The First Steps To Take To Plan A Killer Party This Year

11 January 2017

With the rise of social media and party invites on the likes of Facebook, it can be a bit of a kick to the old style of party planning. Remember writing out invitations and waiting for the calls or messages for the RSVPs to come flooding in? The thing is unless it is going to be quite a last minute party, there are still plenty of things that you can do to plan a killer party in an old-school way. If you want a party that even Gatsby would be proud of, then you need to read on to get your party planning inspiration.

Choose a Theme

Before the date, time, and venue, you need to know what kind of party you want to throw. The kind of theme that you choose might even decide what location or venue you might use. So it makes sense to go with this first. It definitely makes a statement on the invites too. Having something say ‘Hollywood Glamour’ sets the tone and guests will know just what type of attire they should come in. If you just say you want to have a birthday party, then it leaves things rather open ended. So choose and theme for your party first of all.

Decide Who To Invite

The number of people will also help to decide where and when the party will be held. If you choose a large number of people, then the chances are that you need to hire somewhere to hold the party. A smaller number could mean the party could be at home or in the backyard. Around ten people will be considered more of a gathering. Over thirty or forty and you are well on the way to a big party. So choose the atmosphere that you would like and who you’d like in attendance. Then you can get the date and location set in place so you can get the invites sent out.

Choose a Venue

As has been described, the number of people might have decided the venue for you, unless you had a specific venue in mind all along. So take a look at your guest list. Hiring a specific venue could mean that it is booked up well in advance. So call around and you might have to be flexible with your dates. If you don’t want to splash out on a large separate venue, then you could always make the venue at home, but use your back yard or garden if it is large enough. Then you could just hire things like an outdoor marquee from somewhere like Barlens Party Supplies.

Food and Drink

If the party is in the late evening, then most people won’t be expecting anything to eat. So a few nibbles would be fine. Just make sure that you provide plenty of drinks. If you choose a time for the party that is over lunchtime, then it means that people will more than likely be expecting something to eat. So make sure that you plan the food and drink according to the time of the party.

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