Nail Comfort And Style With Effortless Summer Fashion

5 May 2017

Dressing appropriately for summer can sometimes prove tricky for some of us. It can often seem like it is hard to find a balance between being comfortable - something that is VERY underrated in fashion these days - and still being stylish. Of course, every girl wants to feel confident in whatever she wears, in whatever weather. If you are spending your summer on vacation or traveling, the last thing you want to be worrying about is the way you look - not when you are hanging out with new friends or visiting some amazing ancient landmarks. So, just how can you achieve that 'summer cool' look for an effortless and comfortable closet? Here are the key items you'll need.


It's official: rompers are back in fashion, and a lot of us are pretty glad about it! A perfect hybrid between a dress and shorts, rompers come in many designs and are manufactured by a lot of different online clothing boutiques. If you feel self-conscious in dresses and skirts (after all, who HASN'T be caught unaware by a gust of the wind before?) they are a great and practical option for staying cool and looking hot. Another great thing about rompers is that you can easily dress them up or down, so pack a few for whatever trip you are heading off on.

Maxi skirts

Even though many of us enjoy wearing fewer layers during the summer and getting that all important tan, there are just those occasions where you want to be a little more covered up. However, we all know the perils of jeans and tights during hot weather. A maxi skirt, in that case, can be the ideal option for where you don't fancy getting your legs out but don't want to feel restricted. You can go for something simple in a bold color, or adopt boho-chic with printed material. Pair with some gladiator sandals and an off-the-shoulder top for effortless summer style.


If you are looking for an outfit that requires little to no planning, it doesn't get easier than your basic daytime dress. These are rife in stores before the summer season, which means you can pick up a selection at a relatively low cost. The cut is entirely up to you - you could opt for something loose like a swing dress, or something a little more figure-hugging like a classic tea dress. Another popular style that has recently emerged is the 'cold shoulder' dress, where the tops of the sleeves are cut out from the rest of the design. Just remember to stock up on plenty of sunscreen if you go for this look!

Loose shorts

When we think of summer shorts, many of us naturally consider denim shorts as the number one option. However, while they are a summer staple, they are not always entirely comfortable. If you want to feel less restricted, choose shorts in a thinner, fabric-based material like cotton. Loose, culotte-style shorts have also been in fashion recently, and are perfect if you want to mimic the look of a skirt without actually committing to one.

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