, hire a professional who will create video footage of every beautiful moment, from the minute you walk down the aisle to the moment you ride away in a horse drawn carriage (other modes of transport are available).

A great idea would be to create a video diary, capturing the days leading up the wedding as well as the day itself. There will be more expense involved if you ask somebody to do it for you, so this may be the time to create your own footage.

Create a wedding guestbook

A beautifully bound book filled with the private messages of your family and friends will be a wonderful reminder of the day and will help you remember the special people in your life who made the big day happen.

Alternatively, ask the videographer to capture your guest's special words on film, as this will be another way of remembering the day and the people you love.

Make a keepsake box

Don’t discard everything after the day is over. Instead, make a small collection of items, such as the best wedding cards, pieces of ribbon, your cake topper and framed photographs. Don’t go overboard and keep everything, but store any item that gave your special day value.

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